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WARNING: Don't read this unless you've read the seventh Harry Potter book! You've been warned.

"Mother, father, I have some news for the both of you," came the eager voice of Draco Malfoy as he came in the door of his mansion.

Behind the blonde heartthrob was another blonde who was admiring the giant house she had previously been in.

"Why, Draco," said Narcissa from a distance, "you're late."

"Yes," came the sound of his father, "we've been worried about you."

Footsteps came from inside the manor, and came closer to the two blondes. By this time, Draco had closed the door, taken his guest's coat, placed them inside the closet, and the two were heading in the direction of the voices.

Narcissa's voice came again, "Where have you been, Draco? We thought you mighhh-," She stopped mid sentence as she gazed upon the new comer.

"Who's this?" asked Lucius Malfoy, and Draco could sense a bit of disapproval in his voice.

"This," Draco stated, turning to the new comer, "is Luna Lovegood." His parents became stiff as he said the name, while Luna just smiled dreamily toward them. "She is to be my new bride."

"What?" Demanded Narcissa, and Draco could see the whites around her pupils.

"Never!" screeched Lucius vehemently, with a voice that was very high pitched compared to his usual voice.

"Pleased to meet you," was Luna's response, stating dreamily as ever. "By the by, did you happen to notice the foot prints of a Crumple Horned Snorkack in your front yard?"

"The front prints of a what?" questioned Narcissa while all Lucius could do was stare at the girl while his turned purple and the hairs on his neck rose.

Draco just sighed in content as she went on to describe to the two older Malfoys how the Crumple Horned Snorkack was a shy, and very magical creature; while she was explaining to them the horn of such a beast, they stopped her.

"Draco!" demanded his mother, "what is the meaning of this?" she spit out each word with unmistakable rage in her tone.

Luna just dazed dreamily at the hand Draco had just wrapped around her own.

"Well, Mother," he said, though all the while looking at Luna, "since you and father almost got us killed with the Death Eater and Voldermort business," to this his parents went stiff and turned their heads away while Luna seemed not to here, "you owe me."

"And how does marrying this," shot Lucius, though Draco interrupted.

"Luna. Her name is Luna Lovegood." Corrected Draco with an air of authority while shooting a look at his father.

"Oh, but not for long," said Luna in a dazed voice. Comprehending this, Narcissa and Lucius gaped at the two. Luna giggled as she continued. "Soon, it'll be Draco and Luna Lovegood."

"Yes, that's our other surprise." Said Draco to his parents, who currently had jaws that reached to the floor. "I'm changing my last name to Lovegood."

His parents looked, if possible, paler than they already were.

Draco smiled devilishly inside at his plan. He decided to marry the most outrageous girl ever, and change his name to hers to get back at his parents so they could never look anyone in the eye with their haughty and arrogant attitudes. And with him being their only son, it's not like they could disown him. Now they'll think twice about joining an evil lord bent on taking over the world.

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