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Words: Chocolate-Covered Marshmallows, Cat, Dog, Hairspray, Anorexic, Neopets, Negima, Yuki Sohma, Snow, Skittles, Marriage, Cinderella


"Fruits Basket is awesome!!" Mukahi exclaimed.

"It's girly manga," Shishido mumbled.

"It's awesome.

"It's girly manga. I mean, that Yuki Sohma person...really...who would want to be named after snow? He's not THAT emo..."

"Well, Yuki Sohma's an exception. Quite frankly, he's anorexic."

"He is?"

"Yeah, I think so. I mean, why wouldn't he be anorexic?"

"True...wait what?"

"Yeah, I know, I never make any sense. What I really hate is the marriage Cinderalla got into."

Shishido stared. "What are you talking about?"

"I'm talking about Cinderalla marrying the Prince and living happily ever after! It's lame!"

"Well, yeah, but it IS a kids story."

"Yeah...but it's still lame."

"Can't argue you with that."

"No, you really can't cause I'm-"




"I want a chocolate covered marshmallow."

"Why do you want a chocolate covered marshmallow?"

"So I can eat it, what else?"

"Dunno. Thought you'd do something weird with it or something."

"I'm not THAT insane. Oh, by the way, do you have any Skittles?"



"You're more retarded than I am, you know."

"Yeah, but if I want Skittles that means that I WANT TO EAT SOMETHING!!"

"Okay...So then...can you eat your hair?"

"Why would I eat my hair?" Mukahi stared.

"Dunno. Cause you're hungry."

"You're being weird."


"Oh, by the way, your dog needs hairspray."


"Because it stinks like crap! When was the last time you gave it a bath? And, also, your dog has like, no fashion statement whatsoever."

"Since when did I have a dog?"

"So you don't have a dog?"


"Oh. Must've been Atobe's guard dogs then."


"I wonder what Atobe did with his cat."

"Probably gave it to someone else."

"His fault for feeding it drugs."


"Do you go on Neopets?"

Shishido rolled his eyes. "Only you would go on Neopets, retard."

"Well I was just asking! Sheesh!"



"What? Isn't that like, an anime or whatever?"

"'s the name of my Neopet."

"You named your Neopet after an anime?"

Mukahi had a surprised look on his face. "Negima's an anime?"

"Not sure. Heard of it somewhere. Probably got the names mixed up or whatever."

"I think you're talking about Nana."

"Uhh...I'm not the anime genius."

"Well I'm not the anime genius either. Hiyoshi is."

"Why's he the anime genius?"

"Dunno. Something got wacked into his brain and now he's in total anime mode. So's Ohtori."

"He's in it too?! What happened?"

"I dunno. Something. Actually, everyone's into anime."

"...What happened?"

"Don't know. I think Atobe started watching Naruto and now everyone's hooked."

"Oh...who introduced it to him?"



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