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Some Light Reading

Sakura was dimly aware of the sound of water running through the pipes in the wall behind her. Without opening her eyes she rolled over, taking the entire blanket with her and snuggled deeper into its warmth.

She could still smell his scent. It lingered on the sheets. On her pillow. On her. Just the smell of him could make her feel safe and secure. The spicy masculine scent that was unique to him soothed her in a way few other things did. It calmed her mind and body and right now, it was making it very hard for her to get out of bed.

A bird began to twitter outside the open window. Last night the evening breeze had felt good against her hot skin but now, the harsh rays of the sun poring through the open curtains and the bird's overly cheerful singing forced her out of her semi-conscience state and into the awareness of another day that had already dawned.

Sakura cracked an eye open and glanced groggily at the clock on the nightstand. The ticking hands told her it was already a quarter to 10. Sakura sighed and stretched luxuriously, grateful for the rare day off that allowed her to sleep so late.

What was even rarer was that he too had the day free. Neither of them needed to report for a mission or training. It was truly a blessing to be able to sleep in like a bum. Well, it wasn't entirely her fault for sleeping the day away. He had kept her up all night after all. Sakura smirked to herself as she continued to listen to the sound of the shower running and the bird singing its morning song. Last night's events had been full of passion and heat and another round of mind-blowing sex. Kakashi had out done himself again as he had found creative new ways to pleasure her until she thought she might pass out from pure sensory overload.

Sakura tossed the covers aside and sat up in bed, reaching for her long-sleeved jounin shirt on the floor that had somehow escaped being thrown across the room.

As she pulled the blue material down over her naked chest, she couldn't help but smile at the way things had turned out. If someone had told her a year ago that she would end up sleeping with the man who had once been her sensei, she wouldn't have believed them. In fact, she probably would have fed a chakra-powered knuckle sandwich to anyone foolish enough to make such a remark, but look at her now.

She wasn't exactly sure how she had ended up tumbling into bed with the Copy Ninja that first night. A lot of it probably had to do with the excessive amount of alcohol they had both consumed down at the local watering hole in celebration of another of Tsunade's birthdays (although she refused to disclose her actual age) and Kakashi, insisting he could hold his alcohol better than she. He had offered to walk her home and she had accepted but he had ended up entering her house, and then somehow her bed and had stayed there for her to discover in the morning. Not even the hangover she had (which felt a lot like an army of Naruto's shadow clones had beat the hell out of her while she slept blissfully unaware) could dispel the images of how he had made love to her the night before. Even in his drunken state he had been gentle (if somewhat dominating) and navigated her body like her knew every inch of it inside and out. The next morning had been somewhat awkward but both dismissed it as a one time thing and went their separate ways. Needles to say, Kakashi was more than a little surprised when Sakura showed up at his apartment later that week when she could no longer deny her body what it craved.

And so it continued. Sakura continued to come to him not only because she was comfortable with him after knowing him for years, but also in her eyes, he was somewhat of a sex god and never he disappointed her in fulfilling her needs. Also, ever since she had gotten a glimpse of what lay under that mask during their first bought of love making, she had felt an almost consuming need to see his face again. To say he was handsome was an understatement. Sakura didn't know why he felt the need to cover up his face although she secretly reveled in the fact that she was one of the few lucky enough to see it.

Somehow, over the months of her late night visits, she had found that somewhere along the line she wasn't only in love with the things that he did to her but she was in fact in love with Kakashi himself. She had taken a big risk when she finally confessed her feelings for him but to her elation, he admitted that he felt the same and that it scared the hell out of him. Fortunately, he was willing to give their relationship a chance and their late night meetings, and the incredible sex that ensued, had continued ever since.

As Sakura looked around for her missing black shorts, Sakura mused at how funny and ironic life could sometimes be. She had spent most of her teen years pining after a certain dark haired man that wanted nothing to do with her while her soul mate turned out to be right under her nose, and to be her teacher no less! Now that Sasuke was back in the village (being hauled home by Naruto of course) he was actually acting less like a power-hungry monster and more like a human being. Sakura had finally seen that it wasn't only the fact that he wouldn't return her love, but maybe he couldn't. Sasuke would simply not open his heart to another. Although it had been devastating for her, life continued to go on, time easing the pain a little more each day until Sakura woke up to discover that she didn't feel anything more for Sasuke than simple affection for a fellow team mate.

