Some Light Reading

Sakura felt like she was floating up gently from the dark abyss of sleep. It was a nice feeling when compared to all the times she had been jolted awake while on missions, instantly alerted by the slightest sound.

But now she was here in the comfort and safety of her own bed with strong arms wrapped around her and warm lips pressed softly to the back of her neck.

The pink haired woman let out a sigh of contentment as she drifted to the surface of consciousness, her lover's lips ghosting over her nape. She could feel in his touch that he had missed her lying beside him. The kunoichi had been on a mission to an obscure part of Fire Country and though the excursion had only taken under a week, it had been a high risk A-ranked assignment. Needless to say, both Sakura and the silver haired man currently pressed close to her were relieved that she had come home safely.

"Good morning Kakashi." She murmured drowsily, snuggling back against him as his arms tightened around her.

"Good morning." The Copy nin rasped, nuzzling her hair with his nose, his fingers splaying possessively over her stomach and drawing random little patterns. "It's good to have you back home. I had nobody to keep my bed warm while you were away."

"It's good to BE home." Sakura confessed. "Sleeping outside on the ground for a few nights makes me appreciate this bed even more."

It was true. Not only was the ground cold and hard, but there wasn't a warm body to press behind her like there was now, nor sculpted muscle cradling her feminine form as she drifted off to sleep. Whenever Sakura was apart from her former sensei for a few days, it always made her all the more grateful for his presence when they were reunited.

Kakashi chuckled at her comment before returning his lips to the skin of her neck and shoulders. The bare skin was smooth as silk under his touch, despite all the wind, sun and other elements her body was constantly exposed to and he let his lips part slightly to sample the skin with his tongue, having been denied her taste for too long.

The wet caress sent shivers along her spine, causing goosebumps to break out on her arms and legs. The subtle touch suddenly made her aware of her nakedness beneath the sheets. She had come home too late and too exhausted to take a shower. She had let herself in through the door, dropped her pack immediately after, and stripped out of her dirty clothes as she made her way to the bedroom, leaving a trail of discarded garments as she went. By the time she had reached the bed, she was left in only in her panties and cotton bindings which she continued to shed. She was so drained that she hadn't noticed Kakashi propped up on one elbow, watching her cast off the last of her clothing. It was only when she slid her panties down her legs and kicked them off haphazardly did she look up to see him smiling at her appreciatively. Sakura had smiled back tiredly but with genuine warmth as he had pulled back the covers and motioned for her to climb in with him. Not a word had passed between them as he gathered her into his arms and kissed her on the forehead before allowing her to rest her cheek to his muscular chest. Within moments she had been sound asleep, all the stress from her mission finally catching up with her as she at last sunk into a deep and peaceful slumber.

That was another thing Sakura loved about Kakashi. He understood the life of a ninja and would never chastise her for coming home so late or not wanting to talk before getting some rest. He simply welcomed her with open arms and offered her all the warmth and protection that no one else could ever provide and he knew that she would do the same for him.

The kisses the Copy Ninja's kisses on her neck began to linger longer, containing more heat, and the fingers on her stomach continued their soft caresses as they began to slowly creep South at a rate that was nearly imperceptible.

"Kakashi…" Sakura cooed as she felt his hot breath wash over her skin. She wasn't sure if she was about to tell him to stop or urge him on. If the two of them were to start something like this now, they could very well end up spending the whole day in bed.

The normally masked man said nothing in response but instead dragged his lips from her neck to her shoulder and bit down playfully, sucking at the skin until there was a small red mark. The hand under the covers wandered further until it came to a nest of short silky curls. Immediately his nimble fingers began to comb through the undoubtedly pink patch of hair as he leaned over to murmur in her ear.

"I can't remember the last time you let it get this long." He said huskily, his fingers stopping just short of the place where he skin parted into two plump lips before traveling back towards her navel. "Did you figure I wouldn't be around to impress and let it grow?"

"Well that's not exactly something I can take care of when bathing in a river." Sakura giggled, squirming a little when his probing fingers neared her entrance again. "We didn't stay at an inn once during my last mission."

