A/N: This story is set ten years after the battle of Hogwarts. Tonks, who Harry saw lying lifeless next to Lupin was knocked out... I will explain why Snape is alive in the story itself.

STORY: The Life Of The Living

Summary: Tonks follows Harry to a strange house and discovers the occupant is a man who is supposed to be dead. NT/SS.

Tonks walked down the concrete steps onto the street with her umbrella swinging back and forth. She had just been to see Gran, her father's mother. When ever she went to see her tears would swell up in her eyes. She would look at the old woman loosing her mind and her body. There would be times when she would look at Tonks and she would cry in fear because she couldn't understand who was this woman by her bedside. Sometimes on good days Tonks would be able to convince her that she was nurse or that she was from the Anglican Church down the way. That was the only constant, she never forgot church.

But on that wet Wednesday there was no convincing her. She was in the middle of feeding her soup from a straw when she looked up at her and realized she didn't no who it was. She tried to calm her down but the old woman exhausted her energy trying to move away from her. But it was no use she couldn't move her body anyway, her flesh was like dead weight. It was like her body had long died but her soul was so stubborn that it refused to leave it.

She never wanted to get that way. She was certain she would be in control of all her function when she departed the world. That way when she met Remus they would be whole, unbroken.

She walked down the pavement pondering what the afterlife would be like, thinking about Remus when she saw Harry disappearing up the stairs in a house up the street. "Oi. Harry," she called but he didn't hear.

She wondered what Harry could be doing in the middle of muggle London looking in such a hurry. She walked up the street until she came to stop by the house. She tried to peer inside but the windows were shut. She was just starting to get awkward glances form the people coming home from work when Harry exited the little house in a bit of a sprint.

He looked up at her and his brows almost reached his hair line. "Tonks, what are you doing here?" he asked closing the door the behind him. In his hand he shoved a small bottle into his pants pocket. He looked up at the overcast sky and back to Tonks.

"I was just visiting my Gran, she is in a home a little way down the street."

"Oh well it's best we be off," he said in a hurried manner. He began to walk, expecting her to follow but she stayed rooted on the step. "Aren't you coming?" he asked.

"Who lives here?" she asked looking at him questioningly.

"No one," he said waving her over.

She raised her brow. "Haaarry," she said teasingly. She was intrigued, she couldn't understand what Harry was hiding from her.

Then form behind her she head the door open, but before she had time to turn around she heard a voice that identified the speaker. There was only one person she had ever known with that voice, she hadn't heard it in eleven years but she would know it anywhere, she knew it since she was eleven. The voice was deep and confident, harsh but smooth. "Potter, you forgot your"

She turned around slowly, thinking that she must have been mistaken, but she wasn't. There in the flesh was Severus Snape, standing there in all his greasy haired glory, very much alive. "Merlin's Beard."

"Heavens Potter can you be trusted to do anything right?" barked the man.

"She just showed up there," said Harry pointing to the step. "I tried to lead her away but then you came out."

Tonks looked form Severus to Harry, wide eyed. "Wait a minute." She said holding her hands up in the air, her umbrella flying all over. "You are alive?"

Snape narrowed his eyes. "Would you believe it if I said I was a ghost."

She rolled her eyes. "You're solid." She said and at the same time she poked him with her umbrella to confirm her suspicion. "I can't believe you are not dead," she shouted outraged.

"You seem disappointed."

"Well if anyone was going to come back from the dead I'd prefer if it was..."

"Tonks," Harry interjected.

"Remus," she continued.

Snape made an odd noise and tossed the umbrella over to Harry and hid himself behind the door once more. "Nymphadora I would appreciate if you tell NO ONE about this. Do I have you're word." He said.

She looked at him, examining his newly pampered features. "Why don't you want people to know you're alive."

"Because it is my choosing. Do I have you're word."

"My word Severus," she said defeated. Snape looked at Harry and shook his head before he closed the door shut. Tonks stared at the door in fascination. "Severus Snape alive, who would have thought?"

Harry was rubbing his head. "I really have to go Tonks, I think you should to."

"What are you playing at Harry, keeping this from everyone?"

"Well he only wanted me to know, he needed someone to control his estate, but if he feels like there's a possibility that more people would know he might move."

Tonks took another look at the door and walked down the step, joining Harry on the pavement. "He has moved before."

"Once, when I first found him but... I found him again, wasn't pleased though." Harry was now walking at a brisk pace.

"Why doesn't he want you to know where he is?"

Harry looked at her. "Well it's sort of hard isn't it, seeing as I know everything now about him and my mother."

"Oh right, I forgot about that. He was in love with her."

Harry nodded. "Well I just got him to make this potions for Albus," Harry said, patting his pocket.

"What's wrong with him?" asked Tonks. Albus was only a little more than a year, she hated when babies got sick, when Teddy was sick it was one of the most terrifying things she had ever been trough.

"He's got a muggle flu called tuberculosis. No idea how he got it... Anyway Severus is pretty good at making cures for muggle illnesses and he likes Albus..."

"What, he likes Albus?"

Harry nodded, quickening his pace again. "Yeah, he has my mother's eyes. He says he can hardly see any James at all. The first time he saw him he actually held him... it was a mid scary really."

"I could only imagine," she said laughing, picturing Snape holding any sort of baby.

Harry came to a stop in an alleyway between two houses with closed windows. He looked at Tonks. "I'll see you around Tonks, and don't forget not to mention it to anyone." And with that Harry disappeared on the spot.

Tonks walked on swinging her umbrella back and forth thinking about what she had just seen. She couldn't help but smile. She knew that it was stupid thinking but she thought to herself that the next time she went to see Gran, she would stop by his place, just to see how he reacts. Of course that was only if he didn't move.

NOTE: So I have started another Snape/ Tonks story. This one has a much more straight forward explanation for them coming back but I have another one that I am working on that will only be available on colourful bat that will maybe be the most depressing thing you have ever read.

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