Chapter 1

December, 2022

24 years after the end of the Second Great Wizarding War

15 years after the end of the Cybertronian Wars

A large cargo ship fought against the waves as it held its position over the deepest part of the ocean. Lucius Malfoy stood with the few surviving and free Death Eaters on the deck. "It is time to give our Lord the Godhood he always longed for, my brothers," Lucius said as the dark wizards all drew their wands and pointed them at the water.

"Concentrate on the most powerful of the fallen…" Lucius ordered, "Accio!" the group of wizards called out in unison.

Ever so slowly the massive mechanical body, covered in seaweed and mud rose to the surface.

"Careful, bring him over," He ordered as some Death Eaters cast levitation spells to lift the monstrosity over to the ship's deck. "Perfect…" Malfoy grinned at seeing the lifeless, but still demonic features on the alien robot's weed covered face.

The Death Eaters went to work instantly casting cleaning and repairing charms on its body, returning it to the state it was in before it was destroyed.

"Do you have what's left?" Malfoy asked one of his followers. One walked up with a small bag, holding the head of Nagini. "I pray this holds even a fraction of our lord's spirit…"

Malfoy ran his wand over the decaying snake's skull, and smiled when a faint glow came from it. "Not much, maybe just memories but it will do…" he said climbing up on the robot's body, approaching the gapping, melted hole in the center of its chest.

The Death Eater held his wand over the hole and skull and began chanting in Latin. He then slashed his wrist letting his blood fall into the hole. "In this new body… let my Lord live again…" he whispered, as the hole repaired itself and blue energy began to burn out from the inside of Nagini's skull.

Malfoy fell backwards off the robot's chest as he screamed in rage and sat upwards. His glowing red eyes looked around the gathered Death Eaters, an unearthly growl escaping from between its jagged teeth. "You… I know you… you all… you are my Death Eaters…" the demonic robot narrowed its glowing red eyes.

"Yes, my Lord, it has been many years since your de… the mishaps with Potter," Lucius said catching his near slip. "It is time the world feared the name of Lord Voldemort again, and with your new body, the world will tremble more than ever before!"

"Yes, indeed, this pathetic dirt ball and its fleshy insects will tremble at my name…" the robot growled, getting up to his feet, his talon like claws extending, "But you have one thing wrong… the name Voldemort holds no sway with me, I AM MEGATRON!" the Dark Wizards screamed as the monster attacked, slashing, crushing, destroying anything and everything he could reach.

"Why?" Lucius whimpered, crawling away from the monster.

"Why, Malfoy?" Megatron growled stomping toward the much smaller human. "Why? Because I am tired of your failure. The only way, the only true way to purify the world is to destroy all the pathetic meatbags, Muggles and Wizards. My other half is right. When the dust settles, the immortal machines shall inherit the world!" he said before bringing his claw down and through the head of the Malfoy family.

"That was oddly fulfilling…" Megatron said, standing to his full height. "Megatron to any surviving Decepticons… meet me on the landmass known as England… east of London…" He then looked toward the land in the distance. "Potter… I'm coming…"


Something evil's watching over you

It's coming from the sky above

There's nothing you can do

Prepare to strike, there's no place to run

When you're caught within the grip

Of the evil Megatron


More than meets the eye


Robots in disguise

Strong enough to break the bravest heart

We have to pull together

We can't stay worlds apart

To stand divided now we will surely fall

Until our darkest hour

When the Light will save us all


More than meets the eye


Robots in disguise

Autobots wage their battle

To destroy the evil forces of

The Decepticons


"The Transformers" – Black Lab


Christmastime, the most magical time of the year, at least it was for everyone but Lily Molly Potter. She grumpily walked through the near empty halls. "Hey, Cousin," a voice greeted her, and she glanced up to see her two cousins.

The sixteen-year-old redhead looked up to see her cousins Hugo and Rose Weasley waving. "You ready for the big Christmas extravaganza?" Rose asked excitedly.