"Who accompanied you?" he asked before biting her earlobe lightly, causing his pink-haired lover to let out a shuddering breath a little too harshly.

"Mmm…huh? Oh…Shino and Neji." she replied, becoming increasingly distracted by Kakashi's ministrations.

The image of his green eyed goddess attending to such things in a lake while her two, normally stoic companions looked on made him chuckle softly.

"You should have just gone for it. I'm sure those two wouldn't have minded a show." he rasped, the smirk in his voice clearly audible as his hand slipped between her legs to cup her sex completely.

"You're such a pervert!" Sakura laughed, trying to wriggle away from him. She only succeeded in rolling both of them over so that she was now face down on the bed and Kakashi was pressed on top of her, his palm still pressed to her most intimate place.

The Copy nin, knowing he had the younger woman in a position she couldn't easily escape from, leaned forward to press his chest more fully against her back, which in turn, pushed her further into the mattress.

"You're correct." He whispered sensually, inhaling the smell of her skin and hair. "I'm a pervert and I pride myself in the fact."

Sakura's squeak was swallowed up by the pillow as she felt the palm covering her opening apply a slight pressure before letting a single finger tickle the hairs covering her slit.

He continued his torture at his leisure, letting his lips ghost over her skin as his fingers continued to tangle in the downy pink hairs covering her mound. Within minutes he could feel moisture begin to gather at her apex and could hear the way her breathing had become choppy despite the pillow she had buried her face in.

All he had to do was slip a finger into those silky sweet folds and she would crumble into sexual need beneath him, allowing him to do to her as he wished. However, Kakashi had something else in mind.

"I'm going to go take a shower." He said, his voice still low and gravelly, a combination that made Sakura's stomach flip flop as she felt his weight lift from her body. The bed dipped as he stood and Sakura rolled over to find the glorious view of the backside of a completely nude Kakashi as he made his way to the bathroom. The kunoichi's heart beat sped up at the sight. There was no doubt in her mind that he could give statues of ancient Greek gods a run for their money with a physique like that.

Kakashi was nearly to the bathroom when he glanced over his shoulder to give her a sly smile.

"I wouldn't mind a little company," was all he said before passing into the adjacent bathroom and closing the door.

That was all the encouragement Sakura needed. She kicked off the covers and padded after him into the small room that was already starting to fill with steam. She could see Kakashi's masculine silhouette through the distorted glass, his silver hair still wonderfully disheveled even when wet. She was about to pull the door open but a push from the inside sent it swinging ajar and before she knew it, a wet hand had closed around her wrist and yanked into the hot spray.

She was expecting to be ravished immediately, to be pressed up against the cold tiles and taken, and honestly she would have enjoyed every moment. Instead, she found herself pressed to Kakashi's chest, her back molded to his front and his arms wrapped around her in a tight embrace. For a moment they just stood there letting the hot water wash over them, enjoying the feel of being in each other's presence once again.

Sakura leaned back heavily against the taller man's chest. Her body was slightly sore from the long trip home and the shower's heat seemed to percolate down into her tired muscles and ease away some of the tightness and tension. The water also washed away the musky moisture between her legs that Kakashi had managed to draw out of her and soon her arousal was forgotten as they stood together.

Warm lips pressed against her shoulder, barley discernable from hot droplets pelting her entire body. They traveled up her neck and to her ear where soft words were whispered and she had to strain to hear them over the shower's roar.

"I missed you."

Sakura smiled. The two of them were often forced to endure long periods apart. It was part of the job as a Konoha shinobi, leaving at a second's notice, sometimes for months on end, and never being sure if you would return alive. Such job requirements made having a steady relationship difficult for any ninja, and Sakura had always marveled at shinobi who had married civilians. How could they understand what was required of a ninja when they weren't ninjas themselves? And yet, they found a way to make it work, just as Kakashi and herself had found a way. Yet it was unusual for the Copy nin to be so mushy upon her return. He usually embraced her with open arms and tumbled them both headlong into bed so he could show her just how MUCH he had missed her, but he usually didn't use words. He must have been really lonely over the past few days.

