Diclaimer: If I owned Psych then I'd be the happiest sub-human species on the planet.

Shawn was bored. It didn't matter that it was only eleven A.M. and that he had only been awake for the grand total of thirty-seven minutes. He. Was. Bored. And what was worse was that he couldn't call Gus because his friend had turned off the ringer on his cell. Besides, Shawn was going to meet with him in their office in about an hour and a half anyway. But still, that left Shawn with ninety minutes of free time on his hands. So he did what any self-respecting-bored-out-of-his-skull-fake-psychic would do. He went into his kitchen and started to slice up the pineapple that he had bought the other day.

Shawn was about half-way through cutting his pineapple up into eatable-sized chunks, when there was a sudden flash of light and a faint pop, which resulted in Shawn standing in a dark kitchen. Now the only light coming in, was through a blinded window. Shawn sighed. Great, the lightbulb had burnt out. Now he would have to replace it.

For a moment Shawn debated on whether he should replace the lightbulb now, or if he should do it later. He wanted to do it later. I mean come on, it was such a boring and menial task. But Shawn also new that if he didn't change the light now, then he would forget to and that wouldn't be conducive to his late-night smoothie snack time. He'd tried to make smoothies in the dark once and had received some interesting results.

So, with a sigh, Shawn went over to a drawer by the sink, opened it and pulled out a new lightbulb. Then he dragged a chair away from his table and placed it right under the light fixture. He climbed up onto the chair and unscrewed the old lightbulb. Then aiming carefully, because he didn't feel like getting off the chair, Shawn tossed the lightbulb at the garbage can. He missed and glass shattered everywhere.

Great, now he would have to clean up too. Changing the lightbulb was starting to not seem worth it. He could live with another peanut butter, mango, and pickle smoothie. Actually it hadn't been all that bad. It was mostly the cleanup that had made Shawn decide to never make smoothies in the dark again. Oh well, since he was up there anyways, he might as well finish changing the light.

So Shawn turned back to his work. He had just started to screw the new light into the fixture when a sharp jolt of electricity shot through him. Then the next thing he knew, his head hurt and then there was only darkness as he slipped into unconsciousness.

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