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Mist of ever color swirl all around me and I breathe in the fumes as if I am breathing for the first time.

Potions of bright pinks and deep blues boil around me. Only mine is the correct shade of shimmering emerald. I look across the room to see a pair of eyes the same color winking at me with pleasure. The same dark jade that catches brighter flecks of shocking green in the light.

Lily points into her own cauldron and shoots me a thumbs up.

Her potion is the right color too.

A multicolored haze hangs over our head, every color imaginable shimmers above us as magic peeks between the clouds, almost hiding its dazzling beauty in fear.

There is a glorious red that is the same soft shade of Lily's curls. The color surrounds me, suffocating me as it twists and turns in front of my face mockingly. I whisper into it like I whisper into her hair when she cries on my shoulder. Her tears as blue as the smoke washing over me, leaving the same salty taste in my mouth.

I can only watch the rare pale white vapor as it disappears rapidly among more dominate colors, as fragile as her ivory skin. Too delicate to be touched.

I am surrounded by a rainbow of her every color.

Lily's rainbow.

Potter's bubbling liquid is giving off a rotten smell as he sends dark billowing clouds through my rainbow, coloring it black.


I am alone in my office, a large cauldron before me.

Clockwise once.

Counterclockwise twice.

It is no longer an art.

It is a science.

I no longer brew them for love of the practice. I brew them for love of her memory. I no longer brew them to impress her, but to supress my anger.

I still brew for hope that she will someday forgive me.

Clear steam billows about the room, chasing the dreaded color away as a Patronus chases a Dementor.

My life is now black and white. All colors died the night she did. It hurts too much to try to feel anymore. So instead I kill the colors with black as the white disappears into nothing as I brew for hope that Lily's rainbow will return.

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