'He probably isn't half as good in bed anyway.' Sakura thought smugly, then immediately berated herself. Woah, where had THAT come from? She was spending too much time with Kakashi. She was becoming as perverted as her former sensei!

But she couldn't help but smile. Kakashi was endlessly inventive in the sack.

'Or maybe it's because of all those stupid books he reads.' She though as she at last found her shorts under the bed and slipped them on. As she sunk back down on the shurikin printed sheets her eyes caught sight of an orange object sitting on Kakashi's chair.

'Speaking of perverted books…' Sakura smiled as she crossed the room and hesitantly picked up the novel.

She had always wondered what her sensei had found so great about the Icha Icha series. The fact that he was hardly ever seen without his nose buried in one sparked her curiosity. She could still hear water running in the bathroom as she sat back down on the edge of the bed, running her hand over the well worn cover. Kakashi loved his showers and would be in there until the water ran cold. Now was her chance to see what all the fuss was about. She turned to a dog-eared page and immediately turned several shades redder as her eyes read the words on the page. A male ninja had lured his female enemy to a hotel, intent on interrogating her, but instead had got caught up in the flames of passion. The girl, though skilled in ninja arts, was completely unskilled in anything of the sexual nature. The man seemed to almost stalk her like a predator, he being the tiger, and she the innocent doe-eyed fawn.

"Wha—what are you doing?" she stammered.

He pressed her up against a wall trapping her body with his as he whispered in her ear "Don't worry, I'll be gentle."

Sakura would have laughed at the corny language had she not suddenly felt a tingling sensation between her legs.

The man continued to shower butterfly kisses all over the girl's neck and collarbone before capturing her lips in a searing kiss that earned him a soft moan in reply. His hands found their way to the sash of her kimono and he deftly untied it to let it fall open and reveal a pale and perfect pair of breasts. In her inexperienced state, she was unused to having such attention and moved to cover herself as she blushed furiously and turning her face away. The man caught her wrists and gently brought them together over her head. Pinning them with one hand he cupped her cheek in the other, he forced her to look at him.

'Don't cover yourself,' he said. 'You're body is too beautiful to hide. Let me see it.'

His lips busied themselves with nibbling her ear as his hands moved down to knead the newly exposed flesh, making her moan and gasp at the new and wonderful sensations assaulting her senses. Her moans turned to soft cries as his lips replaced his hands and he began nibbling and sucking her overly sensitive nipples, turning them into rock hard peaks.

Sakura couldn't believe Kakashi read this stuff in public! This was beyond perverted! This was flat out porn! A twinge of guilt wound its way through her gut. If she thought it was so disgusting, why was she enjoying it so much? She turned the page and read on, her cheeks growing ever pinker, now not only with the hot flush of embarrassment, but with arousal as well.

He slid the kimono off her shoulders as his mouth continued to work over her flawless skin, leaving her clad only in a pair of underwear as silky as her ornate robe.

He caught her in his arms when her wobbly legs gave out, staring down into her flushed face.

'Perhaps we should move this to a more comfortable place.' He breathed as he once again pressed her against the wall. He grabbed her right thigh and coaxed it up and around his hip then repeated the action with the left so that the only thing holding her up was his hands under her butt and her legs wrapped tightly around his waist.

This new position aligned his arousal with her most intimate spot and the pressure of him against her silky panties made her gasp in pleasure, but her eyes betrayed her nervousness.

Seeing this, the man comforted her, 'Don't worry, I won't do anything that will hurt you. We'll take this slow.'

With that, he walked over to the bed and lowered her onto it, then moved to cover her body with his, capturing her lips in another blazing kiss while his hands continued to wander up and down her sides.

He then began his slow decent his mouth leaving a hot trail of kisses from her collar bone, to her breasts, to her tight flat abdomen. His tongue dipped into her navel as he hooked his thumbs in the waistband of her panties and began to—

"I see you're enjoying some light reading there."

Sakura nearly jumped out of her skin at the sound of Kakashi's voice. She had been so engrossed in the book that she hadn't heard him shut off the water or open the door. Now he stood before her in nothing but his black jounin pants, his wet hair falling over his red eye and the other staring at her with an amused expression that matched the smirk on his face.

"I was just curious to see why you found these books so much more interesting than actually doing your job and watching us train all those years." Sakura replied, trying to keep the guilt out of her voice as she tossed the book aside onto the bed.

