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Sara sat up in bed, scared senseless of the dream she had just awoken from. Well, not so much a dream as a nightmare. It was the same one that had plagued her for the past six or so mornings. It had started out with just about one dream ever couple of weeks or so, but it had recently progressed into a constant nagging in the back of her mind. It had also become increasingly more vivid. She had been waking up in cold sweats, and with tears welling in her eyes. She had become reluctant to succumb to sweet slumber in the past weeks for fear that this nightmare would continue to haunt her.

Swinging her feet over the edge of the bed she lightly stepped into her slippers and padded out of her room. She took extra care to be silent so as not to wake her sleeping companion. She clicked on the small electric kettle nd reached for a mug from the kitchen shelf. She tiptoed lightly to the bathroom vanity and splashed cool water on her face. Hearing the faint "tink" of the kettle, she once again made her way to the kitchen. She prepared a mug of hot chamomile with honey, and re-entered the bedroom. She took slow sips of her tea while she relaxed. Chamomile really does do wonders for calming nerves. Slipping into bed, feeling slightly more relaxed; she snuggled onto the soft warmth that shared her bed. She listened to the faint drumming of his heart in his chest. Slowly she slipped onto her unconscious oblivion.

Hidden behind the old couch, the young girl stifled her sobs as she saw her mother fall, head ricocheting off the ground with a sickening thud. She scrambled away from her mother, only to be violently picked up off of the floor by a set of strong arms. She opened her mouth to scream, but only a strangled garbled escaped. The little girls struggled to break free of her captor's grip, but to no avail. The man who held her was much too strong. Grunting loudly, the man ran from the house to his car. Shoving the little girl into the backseat, he started his car and peeled off into the enveloping darkness. He was so intent on getting away from the house that he didn't even see the eighteen wheeler that was barreling toward the car. As if by magic, the small child who, earlier in the night could only muster a squeak, now let out a blood-curdling scream.

Sara sat upright, gasping for breath, tears streaming down her face, shaking violently, she curled herself against the plush heated figure that was her love. Stirring slightly, he gently wrapped his strong arm around her slender abdomen. As he pulled her closer, she began to relax her shaking slowly subsided. Feeling the heat ha t was radiating from him she began to doze lightly. She knew now that no matter how bad the nightmares got, this man would always be there to warm her bed and hold her tight.

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