The Next Level

This is the most boring-est summer I've ever had. And to top it all off, my mind went blank when I tried to copy my ideas to the computer profile. Well, at least I got SOMETHING…and now I'm listening to a really pathetic radio station with really pathetic people…anyway, here's the list.

Disclaimer: Do you see my name ANYWHERE in or on the book Twilight? (Here's a hint: My name isn't Stephenie Meyer). I didn't think so.

1. You are sometimes shy

2. You act mature for your age

3. You like classics (music, book, etc.)

4. You hate gym

5. You hate math

6. You have been through a zombie period (it doesn't have to be after something happened)

7. You've been "normal" in one place and popular in another

8. You like/love Linkin Park (I LOVE IT!!!)

9. You choose vampires over werewolves

10. You WANT to be a vampire

Bonus: You've kissed a vampire

A/N: I apply to all of them (well, sometimes not number 2, but it depends on what mood I'm in…). I love to read classic books and some classical music. Oh, yeah, I've definitely kissed a vampire –rolls eyes-. Okay, I didn't but I wish I did. I'd be SO cool! YEAH VAMPIRES!!!