Author's note: okay, the title of this story is Sasayaki, meaning whisper. I thought of this story a while back. I just couldn't get it out of my head for a while. If someone would be willing to be my substitute editor, I'd really appreciate it. Now, I hope you enjoy this chapter. I should also add that I'm pretty much on writer's block for my other stories and am hoping to get some ideas for them in here or in other places.

Chapter 1


(The moon)

"WHAT?" Usagi looked at her dearest friends. The group had been planning to infiltrate the Nega-moon's base.

"Use the Luna pen and disguise yourself as a stray cat, or something along those lines, and see what they have planned," Rei said angrily.

"No, please! Why not one of you guys?" Usagi panicked and pointed at Rei accusingly.

She was afraid of Diamond, she only knew what he had done right before her eyes and she didn't want to find out any details behind closed doors. It scared her, and here was Rei, trying to get Usagi close to him and face the one fear she did not want to face alone.

"Because it doesn't work as well by us as it does by you!" Rei crossed her arms and refused to look at her leader.

"But aren't we supposed to protect Usagi?" Mina asked, looking at Rei's defiant form beside her.

"Yeah, so what?" Rei stated coldly.

"Rei, isn't that a bit harsh?" Luna asked, as Usagi stomped out, annoyed and angry that Rei would actually do this to her, a friend she'd had from the very beginning.

"I couldn't care less about what happens to her!" Rei walked out of the room, leaving the rest of the planetary soldiers surprised by her actions.

"Why would Rei do this to me?" Usagi asked sadly, looking into the river in the park.

"I know I have to do it… but...I'm scared! Darien doesn't speak with me anymore and completely ignores me now!" Usagi tried vigorously to wipe away the tears that were leaving her eyes.

"Bunny, you won't have to be there all the time, just until you get information of an attack or something," Luna nuzzled Usagi's arm.

"That could take forever, Luna!" Usagi cried more.

"Then come back once everyone is asleep," Luna comforted, as Usagi stood up and began walking home.

"Alright, tell the others I'm going to do this, first thing in the morning," Usagi entered her home for probably the last time.

"Bunny, supper's ready!" Mrs. Tsukino came into the hall to greet her daughter.

"Great, Mama! I'll be there in a minute…" Usagi took off her shoes and ran upstairs to wash herself and to pack for the coming morning.

"Luna?" Usagi looked up from the items that were laid out on her bed.

"Yes?" Luna replied sleepily.

"What does cat food taste like?"

It wasn't an expected question, but coming from Usagi, it proved that her mood was lightening. "It's usually just fish and meat," Luna laughed.

"Good, then I won't have to worry too much!" Usagi laughed, as the sun could be seen, showing its last golden lights through her window. She took a moment to look at it.

"This might be the last sunset I ever see…" Usagi whispered.

"You only need to bring the Luna pen, the Crystal and your communicator," Luna reminded.

"So, my communicator's going to be my collar?" Usagi asked thoughtfully.

"Yes," Luna laughed, as she raced Usagi down the steps to the kitchen.

"So, honey, do you have anything planned for this evening?" Usagi's father asked, as he cut the food in front of him.

"Just taking a walk before bed," Usagi replied happily, taking a rice ball from the plate her mother gave her.

"You're not going to see that Darien guy, are you?" Usagi's father became stern and menacing.

"No, papa!" Usagi looked at her father, hoping he would believe her. She wasn't lying, so why exactly should she be afraid?

"Good! Have a pleasant walk, dear!" Mr. Tsukino returned his attention to his previous occupation, cutting his food.

A few moments later, Usagi stepped outside, the warm air blowing her golden streams of hair behind her. The sun was just setting beyond the horizon and Usagi had thought she should take one last walk.

"It's so warm tonight," Usagi said to herself.

"Bunny?" Usagi turned around, just to see her guardian.

"Hi Luna!" Usagi greeted, as she scooped up the black cat.

"Do you think you're ready for this?" Luna questioned, as her mistress looked up thoughtfully.

"Yes. I've thought about it a lot and I have a strange feeling that () I'm needed."

Luna looked up in wonder at Usagi's reply.

"Needed?" Luna asked.

"Yes. I don't know why, but I fell needed," Usagi replied calmly then, looked at her long-time guardian and second mother.

"It's hard to explain, but I think I'll find out once I get there."

Luna nodded, accepting the answer.

As Usagi and Luna passed the nearby park, they saw a man wearing a cape standing on top of a street light. He was facing towards the lake, which was reflecting the last of the sun's rays and didn't see them. It was like he was morning over something, he didn't seem like he was plotting an attack.

This man was definitely part of the Black moon Family, but he didn't have the coldness that Rubeus had. Was he truly good and kind? He still didn't notice them when they where below him, looking up, he was too deep in thought about something, but neither Luna nor Usagi could unravel the mysteries he held within his mind.

Usagi looked down when she felt slight tug at her sleeve, it was Luna. Usagi understood what she was trying to say and ran to the nearest tree. Diamond looked down, but saw no one and returned to his thoughts of pain and loneliness.

"Disguise Power! Turn me into an adorable pussycat" Usagi shouted in a low whisper. Light surrounded the Lunarian princess and after a few seconds, a white cat with a slender figure and a thin tail was revealed. The cat's blue eyes looked at Luna for approval, she nodded and Usagi walked towards Diamond.

He was feeling the lush green grass near the water's edge at the moment calming himself of his burdens and worrisome thoughts.

"Meow!" Startled, Diamond turned around, thinking the sound had been made by an enemy. He braced himself to see the Sailor scouts. The sound could be heard again, a cat stood there innocently, looking up at him curiously with ocean-colored, deep eyes. Diamond relaxed.

"What are you doing here, little one?" Diamond held his hands out to the cat, she stepped towards him cautiously. His eyes held slight hurt at the cat's reaction to him. Usagi saw this and jumped into his arms.

"I would have expected you to run away from me, not come to me!" Diamond said, holding the cat close, as though she was a precious treasure.

"I am the leader of an evil clan, it would be better to stay away from me…" Diamond stood up and walked away, his silver-white hair blowing in the gentle breeze. The remaining light of the sun made his violet eyes seem tinted with gold. Usagi followed him, hoping that he wouldn't reject her.

"Why won't you leave?" Diamond asked tenderly, a bit hurt at how many times he's been hurt and abused. He kneeled down beside her, waiting for the cat's response. Usagi just meowed and jumped into his unsuspecting arms.

"Would you like to come with me?" Diamond looked into the cat's blue eyes. A strange color for the eyes of a cat, Diamond thought. Usagi nuzzled and licked his cheek playfully.

"I've never had a friend before. Would you like to be my first?" Diamond laughed as he held the cat gently in his strong arms, Usagi was being lulled to sleep, but replied with an enthusiastic meow before falling asleep in Diamond's arms.

"I believe I shall name you..." Diamond hesitated for a moment, before telling the cat her name. "Sasayaki, whisper. Yes, I believe that works nicely. Do you like that, Sasayaki?" Diamond looked at the half-asleep cat that meowed dreamily in approval of her new name, before returning to sleep and disappearing with Diamond. Their hopes, pains, heart-aches and sorrows disappeared with them into the dark depths of the Nemisisian planet.

Author's note:

Okay, I know this chapter's kind of short, but that's all I have right now, well, I do have more, but it sort of skips around and so I'm thinking of what should go first. I hope you enjoyed this first chapter. Bye for now!