Luke was abruptly startled from gazing aimlessly out at the sky by something he though he'd never hear.

At nearly the same time, Guy's attention snapped upwards, away from the small fon machine he had been tinkering with.

Everybody stopped, and stared, several going slack-jawed in the process.

Jade simply crossed one leg over the other and stared right back, folding his arms. The object he had thrown finally bounced one last time, skidding to a stop. "I give up. It makes no sense," he groaned. Still, everybody else continued to stare, not a motion was made to indicate they had even heard a word he said.

Finally, it was Ion who spoke, as quiet as it was. "Jade... did you just say a bad word?" Jade raised a brow, his manner rather unaffected.

"And? I'm certainly old enough to utter a choice phrase here and there," it was -that- tone that he used sparingly when completely and utterly annoyed, dripping with annoyed witticism.

Tear coughed, and was the next one to come far enough out of shock to speak. "That wasn't really an utterance. It was more like a yell."

"Or a scream!" Mieu added in helpfully.

"You normally don't say -anything- bad, Colonel, much less a... cuss word," Anise noted.

"I don't normally mess with those things," he said, pointedly staring at the offending object he had flung to the floor. Everybody else's gaze turned to it as well, and Luke bent down, picking it up. Jade smirked a tiny bit, apparently amused by what he was about to say. "If it's too hard for me to solve, I highly doubt you'd even know what to do with it."

"This? I play with these all the time. It was the only thing to do at home when I was alone. You were actually pretty close to finishing it," and with that, Luke began to turn and twist the puzzle. Guy grinned, watching him with interest. Natalia shook her head knowingly, letting out a loud sigh. Mieu didn't really understand what was going on with the colorful box, or why it was such a big deal, but nonetheless hopped up and down to try and get a better view. Meanwhile, everybody else could only watch silently in shock.

Less than two minutes later, Luke held the rubik's cube out proudly, each side's colors matched perfectly. Jade sputtered and stood up, snatching it from him to inspect it carefully. His expression fell quickly. "You didn't cheat," he muttered, handing the cube back to Luke.

"How the hell could you cheat?" Luke asked, confusion written across his features as he awkwardly took the puzzle back. Pushing his glasses up in his usual gesture of exasperation, Jade shook his head.

"Never mind, Luke. ...I think I'm going to go to bed."

"Already? But it's the afternoon, you'll mess up your sleeping schedule!" Anise said loudly, her tone slightly demanding.

"Goodnight," he said adamantly, and strode out of the room, boots clicking.

Guy chuckled softly. "I think you hurt his pride," he said, glancing to Luke amusedly. Luke simply furrowed his brows, wondering what he had done.

"It must be a gift," Tear said, gazing at the completed cube wonderingly.

"But didn't Jade buy this for himself?" Luke asked, his confusion continuing to mount.

Unsure of how to reply, everybody else went silent, going back to what they had been doing before this little incident, leaving Luke on his own to continue wondering what had just happened.