story of my life. (Sasuke's P.O.V

One upon a time there lived a man and a women. They fell in love, got married and lived happily ever after. The End

If only all stories were like that, but they aren't. My story isn't one of these fairy tales, it may contain love but apart from that it's the complete opposite of a fairy tale. My life was full of deceit, murder, betrayal, crazed fan-girls, and decisions.

My life has been full of decisions. All the time I must decide on something or other. It seems every time I choose one of the options though it is always wrong. The story I am about to tell you is about my worst decision ever though, the one decision I regret the most, the decision that I cannot change now. Oh and before I start my story let me tell you my name. You may already know it, many do, my name is Uchiha Sasuke.

My story started when I was a young boy. I had a been born In one of the greatest clans of all time, The Uchiha Clan. I had a family, nice house, a father that everyone looked up to and I was training to be the greatest ninja of all time. You might be asking why I would want to be the greatest and not just a great ninja, this reason was so my father would be proud and pay attention to me. He never seemed to care, Only Itachi was important to him. So I had decided when I was young I would become greater than my brother.

Although I had wanted to pass my brother in skills I had always looked up to him, he would help me train and give me the love I never got of my father. Then one fateful night it all changed. I came home to see the most shocking thing ever. Itachi was stood over my mothers and fathers dead body; he had murdered them himself, along with the rest of my Clan, only him and me remained now. I thought he was going to kill me as well but he told me I was not worthy of his time. This hurt me a lot, my once great brother had just killed my whole family then called me weak. He left after that, went and joined the deadliest group known to ninja, the Akastuki.

I was only 7 when my parents were murdered. From then on I was cold to anyone and everyone, not wanting to let people in. I had always feared Itachi would come back and kill anyone close to me, I couldn't have that happen again. I decided from the day of my Clans death I would succeed in two purposes, or goals as I called them. These were to avenge my Clan by killing my brother and to restore the Clan to it once known greatness.

When I was 12 I was put on a three-man team, with the 2 most annoying people ever. First one was an over hyperactive ramen loving Kyubbi vessel called Uzamaki Naruto. He had blonde hair and Crystal Blue eyes. The second was a Crazed fan-girl, and more than likely one of the worst one's, she talk non-stop and cling onto me all the time, and yet for some reason I never minded too much even though I acted like I did. Her name was Haruno Sakura. She had bubblegum pink hair and shining emerald green eyes.

Also in the Team was our sensei, he was called Kakashi. He would always wear some annoying mask over his mouth, nose and left eye, keeping us all wondering what his face looked like. He would also arrive 2 hours late for training all the time then come up with an annoying excuse on why he was like such as 'I got lost on the road of life.' Worst of all though was that he was a pervert, and would always come to training reading his ever loved porn book, come come paradise. Altogether we made Team 7 of the Rookie 9.

To add to my oh so perfect life during the Chunnin exams I was in the forest of Death and bitten my this snake sennin, called Orochimaru. He really was some scary guy with his long tongue, snake eyes and very pale skin. I was actually certain that the guy was gay by the way he talked to his assistant Kabuto. Kabuto always wore glasses and had silver hair. He was a medic-nin for Orochimaru. It ended up being that the bite he gave me formed a cursed seal.

I was out one night, I think it was just after my Chunnin exam's . I was taking a walk around when some people from the sound started attacking me, I remembered them from the exam's, and knowing Orochimaru was leader of sound I also knew they were his lackeys. I had fought with them but unfortunately lost. They then told me something interesting. They told me that Orochimaru could give me power, the power I could never get from Konohagakure no Sato, Enough power to defeat my brother. This was an offer I couldn't object to. It is also the worst decision I've made.

I had gone home straight after Orochimaru's lackeys left. I pondered on my decision for a while wondering if I had actually made the right choice in deciding to go, but in the end I just thought of how much I wanted to defeat my brother. Once I thought of that my decision was already made for me. I packed a bag with some clothes, and other necessities.

Before leaving I saw the picture of Team 7 on my windowpane, knowing I couldn't change my decision now, I quickly turned it face down. I couldn't look at the picture of my best friend, and the only fan-girl I could actually stand, knowing I was about to betray them.

I was walking down the path leading to the only exit out of Konoha, I just happened to run into Sakura. She tried to get me stay, saying things like how she'd stay by my side and make me happy every day. She even claimed that she didn't have a crush on me but loved me. Once she realised that wouldn't work she told me she would scream if I went, if I was caught going out of the village I would probably be put under house arrest of something like that, so I did the only thing I could think of, I knocked her out and left her on a bench.

