Yay! This is the epilogue! Doesn't have dialogue in it...because I just suck that way. Pretty short too. Probably less that 100 words.

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After the Hyoutei regulars went back to Japan they were faced with a serious problem. Since Mukahi's father was arrested, the government and taken over his whole estate. Therefore, Mukahi had nowhere to live. They ended up deciding that it'd be best for Mukahi to live with Oshitari for the time being.

Mukahi's father, as everyone knows by now, was arrested. He was charged with murder, attempted murder, and child abuse. Of course, that gave him a life sentence. Unfortunately, his father had become mentally ill one year into the sentence and commited suicide on August 21, 2008.

His mother's body was found in the canal, and was shipped back to Japan, where she was put into her final resting place. Mukahi visited her grave from time to time, and sometimes some of the regulars went along with him.

Mukahi eventually was able to walk again, and in about a year he was able to play tennis. He could even do all his acrobatic moves. The doctor said that it was a miracle, and congratulated Mukahi on his good fortune.

And so...they lived happily ever after. Kinda.

I know. Kinda a lame ending, but this IS the first multi-chaptered story that I've actually finished. And done pretty damn well.

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