"You seemed to find it pretty interesting." Kakashi replied in his deep husky voice that was doing nothing to ease the fire the smutty book had ignited between her legs.

Sakura stood and walked boldly up to Kakashi, punctuating her words with a finger jabbing his chest. "I found it ridiculous."

"Oh?" Kakashi said, raising an eyebrow, his smug expression still present. "And why is that?"

"You mean besides the fact that the girl throws caution and virginity to the wind and ends up sleeping with the enemy?" Sakura said with her hand on her hip.

"You've never wanted to be seduced by a particularly attractive enemy?" Kakashi chuckled as he went to pull Sakura into an embrace.

Dodging his attempts and swatting him playfully she replied, "No. I've never met an enemy that was all that attractive."

Not even Itachi Uchiha had peaked her interest. Although he was attractive just like his younger brother, the evil that had practically radiated from him was enough to deter just about anyone.

"What if I were the enemy?" Kakashi growled softly, as he took a step towards her, his visible eye mischievous and somehow…hungry.

In an unconscious attempt to maintain her personal bubble, Sakura took a step backwards and then another as he continued to advance. She wasn't even aware that she had moved at all until her back connected with the wall with a soft thud. Kakashi placed a hand on either side of her head, blocking obvious escape routes and smirked to himself as he heard Sakura's breath grow slightly ragged at their close proximity.

His damp hair still hung in his face, obscuring the eye with the Sharingan, but he fixed the other on her astonished and somewhat puzzled jade ones. His lips parted in a grin that Sakura had never seen before. It seemed almost…predatory.

Kakashi pressed his body close to hers and leaned in so his lips barely brushed her earlobe as he spoke. "Admit it," he whispered. "If you had never been with a man and I was determined to be your first, you wouldn't stand a chance in resisting me."

His voice was huskier than usual and his breath tickling her ear was doing funny things to her heart rate, not to mention the way he was pressing his body up against hers was making it harder and harder to conceal her rapidly growing lust.

Kakashi gently nipped Sakura's earlobe, causing her to gasp in surprise. Her eyes widened further when she heard him utter six words seductively into her ear.

"Don't worry Sakura. I'll be gentle."

Ok, he was NOT trying to reenact the steamy scene she had just read…was he?

Then again, Kakashi was kinky enough that she wouldn't put this kind of thing past him. Although a few moments ago, she had called the whole situation ridiculous, the actual feel of his sculpted body against hers and his teeth gently grazing her earlobe had her seriously reconsidering. If she had never before experienced a man's touch, this would most definitely have a chance in reducing her to a puddle of sexual need. She knew she had been far from a virgin even before she had hooked up with the silver haired ninja, but who cared? She could pretend for a day, especially if he was game. Throwing her pride aside and summoning from within the little acting skills she had, she timidly pressed her palms to his bare chest and whispered shakily "Ka—Kakashi?"

The Copy Ninja immediately pulled away to look at her, at first astonished to hear his name come from her lips as if she was truly unsure of herself, as if…she had never done this before. A slow smile crept across his lips as he realized she was going to play along. He brought a hand up to stroke her jaw and then let his thumb rub over the softness of her bottom lip.

"Just relax Sakura. I'll take care of everything else."

The kunoichi shivered as she felt his lips flutter over the skin of her neck, then her jaw. She parted her lips in preparation for a kiss but his own barely grazed over them before he continued his ministrations down the other side of her throat.

As a slightly disappointed whimper escaped Sakura, she could feel Kakashi smirk into the hollow of her neck.

Gently, he ran a hand through her silky pink locks and anchored her in place as he continued his assault on her skin more aggressively. Every now and then his teeth would nip at her flesh or suck it gently, only to move somewhere else and gently lavish the area with his tongue.

"Mmmm…" Sakura murmured as the hand not tangled in her hair found its way under her shirt and began to slide back and fourth across her bare stomach.

His lips found their way back to hers and this time they lingered, touching softly before pressing in with a more demanding need.

Remembering the part she was to play, Sakura gasped as she felt his tongue snake over her bottom lip as if she had never before been kissed.

Kakashi took this opportunity to delve deeper into her mouth, running his tongue along her teeth and deeper still to tangle with her own tongue. Sakura responded with a moan that wasn't entirely false and began to timidly kiss back as if she was not quite sure what to do about her mouth's invader. Soon her passion was matching his own as their tongues dueled for dominance. Sakura hesitantly looped her hands around his neck and stood on tip toe in an attempt to get even closer to him. The kiss was over much too soon as Kakashi pulled away to come up for air. He looked down to find a very flushed Sakura who was nervously biting her bottom lip as if she didn't have a clue of what to do next. Kakashi found her virginal behavior adorable and strangely arousing and for a moment, regretted not being the man who truly did touch her for the first time.