Sakura reached up to stroke a hand through his wet locks that looked like gleaming steel when they were wet.

"I missed you too."

The arms crossed over her stomach slid apart so his hands could grasp her hips. He turned her around and was greeted with the lucid orbs of sea foam he had come to adore. Drawn in by their endless depths, he dipped his head to kiss her.

The meeting of their lips was soft and unhurried, lacking the urgency that arose in the heat of passion. This touch was soft and gentle and Sakura savored it, basking in the warmth of his body and heat of the water.

When they finally broke apart, the kunoichi let out a soft sigh, her eyes still closed and a smile on her lips.

"It feels so good to be home and with you…and to finally be able to bathe with WARM water again."

Kakashi chuckled as her eyes opened to meet his, taking in the mismatched pair of black and red.

"Well, if we don't finish up soon, it certainly won't be warm for much longer."

Still holding Sakura to him with one arm, he grabbed the washcloth handing over the showerhead and a bar of soap from the nook in the tiled wall. Maneuvering Sakura so that she was once again facing away from him towards the wall and not the spray of the shower, he rubbed the soap against the cloth until he had worked up a healthy lather.

The soap was returned to its place, freeing up his hand to snake around her waist once more and hold her still, while his hand holding the cloth began at her collarbone, smoothing the material over her skin and covering her in soapy white suds.

"Kakashi…you don't have to…"

"Shh. Enjoy it while you can. This isn't something to get used to."

Sakura couldn't help a smile as he moved the washcloth down one muscled arm and then the other. The unusual amount of attention he was giving her alerted her to just how badly she had been missed. Even though he had told her verbally too, the kunoichi knew her lover would never live it down if word got out that he had become so soft. This world was just for them and she was the only one privileged enough to see beneath the aloof exterior Kakashi always had so firmly in place.

Finished with her arms, the cloth found its way to the valley of her breast before circling each one in turn. The rough texture felt good on her nipples, instantly coaxing them into hardened peaks and Sakura would have liked him to spend more time there but it seemed Kakashi had no intentions of arousing her like he had earlier in bed and quickly moved on. He moved down to the flat plain of her stomach, and then her hips, trailing soapy lather in his wake.

In their current position, Kakashi could reach no further than about mid thigh. Gently, but firmly, Kakashi withdrew the arm around Sakura's waist and pushed her forward until her breasts pressed against the cool tiles. Without giving her a chance to look back, he tangled his fingers in her hair to anchor her in place with one cheek flush against the wall as her head turned to the side. Her ex sensei then began the same cleansing process down the back of her body, covering her in soap.

Sakura knew his actions were more functional than sensual. He was simply trying to get her clean, not arouse her, and yet, the kunoichi couldn't help the heat that was building in her belly that had nothing to do with the water raining down on them. Something about the way he took charge of her, forcing her against the shower wall in a way that left little room for resistance, and the incredibly masculine aura about him made Sakura want to submit, want to be taken, even if it was right here in the shower. Unfortunately, it seemed Kakashi wasn't about to fulfill her growing need so easily.

Only when his hand had traveled to its maximum reach, did he release his grip on his lover's hair, letting his calloused hand glide down her back as he sunk to his knees behind her.

Sakura bit her lip as the wash cloth ran up and down her legs, washing away every last bit of dirt and grit that remained from her excursions the day before. The hand previously in her hair came to rest on her hip while the soapy rag ran along her quads and calves circled over her knees and even passed over her ankles.

She knew Kakashi was an incredibly perceptive person. He had to notice the way her inner thighs clenched slightly as the washcloth passed over her skin, each time coming closer and closer to the downy little patch of pink hair she had previously grown out. Yet, if Kakashi was aware of her growing arousal he refused to show it. His touches remained purely clinical as he finished covering her head to toe in lather and rose from his kneeling position so she could be rinsed.

