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Sakura walked over to Sai who had just stood up. His face showed worry, the only emotion Sakura had ever seen in his face. He just stood and watched as she edged forward.

"Why so afraid Sai-kun? If your as good as I think then beating you will be a challenge for even me. The only survivor from the suicidal acts of the Haruno Clan. The greatest Clan to ever cross the fire country. The person who defeated all but two of the Akastuki, the most feared group there is. The person who now will defeat and get revenge on you no matter what it takes. You can mess with me all you want but when it comes to my village and the people in it, well lets just say you can be sure your in a lot of trouble. Prepare to die Sai-Kun" Sakura said to him.

"Can't we just talk about this calmly Sakura-Chan. I wouldn't want to destroy that pretty little face of yours." Sai shot back at her. Fear was evident in his eyes though. Sakura knew as well as he did that he had no chance of defeating her.

"Elementose" Sakura said while doing some hand signs. Instantly her eye's turned a darker green, her hair turned to fire and she had a wirlwind of water and air around her. "You'll now get to witness why the Haruno clan was feared."

"You think I'm scared of that, I can easily escape anything you throw at me" Sai said back. He quickly grabbed his sketchpad and pencil and began drawing a few images. After he preformed a Jutsu and all his art jumped off of the page.

"Wrong move Sai, Pencil can easily be washed away with water." Sakura said. She formed a few hand seals before shouting out " Water dragon no jutsu" suddenly some of he water around Sakura formed into a dragon shape and headed towards the artwork. At first touch it all began to wash away. "That's was too easy, at least challenge me Sai. I thought you were better than this."

"I'm just getting warmed up dear" Sai shouted at her.

He then grabbed another drawing utensil from the table and began to draw again. He once again repeated the hand sighs from before and his art jumped out of the paper. Sakura sent her water dragon towards the art but nothing happened. She then did another set of handseals before shouting out "Fire dragon no Jutsu" a fireball in the shape of a dragon headed towards the neatly drawn pictures and burned them all to ashes.

"Your drawings won't help you Sai. Please do try a new technique. Anything has to be better than your first two pathetic attempts" Sakura said to him.

"I will defeat you Sakura, and then I'll take your blood-line and with it rule the 4 nations." Sai said to her. He got into a fighting stance and prepared himself for a battle he knew he couldn't win easily.

(Sasuke V Ronin)

Sasuke and Ronin had now been fighting for atleast 15 minutes. They had even somehow made there way out of the Cabin and into the forest outside. None of them were winning but both were beginning to feel tired.

"Hey Sasuke-teme were here to help. Sakura's taking care of Sai" Naruto said while walking over to the fight along with everyone else.

"What do you mean you left Sakura to fight him. Go help her before she gets hurt." Sasuke yelled back at Naruto.

"Wow aren't you the guy that's ment to love. I'm ashamed of you, you should know how strong that girl is, even I couldn't defeat her if I went against her. I know my student will be defeated in no more than 10 minutes. She doesn't need help, and if you really loved her you'd know that." Ronin said.

"Shut up. What do you know?" Sasuke yelled at him.

"Obviously more than you. I know all about sweet Sakura-Chan. Her likes, dislikes, strengths, weaknesses, even the kind of Shampoo she uses." Ronin Said.

"Don't call her Sakura-Chan. Your not important to her, just as she isn't important to you except in your plans for world domination. As if that would ever happen. And for your information I know she's strong, but you just drained her chakra with them damb ropes." Sasuke told him.

"The girl doesn't need her Chakra, and she actually has most of it back now the ropes are off, it the ring she had to be worried about. It stopped the use of her bloodline but I'm guessing your friends got it off her. So she's perfectly alright. It's you who should be worried lad. I'm going to kill you and all your friends then I'm going to get dear sweet Sakura-CHAN" Ronin told them all.

"Naruto stay here and fight him with the others. I'm going to help Sakura. Even if she is strong enough to do this on her own, I'm not going to risk it." Sasuke said. He got a short nod from Naruto before running off back to the cabin.

"Aww that's such a shame. I was looking forward to finishing him off" Ronin said smugly.

"Well now it's you that's going to be killed. No-body gets away with trying to hurt our Hokage." Naruto said.

" Even more importantly our friend, our best-friend" Ino finished.