He released his grip on her hair and brought the hand down to join the other on the flat plane of her stomach. He began to slide his hands up and down her sides, loving the feel of silky skin beneath his fingers.
Sakura let out a soft sigh and let her eyes drift close, obviously enjoying herself, but they soon opened wide as she felt his hands continue to slide up and up and up, taking her shirt with them until it was over her head and discarded on the floor beside her.

Remembering the fictional girl's modesty, Sakura's cheeks grew red and she moved her hands from Kakashi's hair to cover her now bare breasts while averting her eyes to the side.

The silver haired ninja was impressed with her acting skills. She definitely had the blushing thing down. As cute as it was, he wanted to see her body in all of its glory and gently took a wrist in each hand.

"Sakura," he said, his voice almost tender. "Don't be embarrassed. Your body is perfect and I want to see it."

Hesitantly, she let him pull her wrists away from her chest, uncrossing her arms and revealing creamy breasts that were indeed flawless.

Although he had seen them many times before, Kakashi was struck again by the feminine beauty of his lover's sculpted body. She had just the right combination of muscle tone and soft delicate curves. His eyes drank in the site of her and he lifted her eyes to meet hers.

"God Sakura, you're beautiful." He whispered huskily and she suspected that the words ran deeper than just the voice of his character. He truly meant them and this knowledge brought a genuine blush to her cheeks.

Her brought together both wrists above her head and secured them there with one large hand incase she had any thoughts of covering herself again. The other hand came up to gently cup the fullness of one breast, then the other. He let his thumb run over her pebbly pink nipple coaxing it into an even harder bud while his hand gently massaged the soft tissue.

Her moans and erratic breathing made him want to rip off her shorts and take her right there on the spot and while it would probably be highly pleasurable for both of them, that's not how the story went, so he forced himself to be patient and for the time being, ignored the bulge in his pants that was throbbing almost painfully.

He let his mouth descend, planting hot hungry kisses between her breasts and nipped and sucked gently at the surrounding skin, and while he came close enough to let her feel his breath on her nipples, he never actual gave her the satisfaction of feeling his mouth on her painfully hardened peaks.

Sakura whimpered pitifully as her body writhed and squirmed under his touch. God she wanted him and he wasn't touching her where she needed it the most. His mouth was so close. If he would just give her a little more…

"Kakashi…" she panted, looking down at him with eyes hazy with lust. "Please…I need more."

Kakashi let his tongue flick over her nipple but only for a second before moving back to the valley between her breasts, but the one touch had been enough to cause her hips to jerk up against his without her consent. Kakashi groaned as he felt her pelvis rub up against a part of him that was becoming harder by the minute. Convinced she was ready to move on, he let a hand snake down behind her left thigh and lift her leg up to wrap more securely around his hip. He looked into Sakura's eyes which once again held traces of apprehension and insecurity at what they both knew what was coming next.

'She really should put that acting ability to use somewhere.' Kakashi thought to himself as he reached for her right thigh. 'It might come in handy on a mission one day.'

That train of thought was quickly forgotten as he bounced Sakura up into a more intimate position, rearranging his hands so that he had a firm hold on both of her toned cheeks while her legs were tightly wrapped around his waist, and her arms around his neck.

He pressed his pelvis forward gently causing his erection to press into her soaking center which was separated only by the cloth of her shorts and the fabric of his pants. Her head fell back against the wall with a soft 'thunk' and a moan filled with surprise and undeniable pleasure escaped her lips. Kakashi pulled back and thrust forward again to get the same result, loving the feel of her arms and legs tightening around him as if she were hanging on for dear life. He chuckled at her responsiveness and thrust once more. Sakura let out a cry as her whole body quivered. She tried to convey her need to her lover in a way that one unfamiliar with her own body's heated reaction might say.

"Kakashi…I—please…my body…it needs…"

Whatever else she was going to say was swallowed in another mind numbing kiss. When he finally pulled away he rasped into her ear, "I'll give you what you need Sakura, but let's move somewhere a little more comfortable."