The kunoichi watched the suds flow down her body as the running water carried them away and down the drain. It felt so good to be clean, especially after being reduced to bathing in cold lakes and rivers, but at the moment, Sakura didn't think she would mind a little cold water to cool the flush that had spread over her skin thanks to the Cop Ninja's thorough rubdown.

"Feel better?" Kakashi asked, his husky voice sending tingles down her spine. He had managed to push her back against the shower wall once more and had placed a hand on the tiles on either side of her, effectively caging her in. He fixed her with his mismatched stare, his droopy black eye conveying genuine warmth, but not the fire of desire it so often contained.

"Yes I do. Thank you." She whispered back, wishing her heart wouldn't speed up just because of their close proximity. Why was he always so damn calm?

The silver haired man responded with a chaste kiss against her lips that lingered for what seemed like forever. When he pulled away he nodded towards the door.

"I think it's time to get out. The water is getting cold."

That was true. The drops that Kakashi's body didn't shield from her were lukewarm at best. Kakashi dropped an arm from the wall to let her pass through and reached for the shower knob, silencing the dull roar of rushing water.

The bathroom was steamy and warm, but cooler than the shower and Sakura felt some of her inner heat dissipate upon leaving the small tiled enclosure.

She reached for her towel only to find it wasn't on the rack where she normally left it. She was about to ask Kakashi when it was when her vision was effectively blacked out by plushy terrycloth dropping over her head.

"Kakashi!" she squealed, fighting to throw the towel off of her but the stronger man easily kept her subdued while rubbing her head vigorously with both hands, absorbing the excess moisture in her lovely pink locks.

"Stop it! I can dry myself!" the kunoichi cried, unsuccessfully trying to throw the man off of her. Kakashi of course, ignored her complaints and only removed the towel from her head when he was good and ready, wrapping her up in it to dry the rest of her body.

Sakura spun to face him and heaved an exasperated sigh.

"You are such a PEST!" she growled, previous feelings of desire suddenly forgotten.

Kakashi shrugged indifferently as he wrapped his own towel around his waist.

"I thought you would be used to it by now, being teamed up with Naruto and all."

Sakura was about to give a sharp retort when Kakashi once again maneuvered her as he wished, divesting her of her towel in the process.

"Sit." He commanded simply, pressing both hands on her shoulders, forcing her down onto the closed toilet seat.

He regarded her for a moment before he bent to rummage in the cabinet under the sink, emerging with a something Sakura recognized as a bottle of one of her scented lotions.

"Hey, what are you planning on doing with that?" Sakura asked quizzically as he knelt in front of her.

Rather than answering her question, he unscrewed the cap and squeezed a large amount into his palm, smirking slightly when the scent of cherry blossoms filled his nostrils. It was so like her to use lotion smelling like the pretty pink flowers.

"Lets see if we can do something about that hair, shall we?"

At first Sakura thought he meant the messy tangles framing her face and wondered what the matter was with them, or how lotion was possibly going to help, but when he spread her thighs apart, it became crystal clear to her exactly what hair he was talking about. "Kakashi! What the hell do you think you're—ah! It's cold!"

Seemingly oblivious to her protests, the sliver haired man, who was clothed in nothing but a towel, began to smooth the lotion onto her most private of areas, making sure to cover her inner thighs as well where a few stray hairs grew. He chuckled softly at the way she tried to squeeze her legs together, hindered by his shoulders. How many times had she tried to hide herself from him, whether it was due to modesty or something else? Kakashi had lost count long ago. But how many times had she been successful in her endeavors? That number was easy: a big fat zero. He always coaxed…or forced…Sakura into submission by the end and she always seemed to enjoy it. So why the constant fights?

Kakashi looked up to find the kunoichi's cheeks tinged a light pink.

"Sakura," he said with a smirk. "I've seen you, ALL of you so many times I could picture you in my sleep. Why the continuous blushing?"

Sakura turned pinker still, averting her eyes away from the pair of red and black.

"Well you're putting lotion on my…well…it's weird."