Everybody got into a fighting stance. Ready to finish off Ronin once and for all. Ronin to got into a stance and the fight began. Jutsu's were used, special technics and also just normal fighting. Everybody was fighting the one person and even then they found it hard. This guy was not an ordinary guy. He was stronger than some Akastuki members. It would take everything the group had to defeat him.

"For Sakura-Chan I will defeat you, and youth will pevail" Rock Lee shouted before charging at Ronin and getting a lucky hit to his face. Ronin was sent flying into the tree behind but got straight back up.

"Lucky shot" Ronin said.

Naruto had recently used his shadow clone jutsu and one of them came down from atop of Ronin and hit him in the head. Another also charged at him and punched him square in the face.

"That's what you get for messing with my friend." Naruto said.

Shikamaru then used his shadow jutsu and trapped Ronin while Ino used her mind jutsu to put herself into Ronin's body. She caused a lot of damage before Ronin pushed himself back into his own mind.

"Shit, that took everything out of me" Ino said before fainting. Shikamaru quickly took her away from the battle and Hinata followed to help restore her chakra a bit with her medical jutsu.

"Tenten, pin him to the tree with some kunai's, I have a plan." Naruto shouted to her. Tenten did as told which wasn't that hard since Ronin was really drowsy.

Everyone gathered up where Ino was resting. They formed a circle and Naruto told them the plan. They then went back into the battle field and prepared themselves for the killing.

Chouji quickly preformed his human bolder technique then carefully made a very large ditch. A second after he made the ditch Neji used his soft palm technique and hit Ronin on the spine causing him to go paralysed. Kiba ordered Akamaru to drag Ronin into the ditch which Akamaru obeyed with delight.

"Is it just me or is this plan working out way too smoothly?" Naruto asked.

"Ye it is. Waaaaay to smoothly." Tenten said.

They all looked into the ditch to go on with the next faze of the plan but only found a log in there.

"Damb it was a substitute, how could we not have noticed." Naruto complained.

"Naruto look out. He's behind you." Temari shouted to him. She knew he'd be too late though so she quickly got her fan off of her back and sent a gust of wind towards Naruto. Though it did send Naruto backwards a bit it also sent Ronin into a tree again. "Will you not let your guard down in future. It's no wonder Sasuke calls you dobe."

"Shut up." Naruto said. " Lets just finish this before he gets up again."

Gaara quickly formed a hand with his sand and sent it towards Ronin, it held him and took him towards he ditch. The hand released him not so gently into the ditch. Shino then sent a poisonous beetle in which bit Ronin paralysing him. Luckily for Ronin the poison wasn't strong enough to kill. Shino then ordered a lot of spiders to form a very thick web over the ditch. Strong enough to stop even strong Jutsu's breaking it.

"Wow he's finally defeated. And ready to be killed. We better leave him for Sasuke to kill though. That way he gets his revenge." Naruto said. " Come on we better go check and see how Sakura is doing."

"Why didn't I get to do anything to him?" Kankuro asked.

"You did get to do something." Temari said

"Ye what was that" Kankuro asked

"You scared him for life with your girly appearance." Temari joked and everyone but Kankuro and Gaara burst out laughing. Gaara just smirked instead.

(Sakura V Sai)

Sai had been trying to hit Sakura for a while now, Sakura however just kept dodging, not even bothering to attack back.

"Come on Sai, can't you even lay one hit on me. That's pathetic, I'm not even using my bloodline here." Sakura said

"Shut up. I can defeat you." Sai said.

"Hold on to that thought will you I can sense Sasuke just outside the Cabin. I was hoping he wasn't coming over to help." Sakura said. A second later he walked through the door.

"Hey Sakura you alright?" Sasuke asked looking at Sai making attacks and Sakura dodging easily.

"Of course I am. Why do you ask?" Sakura asked while dodging yet another incoming attack.

"Just wondering." Sasuke said. "Need any help?"

"No thank-you." Sakura replied. "I've got this under control."

Sakura did a few hand seals before shouting out an unknown jutsu. The floor around Sai began to crack before revealing a bunch of roots that wrapped around sai's legs and tied them together. The roots them began to draw back into the earth they came from. As soon as Sai fell they stopped though.

