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this has probably been done before but aww well. AU before the pilot. REALLY SHORT FIRST CHAPTER!!!



Nah, I dismiss. Jennifer? Uh-uh. Rebecca? No!

The woman chatting away on the bar stool beside me is happily oblvious to the fact that I've no idea what she's saying or what her

name is. Not that that will stop me, but it is nice to know. I know that she did tell me her name when she introduced herself about an

hour ago. But that was over four beers ago. My cell phone vibrates in my pocket. I don't hear the ringtone over the strains of the

bad country music blaring out of the jukebox in the corner. It's probably just my dad. And I do not need to, or want to talk to him

right now.

He'd been on my case lately. Apparently I've been drinking too much. Huh! When does he care about how much I drink? You can

never have too much alcohol.

Sighing, I take the phone out of my pocket when it stops vibrating. Signalling to the girl that I'd be back soon I walk out of the bar,

swaying unsteadily, to get away from the noise. Dialling my voicemail, it indicates I'vegot another message. I tap a few buttons and

my fathers voice fills my ear. He sounds surprisingly concerned. He's probably just overcompensating.

"Dean, Where are you? Are you drinking? Tell me where you are, I am coming to see you. I think you've a problem. I know it's

been difficult since-"

I angrily slam the phone closed. I don't need to hear the rest of the message. I know what he is going to say. He is going to start

talking about him. About Sammy. The image of the last time I'd seen my little brother, over one year ago, comes unbidden into my

mind. His face twisted in anger at dad.

Was he angry at me too? Did I do something wrong?

The little voice, the one that asked too many awkward questions that I could not answer and the one I had spent the past year trying

to silence, spoke up. Trembling, I closed my eyes I try to reassure myself. Nothing comes. No confident voice telling myself that I

was a good brother. No confident voice telling myself that he was safe and happy. Nothing. I was alone. Standing in the alley, beside

the overflowing dumpster I finally realised the true meaning of the word. Alone: to be without friends, loved ones, hopes, beliefs or


The phone rings again. Jumping out of my reverie, I answer it expecting to hear my dad. Instead I hear a voice I wasn't expecting.

One I hadn't heard in over a year.


"Dean!" He sounds panicked. "Thank God! I didn't know if you still would have this number, (he doesn't know that I've kept this

phone safe one every hunt in case he needed to contact me)"

"What's the matter Sammy? What's going on?"

"DEAN!" There is a rustling sounds and a lot of knocks and thumps. I sounds as though the phone is being wrestled out of his hand.

"Dean you have to help!"

And just like that, the call cuts out.