"It's not that weird. Maybe you're just prude." He stated, his neutral voice betraying none of the mirth he felt at saying those words.

Her head snapped back to face him, her eyes now dark with anger. She opened her mouth, no doubt to spit a stream of venomous words but was silenced when Kakashi drew a kunai seemingly out of midair.

'Where the hell did THAT come from?!' he inner mind shrieked, pointing an accusing finger at the half naked magician. It was true Kakashi was a skilled ninja, one of Konoha's best but he was wearing a freaking TOWEL! Where the heck had he kept it hidden this whole time?

Sakura's eyes widened as he advanced on her with the pointy object in hand.


"Don't wiggle, I don't want to cut you by accident."

The kunoichi knew Kakashi kept his weapons in top condition, meaning this particular kunai had probably been recently sharpened to its maximum potential. Deciding she would do well to follow her lover's advice, she watched motionless as he spread her legs as wide as he could and angled the blade over her lotion-covered mound. She sucked in a breath sharply as she felt the cold metal touch her skin but managed to keep from moving even though she wanted nothing more than to push him away.

With precision obtained only by endless years of weapons training, Kakashi dragged the edge of the kunai along her skin. The blade, lubricated by plentiful lotion, slid easily, leaving a small hairless patch in its wake. Grabbing the towel that had covered Sakura's body, he wiped his blade clean after every pass, smearing pink lotion and pinker hair on the pristine, white material.

Sakura held her breath and tried not to squirm. This was weird. This was BEYOND weird. Kakashi was shaving her with a kunai, and not a place like her legs, oh no. He had to go for the extreme. Although she had to take into consideration that her legs were actually shaved since she had attended to them the last day of her mission. She had stood ankle deep in the lake with her shorts on and worked up a good lather with the small bar of soap she carried, scraping away the hair with her own kunai much like Kakashi was doing now. But she was home now and there were razors in the cabinet! Why did he feel the need to use something as big, not to mention nerve wracking, as a kunai for such a delicate…situation. Perhaps Kakashi just wanted to make her sweat a little.

On the other hand, Sakura couldn't deny that the feel of the razor sharp blade gliding around her nether lips was exciting her. Maybe it was the danger of it or maybe it was the cold steel against her hot skin or the way one of Kakashi's long-fingered hands pressed to her thigh to keep her spread. Whatever the reason, Sakura had the sneaking suspicion that she might be producing lubrication of her own that was NOT used for shaving. The thought of being turned on by such an act was completely embarrassing and if she was indeed getting wet, she prayed that Kakashi somehow wouldn't notice.

She let her green eyes drift to his face, trying to gauge what he was thinking by his expression but his usual smirk was absent. Instead, his brow was furrowed in concentration as he focused on his task, carefully and meticulously drawing the blade along her skin for the closest possible shave. If Sakura hadn't been so unnerved by the situation, she might have thought his expression was actually…well…cute.

Kakashi shifted on the floor in front of her, focusing his attention on her bikini line. After several attempts at trying to maneuver his kunai into the crease of her hip, he wordlessly place a hand on the small of her back and pulled her forward on the toilet seat.

"Lean back." He instructed, his face still devoid of emotion even as Sakura's blush renewed itself. The new position left her even more exposed, especially when he grasped her hips and tilted her pelvis upwards.


His name came out as nearly a whimper and Sakura wasn't exactly sure why. What she was sure of was her body most definitely reacting to his touches, even if he didn't intend for them to be sexual. She didn't have to look down to know that her nipples had tightened into hard little pebbles thanks to his experienced fingers.

The silver haired shinobi continued to arrange Sakura's body periodically to make his job easier. By the time he had hooked one delicate knee over his shoulder, Sakura was nearly panting. Kakashi arched one silver eyebrow at her, pausing in his ministrations.

"Are you ok?"

"Yes, fine." Sakura said, trying to still her hips. Her center was beginning to ache and his hand on her inner thigh was certainly not helping. "I'm just a little nervous about being in such close contact with a kunai."