His pink haired lover nodded shyly and he leaned forward to kiss her again, this time with a tenderness that made Sakura's heart want to burst with the love she felt for him.

Never breaking the kiss, Kakashi walked them over to his bed and lowered her down onto it, then moved to cover her still trembling body with his own. He made a place for himself, hips resting between her legs and began kissing down her body, first her neck, then collarbone, between her breasts to her stomach where his lips caressed her up and down, along the waistband of her shorts, around her belly button, anything he could d to keep Sakura writhing beneath him and moaning his name.

Finally he hooked his thumbs under her shorts at each hip bone at Sakura gasped, hardly able to wait for what was about to happen.
"What happens next?" Kakashi asked, breaking character and pausing in his actions.

"Huh?" Sakura asked, her mind still clouded with lust and need.

"In the story, what happens next?"

" I dunno," Sakura admitted. "I didn't read that far."

"Is that so?" Kakashi mused. He jutted his chin at the orange book still lying where Sakura had tossed it. "Read from where you left off."

"What?" Sakura gasped, slightly irritated that she was so close to her goal only to be stopped by such a bizarre request.

"Read it." Kakashi replied simply. His voice carried the same tone it had during the days when he was her teacher. It was a voice that left no room for argument.

"Fine." She growled irritably, snatching the book off the bed and thumbing to the page she had been reading.

"He hooked his thumbs in the waistband of her panties and began to sli—uh Kakashi, this is weird."

She looked down to see him still poised over her where he had stopped, looking at her expectantly. "Just do it Sakura, unless you want to call this whole thing off."

With his last sentence he gave her a patented eye crease which instantly made Sakura's blood boil. He was NOT walking away after he had gotten her this hot and bothered. She narrowed her eyes giving him the best death glare she could muster before returning to her book and reading aloud.

"He hooked his thumbs in the waistband of her panties and began to slide them down her endlessly long legs and proceeded to kiss back up to her—ooh! Kakashi! What are you—mmm."

As Sakura had read the passage, her own shorts had been slipped away and replaced by his hot mouth on her ankles and calves.

"I don't think I can read with you doing that," Sakura panted as he slowly worked his way up her legs. "It's kind of distracting."

"Just read." He said, before going back to kissing a muscular thigh.

Trying as hard as she could to get words out between moans, Sakura continued to read.

"Once he re—ah…reached her inner…mmm…thigh he gen—ooh…gently spread her legs apart."

Sakura couldn't help notice two strong hands on her own thighs prying her legs open as well.

"Her shy….shyness quickly dis—dissipated as she felt his hot…aww…hot tongue touch…ohhh…her for the first time…umm… in her wet—AHHH!"

Sakura's back instantly arched as she felt Kakashi's tongue slip over her sensitive bundle of nerves. She shook uncontrollably as she felt him make slow lazy swipes back and fourth over clit with his tongue that was quickly making all thought impossible. Her head turned from side to side helplessly as her legs locked around his shoulders to keep him in place. She was floating on a cloud, she was madly riding the sensations that he sent rippling through her body as he sucked, swirled and licked her. She was so close and nothing could stop her from going over the edge…except the muffled voice between her legs.

"Keep reading."

"What? No, Kakashi, I can't."

The copy ninja looked up from his place between her legs, wiping his mouth with the back of his hand.

"You don't want me to stop do you?"

Sakura vowed that as soon as they were done, she was going to kill him slowly and painfully as she once again picked up the book. She read the first passage she saw, not even knowing where she had left off.

"He continued flick her bud with his to—OOH!" Kakashi had started up again. "And once he—AH! Felt she was—um… ready he slipped a—OH! a single finger inside h—"

Her last word spiraled into an unintelligible scream as he too slipped a long finger inside her and began to slowly pump it in and out, all the while never slowing the actions of his tongue on her clit.

Knowing if she stopped reading, Kakashi would stop pleasuring her so she forced herself to read on.

"The—AHH! …new sensations were t—mmm…too much for her un—OOH! untouched body and she—oh God…she surrendered to h—OH! to her very…oh God Kakashi…her very first…"

Sakura could read no more as the book fell from her fingers because she too surrendered as wave after wave of pleasure tore through her body when her orgasm finally overcame her. Kakashi continued to move his finger within her and lick at her center which was becoming wetter and wetter with her release. He stopped only when Sakura's convulsions had subsided and she lay totally spent on his bed.

