SUMMARY: In the Summer before Harry Potter's fifth year, everything turns upside down when Harry's relatives die in a freak car accident leaving Harry with an incurable disability. Blindness. Stuck in the hospital Harry decides to keep this information from his teachers and friends and insists that he stay at Privet Drive, due to the death of a very 'close friend'. Not knowing that if he had told the magical world about his predicament, they could've cured him, Harry struggles to learn how to read Braille and to walk without aid. When it is finally time for him to set off for Hogwarts, Harry is more than capable and no-one understands why he won't take off the dark glasses he wears and put on his normal glasses. Harry resumes his 'normal' life at Hogwarts but finds it increasingly hard to keep his secret from everyone, considering the fact that he is unable to see anyone. What happens when everyone realises how stupid they've been and find out that he is blind? And what trials will Harry face as he faces this not so promising year of mysteries and discoveries?

A/N: I'm not going to explain about the death of Harry's parents. I don't see the point when you all know what happens. Also, I'm going to tell you now. I hate describing characters, so I'm just going to tell you that Harry is nothing like in the books. He is around 6 feet and has a well toned and muscular body. Lol. That should do. Enjoy!


'Boy! Get your but down here now! We're going out!' As soon as these words left Harry Potter's, aged 15, over-sized Uncle's mouth, he instantly wondered what was happening, his instinctive curiosity kicking in. His only living relatives, the Dursley's, never took him anywhere and always made a point of not including him in anything they did, so he could only suspect that they didn't trust him to be alone in the house anymore. Harry shrugged and got up to make his way downstairs. He wasn't complaining.

'You bloody well took your time didn't ya?! I don't like to be kept waiting. Your Aunt and cousin are already in the car. We're going to go shopping and then to a restaurant. Not a word from you or we'll ditch on the side of the road!' Knowing better than to be cheeky and talk back to his Uncle, Harry decided on just a simple 'Yes, sir,' as he was walking out the door.

Getting into the car was not an easy feet for him, considering the fact that the back seat was practically taken up by his whale of a cousin, Dudley. Even though he had become junior weight boxing champion, Dudley still didn't see the point in losing weight, and instead of him listening to his professional dietician, he just kept eating junk food and stacking on the pounds. Harry estimated that he would have a heart and die before he turned twenty. Finally after squishing in between his cousin's fat and the door, the 'Family' was on their way.

Listening to the Dursley's on the journey into London, Harry gathered that they were all going to go window shopping while he did the real shopping. Looking discreetly over his Aunt Petunia's shoulder, Harry studied the shopping list and calculated that he would most probably be there for about three hours. Most of the List was taken up by Dudley's junk food desires. It was disgusting to even look at the words. But it wouldn't be embarrassing, fortunately, being seen with all that food, because he was a regular grocery shopper at the store because his Aunt saw fit for him to go practically every other day, and they knew the story behind it. At least they didn't all look at him and run the other way screaming at the top of their lungs 'OH MY GOSH, ITS THE POTTER KID WHO IS A HARDENED HOOLIGAN AND IS SENT TO THE CRIMINAL BOYS SCHOOL!'

On arriving in London, Harry's 'guess' was proven true as the Dursley's told him there extravagant plans, and then enthusiastically telling him to get lost and do their shopping. Sighing lightly, Harry obeyed and snatched the grocery list from his Aunts vulture like grasp and quickly set to work. He wanted this to be over as soon as possible. Well as soon as three hours can go.


Why the Dursley's can't do this them selves I will never know Harry thought miserably to himself. But at least he wasn't stuck pushing five trolleys by himself. He could take two and the staff helped him with the rest. HE didn't know what he would do if the Dursley's told him to shop somewhere else. Looking up from his trolleys he saw the Dursley's just getting into the car in the parking lot, ignoring him and the grocery store workers, not even offering to help. Feeling rage settling over him at their lack of compassion, not towards him (he would never expect that from them), but to the workers. They were doing extra work because these lazy sods couldn't be bothered to get off their fat buts and do something good for a change. He'd had enough.

'Why the hell didn't you help?' Even as he said it he knew he'd crossed the line as is Uncle went purple and started spluttering at him. But he didn't care. It didn't bother him; it was their stupid fault, not his. He quickly thanked the workers, and they reluctantly left him to go back to their respective jobs.

'How dare you!' He roared. 'We send you to do a job for once and all we get is this gripe. We let you under our roof! We clothe you! We feed you! And this is what we get?!'

'You know very well I didn't ask for you to take me in out of the goodness of your heart. That you could've dumped me at an orphanage was always in your minds, and personally that would've been better for me. You say you feed me. When? You feed your mammoth son more a day than what you give me a week! Maybe if you got off your arses for once in your God forsaken lives, then maybe you would be so woeful about the day their your freak nephew was dropped on your untainted doorstep!'

'I have half a mind to leave you here!'

'Than do it! I know you want to!' His Aunt lent nervously over to whisper something his Uncle's ear. He didn't hear what it was but it seemed to do the trick as his Uncle reluctantly let him get into the car, his face still and ugly, blotchy, purple colour. Harry could tell that he was still furious, and somewhere at the back of his mind, he heard a little voice telling him it was not wise to drive in such a state. But he ignored it. And that was where Harry made the biggest mistake of his life.

No-one could've known that it was going to happen. But it did. One minute, Vernon was zooming down the highway, and then the next, all Harry could see was the front of massive truck bearing down upon them. They didn't even have enough time to scream, for all sound was cut off other than the horrible screeching and crunching off metal. Harry felt his fat cousin roll towards him and he felt a sharp stab in his leg. Looking down, he saw that a piece of metal was sticking out of his leg. Than all of a sudden, he felt the most painful scream wrench itself out of his throat and he felt a burning sensation in his eyes.

Nothing could express the pain he was feeling. Nothing he had ever experienced was worse than this, not even his scar or the cruciatus curse. It felt like his eyeballs were turning themselves from the inside out and burning them all the way. He didn't know how it happened, and he honestly did not want to know. It didn't matter to him now, he was surely living his last few minutes of life.

As the screeching stopped and all lay still, Harry could feel the darkness clouding his brain, threatening to take him away, but with a burst of strength, he wrenched open his door, his eyes scrunched close in pain, and tumbled onto the road where he could hear running footsteps as screaming voices came nearer.

'OH MY GOD! THERE'S A SURVIVOR!' Someone screamed. He groaned, knowing that he was about to die. As the darkness rolled in waves through his system, he had one last thought that sparked just the tiniest resistance within him. I'm never going to see Ron and Hermione or Ginny again. And as he fell into darkness, letting it seize control of his body, that tiny spark burned a little brighter, keeping him alive, but only barely.

His last thought had saved his life.

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