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Michelangelo jumped from rooftop to rooftop, already halfway home with an action/comedy movie tucked away in his belt and juggling two pizza boxes in his hands. He'd hope by the time he came home, his three brothers had cooled down enough not to attack him on sight. He grimaced at the thought, slightly wishing he hadn't pulled those jokes on them. It was funny depending on how you looked at it.

-Replacing Raphael's punching bag with a another, which he had expertly filled with water and feathers.

-Slipping hot peppers and hot sauce into Donatello's sandwhich.

-Leonardo's was the funniest. Michelangelo had replaced all his incense with stink bombs.

Master Splinter gave him a harsh talking then suggested he go topside and get some dinner to give them a chance to cool down. Leonardo and Donatello had been fuming with anger, holding back and instead sending him death glares. Raphael, however nearly punctured his head with the sais, rampaging after him like a bull and most likely would have clobbered him if their father hadn't stepped between them.

Well, it could be worse. He thought as he lept onto the building in front of him.

As if answering his thoughts, the dark clouds above started to lash out with rain, spitting out lightning that illuminated the sky along as loud rumbles of thunder echoed through the city.

Michelangelo groaned, cursing his luck and trying his best to cover up the pizza boxes. The last thing wanted was to arrive home with rain soaked pizza. Leaping onto the next building, Michelangelo landed on a puddle of water and slipped, the pizza flying out his hands as he fell face forward on the concrete.

"That's gonna leave mark in the morning." he muttered, pushing himself up as he looked over his scraped arm that had taken the brunt of the fall. It wasn't too bad - just some ointment and bandaging.

He picked up the movie that had fallen into the puddle as well and tucked it securely in his belt. There was nothing he could do for the pizzas now. They had flown out of their haven and splattered the rooftop with sauce and pepperoni. His stomach growled with dissatisfaction.

The rain offered no mercy to his misfortune, pounding against his green skin as he stared somewhat angrily at the destroyed dinner.

"Shell!" he muttered, kicking the pizza boxes half heartedly.

Michelangelo let out a frusterated sigh and decided he'd better get home regardless of the circumstances. His family would probably get worried if he wasn't home soon - well, he thought they would worry. Not even he was sure after the jokes he pulled on them. At least he still had the movie...

Starting his way across the rooftop, he prepared to jump, but stopped abruptly. He suddenly got the feeling he was being watched. Peering through the heavy rain his eyes landed on a group of foot soldiers waiting expectantly on the building before him.

Time for a detour He thought as he turned around to take the long way home.

A gasp escaped his lips as he gawked at the sight that had been behind him. A large mass of black clad foot solders and elite soldiers were gathered, weapons out and prepared to fight.

Michelangelo groaned, grinning nervously as he reached for his nunchucks. "Look, can we do this some other time? I can schedule you in - woah!" he jumped out of the way a sword came clashing down on him.

He wrapped his left chuck round the sword, whipping it out of his attacker's hands before thwacking him on the head with the other. Leaping over the now unconcious opponent, he started executing swift attacks on the other foot soldiers that were now swarming him for a bit of action. As he roundhouse kicked an elite soldier across the rooftop, he caught a glimpse of his surroundings only to find that his predicament had grown worse as more foot ninja spilled onto the building.

"Where are you all coming from?!" He demanded, panting in between words.

Figuring it was a good time to call for help, he pounced over several soldiers and leapt onto the next building. He stumbled slightly, hissing in pain as shrukein embedded themselves into this calves by the foot who were trailing behind him.

"Aw, c'mon..." Michelangelo muttered, leaning against the edge of the building to gather some energy.

He reached for his shell cell, hoping he pressed the right button to alert someone as the foot engaged him into another round.

Leonardo made his way out the meditation room, his anger finally controlled as to what had happened a few hours ago. He knew his youngest brother meant well, but sometimes the stunts he pulled were just a little too uncalled for. You would think he was a five year trapped in a fifteen year old's body. If Michelangelo put in at least half the effort he did while goofing off into training he'd be a much better ninja than he was now.

He entered the living room, his stomach now craving for some much needed food. Michelangelo should have been back with the pizza that Maste Splinter had sent him out for. His eyes swiftly capture the clock hanging on the wall above the television. It was seven - thirty and his brother had just departed a little over than an hour ago. Usually it took a good half hour or sometimes less due to the surprising agility his youngest brother contained.

The blue banded turtle shrugged it off, figuring Michelangelo would be back soon. Instead, he sat down on the couch with his brothers, who were engrossed with the happenings in the news. The three brother's sat in silence, none breaking the tension that thickened the air between them, until a loud deep gurgle inturrpted. Donatello and Leonardo autmatically swilved their heads in Raphael's direction, stiffling their smiles.

Raphael growled, pounding the arm of the couch with his fist. "Where the shell is Mikey?! The bozo goes off to get food and don't even go da brains to get back home soon enough. I swear when he gets back I'm gonna - ow!"

He received an unwanted thwack upside the head. All three turtles turned in their seat to see Master Splinter looking down on them, his eyes narrowed on his red banded son.

"That is enough from you, Raphael." he said sharply. "Not another word of today's events. I am sure that Michelangelo suffers from the guilt as it is. He should be here soon."


Leonardo jumped slightly as he felt his shell cell vibrate. He quickly fished it out from where it was tucked away in his belt and peered at it. Michelangelo's names was blinking across the screen. He had to give props to Donatello for upgrading their shell cells, it turned out to be pretty useful.

"Mikey, where are you?" Leonardo asked with an aggitated sigh. He hoped that Michelangelo wouldn't tell him he dropped the food or something. But, he frowned suddenly as he heard the distand sound of metal clinging. "Mikey?"

"Leo..." came the answer. His brother sounded heavily exhausted. " Ya gotta...ya gotta help. Quick!"

The others around the blue banded turtle sharpened at that. Something was definately wrong.

"What's going on?" Leonardo demanded sharply. He stood up swiftly.

There was a bit of rustling on the other end and the sound of something hitting a solid object. Finally the reply came, slightly muffled. "Tha foot...ambush..too many for - woah!"

The foot had attacked thus the reason for his late arrival. The three oldest exchanged nerved glances.

Leonardo's heart was pounding wildly. "Mikey, where are you?!" He hoped he hadn't gotten too hurt.

"I'm - I'm...I dunno." a bit more rustling, it sounded like a serious fight. "On rooftop...near pizza - aw shell!" There was a slight pause. "Look...just- just hurry an' get here..im gettin' tired, bro. There's so many..." his voice was wavering.

"Mikey - don't give up! Just hang on!" Leonardo shouted, desperately into the phone. "We're coming to find you!"

"M'kay." Michelangleo grunted on the other end. "Just..hurry." he hung up.

"Let's go." Leonardo ordered, running to leave the lair. "We'll be back Sensai."

If Michelangelo got hurt, he would never forgive himself. "Please be alright..." Leonardo whispered under his breath.

Hang on, Mike. Please..Donatello thought, desperately. He followed his brother out.

Raphael held his sais fiercely. He tried to settle down, but it wasn't working. Michelangelo was in a big mess of trouble - possibly seriously hurt by the way he was talking back to Leonardo. His face set and jaws clenched together, he followed Leonardo out of the lair.

They're dead. All of 'em He thought furiously.

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