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Sasuke ran through a forest alone, during the nighttime. As he ran, numerous thoughts ran through his mind from before.


Night fell, and Sasuke kept a lookout outside of Sakura's room. He kept thinking about what Kankuro and Lee said to him. Sasuke felt that he was powerless to even protect anyone, considering that he lost two people that were important to him.

While Sasuke pondered on his thoughts, Sakura woke up from her long sleep. Sasuke walked over to his bed and sat down.

SASUKE – (sitting down) Kankuro and Lee are looking for leads right now.

SAKURA - ……You're infected, aren't you? Do you think that dying is the easy way out?


SAKURA – I knew it.

SASUKE – There is no cure.

SAKURA – But, that's not stopping Konohamaru-chan. Let me help you, Sasuke-kun. Please, don't run away anymore. ……Or is that something only a "real family" can do?

SASUKE - …I can't help anyone anymore. Family or friends… No one…

SAKURA – Zuruzuru zuruzuru. ("Zuruzuru" is an onomatopoeia for a dragging sound.)


SAKURA -Zuruzuru zuruzuru.

KANKURO – She's saying, "Why do you keep dragging yourself around?"

SAKURA – (standing up) Did you find anything?

KANKURO – We met an informant, reporting that he saw a guy, with a black coat with red cloud designs, taking the kids away.

SASUKE – Where did they take them?

LEE – The Forgotten Capital, their base.


These events leading up to now were the reason why Sasuke was rushing through a dark forest.

Elsewhere, Hidan and Kisame stood behind Deidara, while keeping Moegi on their side. Around the place, children, whom Hidan successfully captured, gathered around a lake, across from Deidara.

DEIDARA – Mother gave me the gift of great strength. She gave me the strength to fight against this planet, the same one that's been hurting everyone…mmm. And you know what? All of you have the same strength that I have. That's right. We are all kins. We are the chosen children, who have inherited Mother's genetic thoughts that merged within the Lifestream…mmm. Unfortunately, the planet doesn't like it. It's trying to prevent us from growing. (pointing to the children) That's why you're all in pain. That's why your hearts ache. I am the cure. (emitting his chakra) When I heal you, we will all go to out Mother, together…mmm! Follow my lead.

Deidara walked into the lake. As he walked in, some kind of dark force energy flowed out from him, infecting the water. Deidara took a handful of water and demonstrated to the children by drinking this "evil water."

The children were reluctant to follow the evil ninja, but then again, they wanted to be cured from the Cursed Seal of Heaven. The children willingly drank the infected water, hoping to be cured from their infection. Even Konohamaru willingly drank the water.

MOEGI – Konohamaru-kun!

Unfortunately, Moegi's words fell on deaf ears. Konohamaru's eyes changed into a glowing aura, as well as the rest of the children. Deidara and his men could only smile evilly at what was happening. Everything was going according to plan…

Meanwhile, Sasuke continued to race through the forest. This forest brought back memories. This was the same place where his friend passed away at the hands of his brother.

While he was rushing through, he suddenly found himself in a white room. While there, he realized that he wasn't alone, as he felt the presence of someone else. Sasuke knew who this was.

HINATA – So you came…even though you're still in pain, right? (placing a hand on his arm) That should be a good sign. …I have a question. Why did you come here?

SASUKE – I think…I want to be forgiven. No, I know I want to be forgiven.

HINATA – Who do you want to forgive you?

Sasuke suddenly broke out of his trance. Was that a dream?

Unfortunately, Sasuke had no time to think about. Kunais and shurikens flew towards Sasuke. Thankfully, Sasuke had his Sharingan activated and predicted the incoming kunais and shurikens. Up ahead of the barrage, Sasuke saw Kisame and Hidan throwing the weapons at him, with Deidara leering at him from behind his men.

Sasuke formed some hand seals to perform one of his most powerful moves, Chidori. This move should be able to take down Deidara once and for all. Casually, Deidara walked towards Sasuke, not even fearing of being hit by Sasuke's Chidori. Deidara signaled the children to come out of hiding and stand in front of him. Sasuke saw the children blocking his path. He realized that Deidara was going to use them as a shield. It was the lowest strategy for a ninja. Among the children, Konohamaru stood with an expressionless face, with Moegi trying to snap him out of it. Sasuke knew he couldn't hit the children, but then again, he couldn't stop his attack. The only way to stop himself was to thrust his Chidori hand to the ground, so it would act as a sort of emergency brake. However, because of the power and speed of the attack, Sasuke hit the ground hard and tumbled out of control. The children moved out of the way of the fallen Uchiha, giving way to Deidara.