Kakashi was not an idiot. He could tell that the kunoichi was flat out lying. He could also tell that despite her denial, his little green eyed vixen was getting increasingly turned on by the situation.

Not letting his inward smirk manifest on his face, he continued to work over her delicate flower, even traveling down to shave away the few hairs that grew around the puckered hole.

"Kakashi!" Sakura whined, her legs beginning to tremble.

"Shh. Almost done."

Keeping her knee over his shoulder, he used the hand not holding the kunai to spread her lips wide, exposing the fine little hairs residing there.

Sakura tried to swallow a moan but didn't quite make it and this time, Kakashi did smirk as he delicately drew the blade over the tender flesh until not a hair remained. Lowering her leg, he gave his kunai a final wipe with the towel.

"All done."

The shinobi straightened and wet a corner of the towel in the sink while Sakura hesitantly ran her fingers over her freshly shaved skin. She had to admit, Kakashi had done a thorough job. Never had her mound felt so silky smooth, not even when she shaved it herself. Even the hairs around her anus were gone and though she flushed at the thought of him looking THERE, she had to admit she liked the feeling of being completely hairless.

Kakashi returned to his kneeling position and nudged her legs apart once more. With the damp corner of the towel, he began to wipe away the remaining lotion with long, soothing strokes. However, his intentions weren't entirely pure.

When he spread her pussy lips wide once more, he ran the wet towel over her repeatedly, even though there really wasn't a need for it. He gazed intently into her face and took pleasure at the site of her eyes squeezed shut and her biting her lip slightly. The muscles in her thighs jumped with every pass and Kakashi knew the sensation must be blissful but not a sound came from her. Well he would just have to change that wouldn't he?

He let the towel drop from his hand and leaned down, placing a warm kiss right above where his fingers held her open. Sakura's whole body jolted, her eyes flying open to fix on the man that had just kissed her clit.

Kakashi met her gaze with a wicked smile and planted another kiss higher up with out breaking eye contact

"You feel so good Sakura. So smooth…" He ran his tongue back and forth over her mound where pubic hair had previously resided, loving the feel of her. Apparently Sakura didn't mind it either because her hands came down to fist in his hair as whimpers of desire fell from her lips.

The lecherous man hadn't meant to get her so worked up. He admitted that he found the act of being able to shave her, and with a kunai no less, erotic, but he hadn't been expecting to find her body so slick and wanting afterwards. However, now that he had her like this, he wasn't about to disappoint.

He let his tongue slide to where he had her folds spread and began to taste her with long lingering licks, each one earning him a broken cry. Her thighs tightened around his shoulders as she trembled uncontrollably, the muscles in her body moving of their own accord as they reacted to Kakashi's fiery touches.

God he had missed her, missed her scent, missed her taste. He let his tongue dip inside her, stroking along her tightening canal. Her juices were becoming so plentiful that they were beginning to puddle on the plastic of the toilet seat.

Kakashi knew the landscape of his lover's body well and navigated it with perfection. He ran his tongue over her soaking skin to find once more the swollen little bud hidden in her folds. The moment he latched on and began to suckle it, Sakura's body arched and her hands slid from his hair to grip his shoulders almost painfully. She writhed helplessly as licked and nibbled, scraped with his teeth and stroked his tongue back and forth over her point of greatest pleasure. His name passed her lips over and over in breathless, impassioned sobs as she felt her release approaching.

The Copy Nin growled against her burning skin. She was delicious and intoxicating but the erection making a tent in his towel was all but throbbing with need.

Without another word, Kakashi hauled the medic ninja off her seat and lifted her to the counter by the sink, bringing her hips to the edge. Sakura's lust hazed mind barely had time to register the towel dropping from Kakashi's waist before she felt his length sliding along her folds, not yet entering her but grinding against her, sliding over her slick, hairless mound.

"Oh god, Kakashi please!" Sakura panted, gripping the counter's edge so hard that her knuckles turned white.