"I'm just staying here this time, thank you very much," Lily said, plopping down beside them in the Great Hall. "And what are you reading?"She asked, noticing Hugo, as usual, with his nose buried in a book.

Rose glanced to her brother, and her nose crinkled as she twisted her head to read the cover of the book. "What the heck, How to Control a Witch?" Rose asked, outraged at her bookwormish brother's choice of reading material.

"Don't fuss. I'm just trying to figure out what's the big deal is with this," Hugo said, looking up from the book. "Dad's been reading this for years, and apparently it doesn't work, unless he wants mum to scream louder at him."

Lily nodded, as she'd spent a lot of time with her cousins and her Aunt Hermione and Uncle Ron's home, almost more then she did at her home with her brothers and parents. "Well, she does at least put up a silencing charm when he tells her to be quiet."

"Oh, that's just when you're there," Rose explained with a shrug, "when it's just us, it's no holds barred…" she said with an obvious forced smile.

"Don't mind her; she's just mad I usually win the bets," Hugo smiled brightly, "Always bet on mum!" He said, confidently laying the book down and sitting back.

Rose and Lily rolled their eyes at Rose's brother. "Whatever you say, Cousin," Lily shook her head before a solitary figure at the end of the Gryffindor table caught her eye. "Hey, what's the Yank doing here? He usually goes back to America for Christmas." Lily stated with a hint of worriedly.

"Aw, is little Lilikins worried about her crush?" Rose teased, her younger cousin.

Lily slapped the elder redhead in the back of the head before she stood up. "No one needs to be alone on Christmas." She stated firmly.

"Says the girl on strike against her family Christmas party?" Hugo asked with a raised eyebrow.

Lily humphed and walked past her cousins with a raised chin. She approached the boy and studied him from a distance. He was looking at a small piece of paper, probably a picture, with his shaggy, brown hair hanging slightly over his bright, yet strangely sad, crystal blue eyes.

"Um… Danny? Danny Witlickity?" Lily asked as she stood awkwardly beside the teen.

"Witwicky," the teen said with a small eye roll.

"Sorry…" Lily flushed slightly. "We haven't really had a good introduction… my name's Lily… is this seat taken?"

"Free country," Danny shrugged, glancing at her slightly before turning back to the picture in his hand.

Lily glanced over at the picture in his hand. It was a still Muggle picture, like the kind her dad and Aunt Hermione seemed to enjoy so much. She studied the picture carefully. Seated on the hood of a shiny, canary-yellow Camaro was a man with short, brown hair pinned under a woman with flowing black hair. "It's my parents, not long before I was born," He said, and Lilly made not of the slight bulge of the woman's belly.

"Your mother's very pretty," Lily said with a small smile, noting his mother eyes.

"They died when I was little," Danny said with a slight sigh. "Take it from experience: you should go to your family's Christmas party; you never know when you won't get another chance." He said before his eyes went downcast. "I wasn't trying to eavesdrop. You and your cousins just talk loudly, and it echoes in here when there are not many people …"

"Don't worry about it, but me go there just so I can argue with mum some more?" Lily snorted, "I really am sorry about your parents, but mum and I just don't get along very wel,l and I'm still mad. And frankly I don't like seeing dad being pulled around like a house trained puppy by grandmum Molly."

"They're still your family," Danny smiled sadly before standing up, "Have a good night Lily," he smiled.

She watched him leave studying every step he took. He was easily the most peculiar boy she had ever met. "Danny Witwicky, there's a lot more to you than meets the eye…"


"Fleur, just a little more to the left…" Hermione said as she lifted the other end of the Weasley Christmas tree in the burrow.

"Why are we not using magic?" Hermione's sister-in-law asked in her rich French accent. "Would it be easier, no?"

"Easier, but not as much fun," Hermione nodded firmly as she stood back. "There, perfect!"

"Yeah… fun… tell that to my back…" Ron groaned from the couch rubbing the small of his back where his lovely wife had made him drag the tree in without the use of magic.

