If You're Happy and You Know It

Chapter Seven

Aside from Defense Class, Tom decided that he loved Hogwarts. He got to go to class with Daddy. The nice potions professor would let Tom play with his toys in his office, with the door open and provide sweet goodies for him to snack on. Then, he and Daddy would go to Charms, where the short, funny teacher would present him with a candy treat. And, because he thought the class so fun, instead of playing or coloring, he would sit on Daddy's lap and listen to the lecture and watch Daddy practice the charm taught. Uncle Ron would sometimes get him with a tickling hex every now and again and Hermione would read aloud the passage to him when they were supposed to be studying the book. He also proved his advanced intellect when he accidentally got a hold of Daddy's and wand and made Ron's quill float. This show inspired Flitwick, and now he got to take a private lesson with him every Tuesday. Professor Brooke Redwood, the new Transfiguration professor, would hold him on her shoulders while she explained the spell they would be practicing. The only issue was the defense class, or more specifically the teacher. Tom couldn't get over the angry looks that the teacher kept giving him. And then, each class would end with Daddy and the teacher getting mad at each other. And Tom just knew they were yelling and fighting over him. He didn't want his daddy getting in trouble over him. And he didn't like the fighting, not one bit. So his superior mind went to work one morning. He pretended to be asleep on his special cot in Defense Class. And when he knew Daddy was focused on the lesson, he slipped quietly out and into the hallway. He applauded his efforts, although silently, it was sheer genius. Now Daddy and the teacher wouldn't fight. And he could just go back when class was over. However, something slipped that two-year old's mind, however sharp it may be. He couldn't tell time yet.

Tom began toddling around the school corridors. It was perfectly safe, he was sure. All the students were in class, right?

He knew he was wrong when two large shadows covered him.

Harry looked from his notes, an odd feeling racing through him and settling in the pit of his stomach. Something was wrong.It took only a cursory glance to tell him what was up.

"TOM!" Harry cried, standing up in his seat. He looked under the desk, under all the desks.

Remus sighed, "Whatever is the matter, Harry?"

He looked up at the professor, alarmed, no downright panicked. "Tom's gone, right from his cot!"

He started for the door. It was open, but Remus always closed the door for class.

"Harry, wait!" Remus called, stopping him. "Class is still in. I'm sure he's fine."

Harry merely glared and ran out. His son was in trouble. He was positive.

Sure enough, just a few staircases down, he heard crying and the jeers of at least two boys.

"That's for my sister, you…" Harry didn't hear the rest as he ran down the staircase. And into the deserted corridor.

Tom lay at the feet of two big boys, Gryffindor third years. There was blood pouring from his nose and a split lip. His arm was at an odd angle.

"IMPEDIMENTA!!!" he shouted. The boys just barely dodged his hex. He stalked past them, an angry billow worthy of Professor Snape in his walk, and lifted his son gingerly into his arms. He gave his most angry look at the boys. "You boys have some nerve! Attacking a helpless baby!" Harry was livid. How dare they! "I hope you're both proud of yourselves!"

One of the boys, a blonde kid with a large nose, tried to get up from his place on the floor." He…he killed my sister…" the boy tried to explain. But he knew it was futile, remembering Harry's warning at the start of term feast. His friend didn't even try.

Harry pulled his crying and hurt son closer. "So, you decided to get revenge on a two-year old! The two of you are supposed to be Gryffindors!"

"Harry!" came Lupin's call as he joined them. "Calm down, what happened?"

"CALM DOWN! CALM DOWN!!! They attacked my son! Look at him!"

Lupin looked over the child. "Well, it looks like he'll heal just fine. And maybe next time, he won't wander off."

Harry practically growled at Lupin's response and turned back to the boys. "The two of you have detention with Professor Snape! He'll decide how many of them."

Remus frowned. "Professor Snape, Harry? I am your head of house, as well as theirs."

Harry rounded on him. "Then what do you intend to do? Maybe you have a better punishment in mind." Now ignoring Remus' presence, he hurried Tom to the Hospital Wing.

Madame Pomfrey gasped as Harry carried in the small boy. "Merlin's beard, what happened?" She tried to take Tom from Harry, but the child only cried harder

"He was beaten up by a couple of Gryffindor third years!" Harry looked at Tom. "Sport, Madame Pomfrey is going to make it all better, but you have to let her hold you."

Finally Tom let Madame Pomfrey take him. She cooed a sweet song as she mended his injuries.

At that moment, Snape came in, escorting a foolish first year who had clearly been spattered with a swelling potion. He didn't take long to notice Tom. "What happened?" he asked, sounding as concerned as Harry felt.

"Two Gryffindor Third years who now have the pleasure of your company every night at 7. How many weeks you want to extend this, is up to you. But a minimum of a month if you don't mind. Of course, Lupin, I'm sure has a much better punishment in mind, in fact he was about to tell me on the way here."

He and Snape both fixed Remus with an expectant look. Remus sweat bullets as he answered. "Well, I'm sure you agree that the fright they got when Harry stopped them was enough punishment." Harry and Snape shook their heads. It wasn't enough. "Well, what do you into to do about the boy. He wouldn't have gotten hurt if he'd not wandered off."

Harry looked at Tom, who was now lying in a bed. "Tom, why did you wander off? Why did you leave the classroom?"

Tom looked scared and about to cry again. "He no like me Daddy, and you always fight ober me. I taut you wouldn't fight if I not dere. I taut you be happy."

CRACK!!! Pomfrey and Snape were both wide-eyed in disbelief as Harry slammed his fist into Lupin's jaw. He knew he'd just punched a professor but he didn't care. Lupin had been asking for this for a month now. He massaged his aching fist and looked at his son. "Well, from now on, there's going to be no more fighting, sport. I promise." he turned back to Lupin. "Professor Lupin, in light of what has happened today and your indifference to it, I'm afraid I can no longer take Defense."

Lupin tried not to show his hurt. "Harry, I thought you wanted to become an auror."

"I did." Harry agreed. "But I told you before, Tom comes first. If he feels so unwelcome that he thinks he has to sneak out then, I cannot stay in your class."

Snape stepped forward, a sneer on his face. "And you forget, Lupin, he is permitted to sit the NEWT independently. With private instruction, I believe he would pass with flying colors."

Harry looked at Professor Snape. "You offering to train me?"

Lupin laughed. "Oh, excellent choice, Harry. Another of your father's hated enemies. You're becoming a right proper Death Eater." Lupin hated to say it, but he had to make Harry snap out of it.

Harry looked as though he'd been slapped. "I can't believe you just said that. Fine, I see you are never going to accept his. You're going to force me to make this choice. I told you before not to make me choose between you and Tom. Goodbye Lupin." Harry looked away, blinking away tears at having to turn away his father's last remaining best friend.

Remus now appeared to be the one who'd been slapped in the face. "Harry, you can't mean that."

Snape smirked. "I believe he does. Return to your class, werewolf."

Lupin hung his head and left the hospital wing.

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