The Copy Ninja gazed down at her. Her chest was heaving, her eyes closed, her lips were slightly parted, her hands were still fisted in his sheets and her body trembled under the lightest touch, still overly sensitive after so much pleasure. Kakashi thought she had never looked so beautiful.

He repositioned himself so that he was straddling her hips and reached for the book once again. Sakura prepared herself for more torture but was surprised when it was he who opened to the page and began to read to her softly in a husky voice that made her melt inside.

"He cradled his young lover's still trembling body as she recovered from her first erotic encounter."

Sakura was surprised as she felt Kakashi lean down and slip a hand beneath her head to bring her into a sitting position then wrap his arm around her and hold her close, her cheek resting on his shoulder. She slid her arms around his neck and for a moment they sat there in comfortable silence before he continued.

"Once she had come down from her high, he set about building her up again. He let his hands roam her body, setting her body ablaze once more."

Every word he uttered in that deliciously sexy voice was like an aphrodisiac and Sakura's fire was ablaze even before his hand not holding the book began to trace random patterns over her back and sides.

"When she whimpered with need once more, he pushed her gently back onto the sheets and allied himself with her opening."

Sakura felt herself being lowered from his chest back onto the bed and as her head hit the pillow, she found herself looking up into a pair of mismatched eyes.

"I think we can take it from here." Kakashi grinned as he tossed the book aside.

He positioned a hand on either side of Sakura's head and leaned in to capture her lips in a kiss that was both passionate and tender. She felt his hardness part her slick folds and then begin to slide into her painfully slow. Sakura moaned and thrust up with her hips, trying to get more of him inside her. Kakashi removed his lips from hers only to whisper playfully in her ear.

"You're awfully eager for someone who's never done this before."

Sakura giggled softly then mocked him in a breathy voice, "Oh Kakashi, you're so big."

Her sarcasm was not lost on him and he growled back into the soft column of her neck, "It only feels that way because you're so damn tight."

With his last words he sunk into her the rest of the way, drawing ragged moans from both of them. Kakashi proceeded to set a pace that was slow but incredible deep, pushing into her as far as he could physically go before retreating again.

Sakura's hands tangled in his unruly silver hair as she pushed her hips up to meet him thrust for thrust. Almost without realizing the words were coming from her lips she whispered "That feels so good, please don't stop Kakashi."

Her lover most definitely agreed and lifted one leg, then the other and hooked them over his shoulders so he could penetrate her ever deeper. Sakura let out a throaty moan as he pushed into her as far as her body would allow. Encouraged by her reaction, he sped up the pace and hit that magical place inside her over and over again.

"Oh yes…mmm…Kakashi, I'm going to…ohhh…I'm going to…"

"Come for me Sakura." He growled as he continued to pump in and out of the place that was growing tighter and wetter by the second.

"More," she gasped, trying to arch under him but in their new position, there was little she could do to help herself over the edge. "I need more."

Kakashi didn't need to be told twice. Her ankles still over his shoulders, he leaned forward until she was bent nearly double and was suddenly thankful for her ninja training and increased flexibility. He used his hands to brace himself and keep most of his weight off her and then proceeded to slam in and out of her as fast as their position would allow. It didn't take long before he felt her inner muscle ripple uncontrollably around him and her let out a cry that was probably heard by passers by in the streets below. Her fingernails dug into his back as she attempted to anchor herself and keep from being swept away by the torrent of pleasure she was experiencing. By some miracle, Kakashi was able to hold on despite her muscles squeezing him impossibly tight.

Before she could again regain her senses, Kakashi had unhooked her legs from his shoulders and snaked his arms around her. He rolled them both over so that she was sprawled across him. She looked up into his eyes, blinking in confusion.

"Sit up Sakura." He growled as his hands found their way to her hips.

She did as she was told and gasped as the pleasure that shot through her and was suddenly acutely aware that Kakashi was still inside her and still very hard. She looked down at him in disbelief and Kakashi smirked.

"What can I say? I've got stamina."

Whatever Sakura was going to say died on her lips as his hands moved her hips, grinding her slowly back and forth over him. Her head fell back and another animalistic moan escaped her as she enjoyed the feeling of him being wedged so deeply inside her. Her sounds of pleasure were music to his ears. Releasing his hold on her hips he commanded in a similarly throaty voice,

"Ride me Sakura."