The elite shinobi growled in pleasure as he slid his shaft up and down, covering himself in her juices and savoring the feel of gliding along such a smooth slick surface. Sakura was all but writhing where she sat, brought so close to the edge by his tongue's attention that her breathy pleas were filled with desperation. Gripping her hips, he tilted her pelvis to allow his cock to slide over her clit with every pass, denying himself the satisfaction of entering her just yet.

Sakura threw her head back as waves of pleasure tore through her, crashed over her. Just the friction over the pulsating button was sending mind numbing sensations throughout her body. Not being able to hold back, her moans spiraled to a crescendo as she came hard, drenching Kakashi's member completely as her inner muscles squeezed the feminine fluids from her body.

Kakashi couldn't take it anymore. The beautiful sight of Sakura's orgasm broke his last thread of self restraint. The kunoichi's abdominal muscles had barely stopped contracting before the Copy Nin pushed into her. His member slid smooth as silk, added by the plentiful lubrication and a blissful groan rose from the back of his throat as her searing insides gripped him instantly. Instantly, Sakura's legs locked behind him and tried to push him deeper inside, whimpering incoherently as her body searched for release once more. Kakashi was only too happy to give it too her.

He pounded into her with rapid, shallow thrusts, the wet noises of their lovemaking mingling with ragged moans and heavy breathing. Sakura arched her back helplessly, presenting the silver haired man with a perfect view of her bouncing breasts as he pounded into her roughly.

Sakura could barely breathe as his hips crashed into hers. He was moving against her so hard and so fast but she still felt like it wasn't enough. The pressure in her womb threatened to burst if it wasn't relieved soon and all her wriggling on the counter seemed to be doing little to help them along.

"Harder." She whispered hoarsely. "Give me more."

Without another word, Kakashi reached behind himself to pry her crossed legs apart. Taking an ankle in each hand he spread her open, sliding his palms down her legs to grasp her thighs in a bruising grip. Without anything to hold her upright, Sakura sunk backwards, her head thumping against the mirror as he began to drive into her even harder as if his very life depended on it.

The slight pain of the back of her head hitting the mirror with every thrust was quickly blotted out by the incredible pleasure of Kakashi filling her so deeply over and over again. Sakura's moans escalated to screams as her inner muscles squeezed their tightest before fluttering into convulsions, contracting and releasing around the invading length until Kakashi thought he might go mad.

With one last thrust, the shinobi's eyes slid closed, revelaing the long scar down his left eye as his seed shot deep into Sakura's heated body.

If the counter hadn't been there, her ex sensei might have crumpled to the floor. Instead, he fell forward heavily, the hand planted on either side of her hips, barely lifting his torso above hers as he sagged against the sink.

Sakura's legs hung off the edge in a boneless mass and her head still rested against the mirror behind her. When she finally found the strength to open her eyes, she found her lover's muscular form hunched over hers, his chest expanding with his rapid breaths as he tried to get a hold of himself.

"Man, you're dangerous with that kunai." Sakura managed to pant, a smile on her lips despite her weariness.

Kakashi lifted his head and gave her a smirk, the sweat on his brow glistening.

"You should see what I can do with a shuriken."

He bent his head to plant a kiss in the valley of her breasts before meeting her eyes once more, a hand sliding between them to play with her hairless lips at the point of their joined bodies.

"But seriously, how does it feel?"

"I've never felt so smooth down there." Sakura admitted, blushing a little under his devious stare. "Where did you learn to do that?"

Kakashi's smirk intensified. "I know all sorts of things, little kunoichi, but I'm not about to give away my secrets."

Sakura giggled as he pressed his lips to her collarbone before tugging him up by his still wet hair to her mouth. The kiss they shared was warm and tender, a contrast to their nearly violent love making. When they finally parted, Sakura whispered. "Kakashi?"


"I think I need another shower."

"I think you're right."

"I wouldn't mind a little company."

No other words needed to be exchanged s Kakashi lifted her off the counter without bothering to pull out of her. Chances were they'd be getting a lot dirtier before they got any cleaner.