DEIDARA – I knew you'd come here.

SASUKE – I'm here for the children.

DEIDARA – (to the children) This man is our brother. Unfortunately, among our happy family… He's a traitor…mmm.

Deidara pulled a clump of clay from his side bag and began to form some kind of figure. Before he could finish, Moegi saw Sasuke fallen.

MOEGI – Sasuke-kun!


Sasuke took advantage of the distraction and drew his katana. A sideswipe should have finished off Deidara, but he managed to dodge it in the nick of time. But Deidara wasn't the least of his problems. Hidan began to throw more barrages of shurikens, leaving Kisame to charge towards Sasuke. Using his Samehada, he performed a downward slash at Sasuke. The Uchiha sidestepped out of the way. This time, he had to defend himself against Hidan's barrage and Kisame's close quarters combat. He had no time for a counterattack. Luckily, Hidan ran out of shurikens to throw, leaving Sasuke a chance to attack Kisame. The shark-like ninja jumped out of the way, leaving Sasuke to deal with Hidan. Hidan revealed that his scythe also at a rope attached. This way, his scythe can detach for a long-range attack and Hidan would be able retract the weapon at will. It greatly annoyed Sasuke when Hidan would throw his scythe and retract it, only to throw it back again. But this was a distraction.

KISAME – (forming hand seals) Suiton: Suikodan no Jutsu!!

From the nearby lake, a burst of water in the form of a shark charged towards Sasuke. Hidan jumped out of the way for the technique to strike down Sasuke. But Sasuke still had his Sharingan activated. Using the copying capabilities his doujutsu has, he formed the same hand seals Kisame formed for the same technique.

SASUKE – (forming hand seals) Suiton: Suikodan no Jutsu!!

Using the same technique, he cancelled out the Kisame's ninjitsu. But the technique was another distraction. Kisame burst through the water to land a fierce punch to Sasuke's chest. While Sasuke was flying back, due to Kisame's mean punch, Hidan and Kisame double-teamed the young Uchiha, leaving Sasuke only to defend himself once again. Kisame appeared behind Sasuke to strike him down. Using his speed, Sasuke jumped into the air, but Kisame used his Samehada to boost Hidan into the air. Sasuke and Hidan engaged in close quarters combat in the air. While it went on, Hidan used his retractable scythe to knock Sasuke's katana out of his hand. The katana embedded itself into a nearby tree. Sasuke escaped the fight to retrieve his sword. He couldn't be at equal strength without his sword.

By the time he reached his sword, he noticed Kisame waiting at the base of the tree with his Samehada ready. With his strength, Kisame chopped the tree down with one swipe. As Sasuke was slowly falling with the tree, Hidan charged at Sasuke with his scythe. Because his katana was still stuck, Sasuke drew a kunai to defend himself against Hidan's weapon. Kisame burst through the falling tree to double-team the young Uchiha once again. But Sasuke jumped out of the fight and retrieved his katana. He then noticed Deidara leering at him once again. If he finished off Deidara, this battle would be over, for good. Sasuke charged at Deidara, determined to finish the battle. Unfortunately, he didn't notice he had his clay bombs ready. He formed a clay bird, which was about the size of a regular bird.

DEIDARA – Take this! (throwing his clay bird at Sasuke) Katsu!!

The clay bird detonated in front of Sasuke, causing the young Uchiha to fly back into a tree. As Sasuke's unconscious body hit the ground, his cell phone fell out of his pocket and fell into the lake. Before the three powerful ninjas could finish off the fight, Deidara noticed a horde of bugs coming in. The bugs gathered around Sasuke and began to pick him up. While the bugs were picking up the limp Sasuke, kunais flew out of the horde, leaving the three ninjas to only defend themselves against the barrage of weapons. The horde of bugs successfully flew away with Sasuke, leaving Deidara to curse under his breath for not finishing off the Uchiha prodigy.

To be continued...