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Chapter 16


"I'm so sorry, I had to do it." Usagi clung to Diamond, hoping he would grant her forgiveness.

"Serenity, I still don't understand, do what?" He pulled her back so he could look at her properly.

"I'm sorry; I had to…become Sasayaki. I am Sasayaki." She looked at him, tears still streaming in her eyes. She said to him that it would be hard, but she didn't mean it to be hard on him. It was trouble enough for her to admit this all to him.

"You…were Sasayaki, I understand that much…but Why Serenity?"

"Don't you understand?! I lied to you, I deceived you." She grabbed him, just to be close to him, staring him in the eyes. Violet against blue. Understanding in their eyes.

"You said you loved me didn't you?" He held her by her shoulders.

Usagi nodded in response but ran away a few moments later. She feared coming to this point, telling him that she was only using him in the beginning. She'd truly deceived him in her eyes, and she regretted begging for his forgiveness.

She ran to Tokyo tower were she stood at the height of it were no one could climb to. She watched over the city as its guardian and cried more.

"Serenity, tell me why your doing this to me?" Diamond appeared.

"Don't you understand? I had to use a disguise to hide from you. It was… a mission, a duty to try and infiltrate the Negamoon Clan and find out their weakness. I changed that way only so I could use you to gather information to use against you. I had no in….I had every intention in hurting you then." Usagi didn't look him in the eye. She was so filled with guilt, she expected him to be silent.

"Do you, or do you not care for me then?" He asked her, his voice cold towards her.

She gasped, he'd never, never sense before used that against her. "I do, and that's why I need, have to tell you this. I know it hurts you but, it's perhaps better this way, we…should…continue being enemies. We can't hurt each other this way again." She wiped tears away and looked at him, he didn't look at her but down below, his teeth were gritted and fists were shaking.

"No, no." He shook his head, his voice barely audible.

"It has to be. I've hurt you already; I can't bear to see you hurting over me. Move on and maybe I can too! I don't want to see you hurting like this. I…love you, and I meant it when I said it before" Usagi pulled Diamond closer and into an embrace.

"Don't leave me. I don't care anymore. I thought if you ever gave me a chance to truly get to know you, if you gave me that chance, you would love me. Now that you have and you return my feelings, you want to leave? I can't Usagi; don't you understand that I would die for your sake? For your family's sake? For your happiness?" He pulled her face up to meet his gaze and kissed her passionately, not letting her go or pull away.

She returned the kiss and embraced him as their lips touched.

"What a beautiful tender, moment." A laugh that could only be one person chimed

"Amethyst." Diamond murmured as he held Usagi closer.

"Now I'm sorry to disturbed this most precious moment but, say goodbye little brother." His voice echoed.

Diamond looked down to find Usagi disappearing.

"Diamond!" her voice faded.

"Amethyst!" Diamond bellowed. Searching the skies for her and his brother.

"It's almost like she'd dead again isn't it brother? Her blood soiled on your hands as the flames envelope her beautiful body?" Amethyst laughed his maniacal laugh.

"You're a mad man Amethyst. Insane!" Diamond yelled.

"Mm perhaps. But you know were to come if you want her. That's if she isn't already mine by the time you get there." His voice faded, he'd gone, and taken Usagi, Serenity with him.

"Usagi." Diamond whispered.

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