The Basics

This is a kinda-sorta-maybe part of the "Are You Obsessed With…" series. This is to see how you are so much alike with Isabella Marie Swan! See how much you get.

Disclaimer: Me owning Twilight would be like having pigs naturally fly.

1. You trip going down the stairs

2. You trip going up the stairs

3. You trip going anywhere

4. You have brown eyes

5. You have brown hair

6. You aren't very tan

7. You have been through at least one near-death experience

8. You blush really easily

9. At one time you were all about extreme sports

10. You love the heat (before you meet a cold someone)

Bonus: You faint at the sight of blood

A/N: I got all of them except 4 and 6. I was just born to be tan or I've been in the sun too much and I get a little woozy after seeing a lot of blood. One or two drops are okay, but not after seeing like a gallon of it…

Hey Yumi, how'd you like me now? Ha ha I'm just kidding. You're doing a great job. :)