I knew by the time she woke up I would be long gone. I didn't know what possessed me to do so back then but I gave Sakura a kiss just before I left. Maybe I thought of it as a way of saying sorry back then, or maybe deep down I knew of my feelings towards the cherry blossom. With one last look at the knocked out figure I left towards the sound village, and the second I stepped out of that gate I became a betrayer to my village, a criminal, a missing-nin to sentenced to death upon capture.

Unfortunately for me, a team was sent the next day to retrieve me. The Hokage must have thought that I had been kidnapped. Splitting up they managed to kill the four sound-nins, or at least that's what I had heard, but I wasn't there to see it because the stupid sound four had put me in a sealed barrel thing so Orochimaru could use my body for his stupid transfer straight away.

Later on I got out of the barrel but was chased by Naruto. We got to two giant statues of famous Ninja's that had battles at this place. Coincidently this is also where Naruto and me ended up having our battle. The battle was rather long and also hard since both Naruto and me were at equal stages with our fighting. This made us both have to go in our demon stages. Naruto let the Kyubbi take over and I let the curse seal take over. In the end I won, but at a risk, Naruto was dieing. I had no time to take him anywhere though, I had to get to Orochimaru's Lair, and So I left Naruto knowing somebody on his team will find him in time. , I also left my Hitai-tae with him, I had no right to wear it after all. It was a battle I will never forget, the battle I almost killed my best friend, my brother, as he would have said, even though we weren't.

I finally got to Orochimaru's Lair, Luckily he had to transfer to a different body so he could no longer use mine for at least 3 years. I trained with him for roughly that amount of time, I had learnt a lot, I had become stronger and I knew I could now defeat my brother. As soon as I found out Orochimaru was going to have the body Transfer soon, I killed him along with Kabuto and the rest of the sound-nins. Surprisingly it was rather easy, rather I was a lot stronger than I thought or the sound was just a weak village.

A year or so later I was wandering round a village in search of any clue's to the where about of my brother. Strange thing is I had heard a lot of strange things while there, I passed them by as myths though and still do to this day, it was impossible for one women to kill all of Akastuki apart from two members which luckily for them weren't at the lair at the time. Akastuki are the most powerful organisation after all, it would take about three villages worth of ninja's to defeat them all, ok so maybe I was over-exaggerating a bit but even so it would take a lot more than one Kunoichi to bring them all down. I honestly think somebody has been passing lies around, and if by some miracle it is true then I will, well actually I don't know what I'll do but we all know it isn't true. Anyway back on with the story.

I had spent about a month in that village and then left straight away when I heard rumours of Itachi and his right-hand man Kisame being in the hidden village of Mist. I quickly found them on arriving to the Mist.

As usual though my brother thought of me as an unworthy opponent, therefore he told Kisame to finish me off. After a few lashes at me with his massive sword I had managed to get around his back and skilfully slit his throat. Kisame fell to the floor with a loud thud, and I then proceeded to completely dislocate his head from his body. With one quick cut of my sword his head was rolling away from his body.

Itachi had looked at me somewhat amused, I had no idea why though, I had just killed his friend, his lackey and get he looked like he was going to start laughing at any moment.

"I see you've improved since last time otouto." Itachi said to me with a smirk plastered on his face. Oh how I wanted to wipe it off.

"I am no longer your otouto, just as you are no longer my niisan. The day you murdered the Clan you no longer existed to me, except as an enemy." I replied with a venomous voice. I can still remember the rage coursing through my veins at the time. I wanted to see blood, his blood to be pacific.

"I'll always be your niisan, otouto no matter what you do." Itachi said. I could no longer restrain it; my anger had been unleashed and was heading for one person and one person only. I charged at him and surprisingly got him. He began fighting back. An hour later at least, we were still not getting anywhere, both were just wasting chakra. I could notice he was a bit weaker than me though, obviously he had been doing something else before I got here. I took this as an advantage and made sure to make him loose more of it. When I could clearly see he was too weak to dodge most of my moves I attacked, with just enough chakra to make the final blow I only struck with my sword, once he stopped a second to rest I attacked with a chidori ball and struck it through his heart.

Itachi began to die a slow and painful death after that. The exact death he deserved in my opinion, he deserved to suffer as long as possible. I watched as he began coughing up blood. He then looked at me with a weak smile before closing his eyes, and saying two words I'll never forget. I'm Sorry.

Strangely enough I didn't feel any type of satisfaction after I killed Itachi. A goal I had committed my life to and I felt nothing after it was completed. I wondered round for a while wondering what to do now. I had killed my brother, so what was there to do.

For a year I just went around different villages, then after a while I realised what was missing when I saw a couple together. I was missing my cherry blossom. I knew when I had her back, or at least told her I love her I would feel complete. I had to go back to Konoha, I knew it was practically committing suicide going back there. After all as soon as they got me they would sentence me to death, but as long as I tell her I'm fine, I'll die at peace knowing she knows, how I feel.