Just a quick, self-assured Akito thing. Spoilery in the way that it would be spoilery to say, "Oh, yeah, and Harry Potter falls in love with a girl. You know, at some point."
There are exceptions to every rule.

The maids never spoke to me beyond acknowledgement of an order. My mother… well, she was in no position to reprimand me, after what happened between us. Hatori tried, sometimes, to suggest that I should learn more about human interaction and such Outsider things as 'morals'. Shigure always just laughed at whatever I did to 'show my youth', as he said.

But I watched Yuki get caught for stealing a sweet from the pantry. It wasn't even for a good reason, he just heard his idiot older brother babbling about childhood memories and wanted to see what the attraction was. Later on, I caught him doing other things that were against the rules, and had to scold him myself sometimes.

I always got reports about how that grotesque Cat or my stupid Ox had managed to fell half a building. After getting a lot of those, I broke the screen doors of my rooms and threw dishes just as a test, and nothing happened to me.

And, eventually, I fully accepted the truth behind the phrase that Shigure had told me so often.

There are exceptions to every rule.

And I'm most of them.