"Oh, come off it, Ronald," Hermione planted her fists on her hips. "A little exercise would do you a world of good; definitely get rid of the love handles."

Ron rolled his eyes and started to retort when a familiar voice spoke from the doorway. "No arguments on Christmas," Harry said finally, giving firm glares to his near lifelong friends.

"We weren't going to fight," Hermione pouted slightly before moving to the dark haired wizard to give him a firm hug. "Happy Christmas, Harry," she said, kissing his cheek.

"You too, Mione," Harry said, returning the hug and kissing her other cheek just at the corner of her mouth.

He noticed Ron's stare and smiled warmly at his best friend. "Ok, lazy, get up here and give your brother-in-law a hug."

"Hug?" Ron crinkled his nose and stared at green-eyed wizard as if he had grown a new head.

"Brothers gotta hug!" Harry said in an almost whinny voice, that Hermione recognized immediately and fell into a fit of giggles.

"I don't get it…" Ron cocked an eyebrow.

"I'll bring the movie over for New Years. You'll definitely love it," Harry said with a smile as Ginny walked in with Albus-Severus and James close behind carrying the bags of gifts.

"Hi, sis," Ron greeted as Ginny walked up to stand beside Harry.

"Nicely done on the Tree, Hermione," Ginny said as Ron approached her for a hug, instead dropping her coat into his outstretched arms. "Gryffindor and Ravenclaw colors do go together well."

Ron turned a glare to Hugo, who shrugged in return. "It wasn't my fault, dad; blame the ruddy hat."

"It's ok, Uncle Ron," James said as he sat down roughly on the couch. "Hugo is our worm in Ravenclaw. It worked perfectly, we just need to find worms for Hufflepuff and Slytherin; then, we might actually be able to not only beat Uncle Fred and George, but also Grandpa James' prank record."

"That a boy," Ron ruffled James' dark hair.

"Stop encouraging the boys' bad behavior," Hermione scolded with Ginny nodding beside her.

"Coming from the women who petrified poor Neville in our first year, and worked with Luna to sneak and get answers for almost all the major tests, respectively," Ron noted as Harry tried to get to the safety of the Kitchen and Molly.

"How did you know about…" Ginny cocked her head to the side, before her eyes flashed in realization. "Harry!"

"Yes, Dear?" Harry asked, turning on his heel with the most innocent puppy dog look he could muster.

"The whipping boy stare only works on Hermione," Ginny noted with hard narrowed eyes.

"And your only weapon won't work," Harry whispered with a knowing grin. "Doctor's orders remember."

"I could have done other things… too late to find out now, hmm?" Ginny asked, turning quickly and walking away from her astounded husband.

"What was that about?" Hermione asked the smirking Ginny.

"We'll tell you later when everyone else gets here," Ginny nodded before going to help her mother with preparing dinner.

"So, Lily stayed at Hogwarts?" Harry asked Hugo and Rose, who were seated with their father and uncle.

"Yeah, she's still really mad at you and Aunt Gin," Rose stated, taking a big gulp of her pumpkin juice.

"I was afraid of that," Harry said, pushing his glasses up on his nose. "She and her mother are too stubborn for their own good."

"Hark who's talking." Ron smirked at his best friend before narrowing his eyes to watch his best friend.

Every so often he would bite his lip, and touch or scratch his forehead over his scar, which seemed strangely brighter than it had become over the years. "Rose, Hugo, go see if you can help your mother, or more or less help your aunts and grandmother deal with your mother."

"Your scar hurting?" Ron asked worriedly once the kids were clear.

"What? No, no way; even if I did still have a connection to him, he's long since dead now, right?" Harry asked sitting back, "I just have a small headache is all."

"Do I need to call Hermione in here?" Ron asked, knowing that she would drill him till they got the preferred truthful answer.

"I promise, it's just a headache," Harry held up his hand.

