Title: Wish Upon A Star

Author: Sivan Shemesh

Beta: Tena

Rate: K/K+

Warning: None? AU.

Disclaimer: Not mine, just the plot.

Summary: There is a fallen star in Lothlórien…

A/N: Written for OAA prompts. Prompt #74: Wish.


At night…

Aragorn and Arwen leaned against a tree, holding hands as their young love blossomed.

Arwen stared at Aragorn's brown eyes, and saw the love in his eyes. She smiled.

"Look at the sky!" Aragorn said as he noticed something suspicious.

Arwen stared, and saw a falling star.

"Make a wish, my beloved; I have heard that if you see a falling star, a wish comes true." Aragorn said, and hoped that they had not lost the time to wish.

Arwen already had something in her mind, and she wished, and then she stared at her lover, who mumbled words, and closed his eyes.

Then when Aragorn opened his eyes, she asked, with smile on her face, "What did you wish?"

"I hope the same that you did." Aragorn answered with a large smile upon his face.

"Who told you about falling stars?" Arwen asked, as she never heard of those tales before.


Arwen nodded, and then she asked, teasing her beloved, "Can you be more specific, Aragorn?"

"About what?" Aragorn asked with innocent in his eyes.

"Your wish!"

The End…