Warning: spoilers for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows. My version of George's reaction to Fred's death. Yeah, its sad, but I wanted the twins to be together. It seemed so much worse to seperate them.


George Weasley was damp with sweat by the time he'd stunned his death eater. He had about twenty jokes ready to share with Fred, and was working on more. He was grinning at his latest one, about being stunned that he could stun so well.

He picked up his pace to a trot, eager to see his twin. He pushed open the familiar oak doors to the Great Hall, eyes bright. "Fred!" he yelled, "Fred!"

The moment he stepped inside he knew something was running. People were sobbing and yelling. He gasped at the sight of Lupin and Tonks laid out next to each other, each with a peaceful expression.

"No," he whispered. He pulled his eyes away. When he saw his family, he frowned. They were gathered in a closed circle around something rather large. He couldn't quite make out what it was, but from the sobbing it wasn't good.

He slowed to a jog , looking for his twin. "Fred? FRED?" Why wasn't he answering?

Molly Weasley shrieked and sobbed harder. By now George was near enough to see the figure was a person. "Mum? Mum what's wrong? Where's Fred?" Molly cried harder.

Ginny moved aside, bleary eyes barely open. When George saw the figure, he choked. "NO!" He roared between sobs. "NO!" He knelt by his twins head, looking into eyes that still held laughter. He stroked back red hair, whispering soothing things to the dead twin. He added a joke or too.

He didn't know how long he'd knelt there before he managed to croak, "Mum, can I-" he stopped, and tried again. His voiced was almost a whisper. "May I move Fred? Someplace away from-" he couldn't speak anymore. He broke down in sobs, touching his forehead to Fred's, staring into eyes that matched his own.

"Of course dear." Mrs. Weasley stood, shaking. "Come. Leave them be." She sounded calm, despite the tears on her cheeks.

George heard them leave. Slowly, he stood, lifting his brother up to lean on his shoulder. With a grunt the surviving twin trudged outside. He labored to pull Fred with him to a bench outside. George lay Fred down there, his eyes red. Rummaging in hios pockets and produced and laid out a few precious items they'd worked on together.

Tears fell again. George knelt again, trying to fight his sorrow. He wasn't whole anymore. Even with his ear gone he hadn't felt like part of him was missing. Now there was a gap. An un-fillable gap. Fred was his brother, his friend, his twin. Twins. George though, Born together. They should leave the same way.

When he looked up, he noticed that the bench had room for two. Wiping away the water on his cheeks, he hoisted himself up on his feet. With a feeble grin he lay down next to Fred, clasping his twin's hand. He could be without Fred. He'd never had to be. The Weasley Twins weren't the Weasley Twins without Fred.

Fred had been born first, and he died first.

George looked at Fred. "Mum always said we'd be the death of someone. She was right!" George laughed at his own joke. His facial expression matched Fred's. There was shouting in the background, but it was distant. Taking out his wand with his free hand, he pointed to himself. " AVADA KEDAVRA!"