Bracing her hands on his chest, Sakura complied by lifting her hips up, causing her silken center to side up his shift before crashing back down to bury him deeply within her. She bit her lip and squeezed her eyes shut, lost in the ecstasy of being filled so completely.

Kakashi watched her as she ground against him mercilessly and was amazed not for the first time that this ravishing beauty had once been his whiney and immature pupil all those years ago. She had been the weakest of the three, young, naive and known to dissolve into tears over the smallest thing. But now, she was a piece of work that turned the heads of most men in Konoha. She was all toned leg and lush curves and her exotic green eyes and pink hair just added to her beauty, and she was his! He hadn't understood what Lee and Naruto had seen in her all those years ago, but now he understood. They had seen the women she would soon become and they, like Kakashi now, had been smitten.

Sakura moved her hands from the flat expanse of his chest to grip his thighs behind her. Her new position gave Kakashi a perfect view of his member sliding in and out of her and he had to admit that the sight, coupled with her bouncing breasts and face contorted in pleasure, was one of the most erotic things he had ever seen. He felt himself twitch within her and knew he wouldn't be able to hang on for long.

"I don't know how much longer I can last." He rasped.

She opened her jade eyes and looked down at him. With a smirk she asked,

"What happened to that stamina?"

Kakashi's only answer was an unintelligible grunt as he grasped her hips tighter and raised his own as she came crashing down, driving himself into her impossibly deep. Sakura let out a cry and her grip on Kakashi's thighs tightened. She continued sliding up and down his shaft and when he didn't repeat the action she met his heated gaze with her own.

"Do it again."

Kakashi complied, thrusting his hips up randomly as she was sliding down so she never knew when she would impale herself the deepest.
"Oh god keep going," Sakura moaned. "Please don't stop!"

No sooner had the words left her mouth, she felt her inner muscles clamp down almost violently then spasm after a particularly hard thrust on Kakashi's part. Feeling, rather than seeing Sakura's orgasm, he grabbed her hips and began thrusting up as hard and fast as he could, trying to lengthen her release as he reached his own. With a grunt, he felt himself explode and emptied himself into her in a series of white-hot pulsations as stars erupted in front of his vision.

Feeling a lot like she had when she had used up nearly all of her chakra (except in a pleasant way), Sakura slumped forward onto Kakashi's chest, head in the crook of his neck and wondered for a moment why all the bones in her body had suddenly gone missing.

After a moment she felt fingers running through her mused hair and tickle her scalp, sending wonderful shivers through her body as her racing heart began to slow.

"Kakashi," she murmured into his neck.


"I take it back. That scenario would definitely work out if the man doing the seducing had your kind of skills."

She hear him chuckle softly as his had glided up and down the sweat slicked skin of her back.

"So does that mean I've made an Icha Icha fan out of you?"

"Well," she pondered. "They are awfully fun to reenact."

"I've got a whole bookcase full if you're looking for more reading material." Kakashi said smugly as he nuzzled the top of her head with his chin.

Sakura rolled her eyes. Then a through struck her.

"Kakashi, how did you know where I had stopped reading…and what exact passage I was reading for that matter. Mind reading isn't one of your secret jutsus is it?"

She felt Kakashi roll them over so she was pinned beneath him. His dark eye was full of mischief and his red one was enigmatic as always. Bringing his face so close to hers that their noses were always touching, he said simply,

"You move your lips when you read."

This earned him a playful shove. "I do not." She insisted.
His eyebrow rose in a graceful arch.

"Oh, you most certainly do. You also chew your lip when you're nervous and talk in your sleep."

"I…I do?" Sakura stammered, not previously aware of this information. "What do I say?"

"That I am the sexiest man alive." Kakashi said, avoiding the slap meant for his face as soon as the words left his mouth.

"You are impossible." She growled. "Get off me you big lug! Famous Copy Ninja or not, you're still heavy!"

She began squirming underneath him, trying to get free. What she didn't realize was the fact that their bodies were still joined and her movements were awaking something that had only recently gone to bed. Her mistake was soon realized as she felt him harden inside her again.

"Already?" she asked wide-eyed.

Kakashi shrugged. "What can I say? I've got stamina."

Sakura's eye's narrowed. "Is that so? Show me."

If that wasn't a challenge, he didn't know what was.

Kakashi chuckled as he lowered his head to kiss her once more.

His last fleeting thought before he succumbed once again to his lust was 'I'm with a girl who is rapidly becoming as perverted as me? I could definitely get used to this.'