"DINNER!" Molly bellowed in a tone mastered of having a house full of noisy kids.

Harry wasted no time getting away from Ron's line of questioning. "Alright, Auror Weasley, it's time for your favorite hobby," Harry said, holding out a hand to pull the redhead up off the couch.

"Ah, Three hundred and some odd days of Hermione's cooking always makes mum's cooking that much better!" Ron breathed a sigh of relief as he followed Harry and the others to the expanded extended kitchen table.

As the Weasley/Potter clan gathered around the mass of prepared food, Ginny seemed to start fidgeting nervously as she took her seat beside her husband, who remained standing as everyone took their seats. "Before we get started, Ginny and I have a little announcement to make…" He said gathering the family's attention.

"This better be good, Harry," Percy said, nodding to Ron. "Ronald looks likes he's about to attack the table."

"I am not!" Ron argued fiercely.

"Then wipe the drool off your face, for the love of Merlin," Percy countered.

"Boys, let Harry have the floor," Arthur scolded his arguably grown-up sons.

"Ok, but can I have the table then?" Ron asked, earning an elbow from Hermione.

"Well, Ginny and I would like to give you all a heads up on something," Harry said smiling at his wife, "But we'll have to have another place set at the table next Christmas."

"You don't mean…" Molly squeaked.

"There's another Potter spawn on the way," George rolled his eyes.

"'Fraid so, George, maybe this one we can keep from your corruption," Ginny smirked at her brother.

"Bloody Hell, Harry, are you intentionally trying to best Mum and Dad?" Ron asked jokingly, shaking his head with a smile on his face.

"I'm not going that far, Weasley," Harry trembled slightly. "I value my sanity and that many kids only the most patient and stable minded people can handle.

"Got the patience, babe, but stable minded… not you," Ginny patted his hand as he set down.

"We got our work cut out," Teddy Lupin grinned at his 'uncle' George from his seat next to him.

"Don't start," Harry narrowed his eyes, and in response, Teddy turned his dark brown hair a platinum blond and looked up in an angelic expression.

The table erupted in laughter, no one knowing it could possibly be the last for a very long time …


Later that night at the home of Ron and Hermione Weasley, Hermione sat up after her husband and children had long gone to bed, the sound of their snoring escaping into the downstairs living room where she sat reading the latest edition of Hogwarts: A History, laughing at a particular memory involving herself and the two boys she held most dear.

"Almost time for Santa Granger to bring the presents in…" She said, knowing her two no longer believed in Santa, yet still enjoyed their surprise at finding more gifts on Christmas morning.

But before she could get to work, the chiming of her Muggle telephone echoed unexpectedly.

"Who could be calling at this hour?" Hermione asked, moving quickly to the phone and looking at the caller ID. Her blood ran cold when she saw the name Arthur and Molly Weasley. "Something's wrong…" She breathed as she reached down to take the receiver with a trembling hand. "Hello?" She answered.

"Molly, what's wrong," She asked, trying to break into her mother-in-law's single breath run-on sentence. "Molly slowdown… w-w-w-what?" Hermione gasped as if she had a punch right into the ribs.

The receiver slid from Hermione's hand as she brought them both up to her pale clammy cheeks in utter terror at what she had heard. An involuntary scream escaped her lips.

"Hermione!" Ron ran down the stairs with Hugo and Rose close behind, "Hermione, what's wrong?!" He asked as Hermione turned to look at them with wide, near-feral looking eyes.

"He couldn't do it, Ron. There's no way. It's impossible…" Hermione shook her head, her eyes filling with tears. "Harry's the kindest, sweetest, most loving person on the planet… he couldn't do it… he wouldn't do it… no… no way… It's impossible…"

"What's wrong, Hermione?!" Ron took Hermione's shoulders and shook her slightly. "What's happened to Harry?"

"Oh, Ron!" Hermione shook her head in terror and shock. "Ginny, Albus-Severus, and James were killed tonight," She sobbed, "They're saying Harry killed them!"