This was inspired by chapter 364 and the "big revalation". Nothing serious and this is my first time writing TobiDei or something remotely close to that. If I do something wrong, I'm sorry. I'm also sorry that it's so short, but I was aiming for this to be a short drabble. So, I hope you enjoy.

Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or any of its characters. I only own this fan fiction and wrote it only as a boredom outlet.


In the time that he had taken up his idiot facade, Madara may have gotten to like Deidara just a tiny bit. The blonde bomber had crawled under his skin in the same way that "Tobi" had crawled under his own. Tobi may not exist now, but he did at one point.

Because, in his younger days, Madara could remember being stupid, cocky and energetic like Tobi--like so many other children. But at some point of his life, that changed. Perhaps it was when his mother died on a mission, leaving him all alone with his grandparents. Or maybe it was after he killed his best friend--his only friend to obtain the Mangekyo Sharingan.

...Somehow, during his time as Tobi, he had gotten far deeper into the role than he had wanted. When he made fun of Deidara and his art, he really was laughing. Nothing forced or faked, but a true genuine laugh that he had as a child. It was somewhat funny how Deidara would often try to blow him up with his so-called "art". It was even a shock to see the the mad bomber was more intelligent than Madara thought he was.

Tobi may have had some...feeling for the blonde, but Tobi was no longer needed. The plan was coming into fruition and he wouldn't have to keep up the idiot act anymore. He was free to be Uchiha Madara once more--free to obtain that which deserved to be his.

But for some reason, whenever he'd think of Deidara for one measly insignificant second, he would think of him as his senpai.


And that's it! Wow, this is truly my shortest fic so far... So that means I've suceeded in writing a drabble for once! Reviews or not, I'm glad I got this outta my system. I couldn't get over the fact that Tobi was Uchiha Madara... (I'm sure that the "Tobi is Obito" fans are disappointed as well) Let's hope we see Madara's true face soon! (And that he's an utter bishie like all Uchiha so far!!)