"aww look who's all tied up. Sakura cooed. "Poor Sai-kun. I haven't even got to use my wind techniques yet. I suppose I'll have to use them in another fight. It's clear this one's over."

"Please Sakura-Chan have mercy. Please." Sai begged "I don't want to die yet, please don't kill me"

"Oh I wasn't planning on killing you. I thought I'd let Sasuke do that. After all you caused him torture since he came back. Being my boy-friend and all." Sakura said "Sasuke, he's yours to kill. I know that's what you want. You deserve to be able to kill him."

"Thanks Sakura-Chan" Sasuke said. He looked at Sai carefully. "I'm going to make your death painful for trying to hurt my Sakura." Sasuke Performed some hand seals before shouting out "Kanton no jutsu" A huge fireball escaped from his mouth and began to slowly burn Sai. All you could hear in the room was his screams from the immense pain he was feeling. Once the screams stopped Sakura used a wind technique to put out the fire.

"I take back what I said before I did get to use my wind technique." Sakura joked. "The others are coming here."

"Oh" Sasuke said.

"Sasuke before they get here I want to apologize. I've been nothing but mean to you since you came back. I only did it though because I thought if I did I could convince myself that I don't love you anymore. Truth is though I do still love you. I can't stop loving you. I want to be with you Sasuke-kun" Sakura said while tears streamed out of her eyes. Sasuke wiped them away with his thumbs.

"Then do. Be with me Sakura. I wanted to ask you this ever since I realized my true feelings for you." Sasuke said. He got down on one knee and held Sakura's hand " Sakura Haruno will You marry me?"

"Yes Sasuke-kun, of course I will" Sakura pulled him onto his feet and embraced him into a hug. As soon as the hug finished Sasuke kissed her tenderly on the lips to which Sakura responded well. He licked her bottom lip asking permission for entrance which Sakura Granted. Sasuke's tongue searched Sakura's sweet Cavern and Sakura's tongue searched his.

The cabin door opened but neither Sasuke or Sakura noticed. In walked the whole group and all stood in total shock at the sight before them.

"Are we interrupting something" Naruto said. Both Sasuke and Sakura jumped apart.

"Looks like you gave him that second chance then" Ino said squealing.

"Shut up women" Shikamaru said.

"Well I'm sorry that your not as happy about them finally being together as I am." Ino said sticking her tongue out.

"Were not only together Ino were engaged." Sakura said. Ino squealed once again.

"Seriously shut up, your going to deafen us all" Shikamaru shouted.

"Did anybody realise that a very burnt Sai was on the ground?" Naruto asked. Everybody looked at the ground and instantly grimaced.

"That's disgusting. He looks soooo ugly now." Ino said.

"He always did." Sakura said. "Where's Ronin?"

"Paralysed in a ditch." Temari said. " We thought we'd leave him to Sasuke to kill"

"Sasuke-kun would you mind If I kill this Ronin?" Sakura asked.

"Course not. Since I got to kill that bastard." Sasuke replied.

The whole group headed to the ditch with Kankuro carrying a Dead, burnt and crisp looking Sai on his back. Once they got to the ditch Shino once again sent out his spiders to destroy the web. Inside was as Temari said a paralysed Ronin.

"Hey Ronin" Sakura said. "How is it down there? I hope it's nice cause it's where you'll be forever now." Sakura used her control over the earth to make vines come and kill Sai. They slowly wrapped around his neck and then with a slight tug they completely broke his neck. "Well that's him gone. He can be buried here. Kankuro drop Sai down there as well."

"Fine. At least it gets me away from him. He really smells." Kankuro moaned.

"You were the one saying you got to do nothing earlier, so we gave you something to do." Temari said.

"I didn't means something like that." Kankuro dropped Sai into the ditch and Sakura commanded the soil to cover them. She filled the ditch with completely with soil.

"Lets go back." Sakura said

"Yes Sakura-hime" Everybody said.

They got back to the village and everything was reported. Sai and Ronin were dead and Sakura was safe.

Sasuke's P.O.V

A while back I said how fairy tales don't come true. How the once upon a time a girl met a guy they got married and lived happily ever after was a load of crap. It's not as true as I thought. Though the start of a story may be bad it doesn't necessarily mean that it can't have a happily ever after. I've come to notice that. I had a horrible beginning but it looks like I'm going to have my happily ever after with the women I love.

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