(A/N): I am hoping and praying the story alerts go out, as they...haven't for quite a while now. But that is not the point. The point is this is for Suzaka, who is endlessly amazing, and this is both in response to and heavily inspired by her work.

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Nothing to Give

Axel's staring at the ceiling, breath coming in shallow gulps. Roxas is kneeling between his spread legs, his lips wrapped around the redhead's cock, hands locked around his hips.

It's nothing.

It's all they have.

Axel groans as Roxas sucks sharply, lifting one hand and tangling it in thick blond hair. Roxas's eyes flash to his face briefly before he slides his mouth along Axel's length, releasing him with one last teasing lick.

It can't mean anything.

But there are times he wishes it could.

Roxas pulls himself to his feet, leaning forward and pressing his lips insistently against Axel's. Axel lets him dominate the kiss, the moment, not fighting as Roxas pushes him down and crawls on top of him.

They don't have hearts.

Their souls are a joke.

Roxas's hands are everywhere, his mouth hungry and demanding as he draws Axel's tongue forward enough to take between his own lips and suck. Axel's barely conscious of the clothing being flung aside as Roxas fumbles for something to use as lube, grinning crookedly as Axel presses a potion into his hands.

It would be easier if they hadn't been left with the ability to reason.

If they were governed by nothing but basic impulse and instinct.

Axel spreads his legs without complaint, Roxas's fingers trailing down his inner thighs as the blond tries to distract him with kisses. Axel doesn't bother trying to tell the kid he doesn't care about the moment's discomfort.

Axel's got nothing to give him – nothing.

But he can give him this.