40 Stairs

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I scared my baby sister to death with stories about a boy that had fallen down the stairs we were coming up. He would take all under 12 year olds to live with him because he was lonely. The truth was that I was just pissed off because there was a perfectly nice lift next to the stairs but my sister decided that it was too boring. Anyway, this story is kinda based on that experience. Don't wanna tell how much cuz that would give away the plot.

Warnings: Language (cursing and mistakes, English is not my own language)

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Step 1

18 year old Dean Winchester was in a good shape. It would be no problem for him to run up 40 stairs. He would probably not even be out of breath when he reached the top. But that was only under normal circumstances. Right now he was dragging his 14 year old little brother with him, trying to make him walk by himself. Dean had known he was sick when they found this hunt but John had said he was healthy enough to come along.

Well, he wasn't anymore. He wasn't even healthy enough to stand. Yet alone climb up forty stairs.

Dean sat Sam down on the first step. The younger boy rested his head against the wall and frowned. He was not feeling good. Oh no. Not good at all.

"I think I'm gonna be sick..." Sam mumbled.

"Just make sure you don't throw up on my shoes..." Dean replied, looking up the stairs.

"Oh, God..." Sam said, making Dean look at him instead of the stairs. The kid looked bad, way worse than the day before. And he had looked bad then, too.

"Sam? Sammy, look at me", Dean said, kneeling down in front of his little brother. "We have to get out of here and the only way to do that is to climb up those stairs. I'm gonna help you as much as I can, okay? And we'll stop as many times as you want. Once we get out, we'll find Dad, tell him we finished the spirit and go home, okay? Then you can rest and we won't go anywhere until you're better. I promise."

Sam looked at Dean. "Don't."

"Don't what?"

"Promise. Dad'll probably make us move again", Sam said.

"Even he knows you need some rest."

"I can sleep in the car."

"No, you need actual rest. No moving, just a warm bed and sleep. You were sick in the first place, you shouldn't have come along. Why didn't you put up a fight like you usually do? This one time when you actually should have?" Dean asked.

Sam swallowed. He really didn't feel like talking. "Dad was... I knew Dad was gonna send you here alone..."

"Christ, Sammy..."

But before Dean could start lecturing Sam, the younger was down on all fours, throwing up everything he had ate just four hours before. That hadn't been much, considering that Sam could hardly keep anything down, but his stomach seemed to come itself, too. The heaves turned into sobs as Dean helped Sam back into sitting position.

"Sam? Hey, buddy... You have to relax, okay? We're not in a hurry here…"

"That's new…" Sam said quietly.

"First time of everything. You think we could start getting up though?"

Sam swallowed. He looked up. God, the exit was so war away… What if there was still something down here? What if they would get caught just because he was too tired to walk by himself? He was slowing Dean down…Didn't Dean see that he should just go and send someone to get Sam? "You should go…"

"Yeah, sure. Cuz we all know that big brothers leave their little brothers down in some random place while they are sick."

"I'm serious, Dean."

"So am I. I'm leaving here without you. You're wise enough to know that much."

"I'm holding you back!" Sam said a bit more strongly.

"There's nothing to run away from anymore. We finished the spirit. It's gonna be okay. Just stop suggesting stupid things. Okay?"

Sam looked like he wanted to argue. He wouldn't win, he knew that, but maybe he could talk some sense into his brother. Why did he have to be so heroic all the time? "It's wasn't a stupid suggestion…" Sam mumbled. "You should just get out and send someone to get me. It's cold down here, you'll get sick!"

"Well, look who's talking, it's Mr. NeverFeltBetter himself! I'm not leaving you alone and that's it", Dean said.

"What're you afraid of? You said it yourself, there's nothing down here anymore. I'll be fine!"

"You will be fine? You are not fine encase you haven't noticed", Dean pointed out.

"Trust me, I have", Sam said. "But that's not the point…"

"That's exactly the point, Sam. Now quit talking."






"Sam, shut up."

And with that, Sam shut his mouth. He kept his eyes on his brother, letting him know just what he thought of this. Dean just shook his head and stood up.

"Where are you going?" Sam asked.

"Just 'round the corner. Nature calls." Sam wrinkled his nose. "Stay there."

"Are you kidding me?"

Dean patted Sam on the head and went to where he was suppose to take a leak but where he just pulled his shirt up to reveal a long cut in his abdomen. It was bleeding pretty heavily but it wasn't deep. It was nothing to be worry about… Not yet anyway. There was no reason to give Sam more reason to bitch about Dean staying here with him.

Speaking of Sam, Dean could hear something what was obvious gagging from the stairs. Sighing he put his shirt back down and went back to his little brother who looked like he wouldn't be able to stand up.

"Is there anything left in your stomach?" Dean asked. Sam shook his head no, trying to stop the tears from falling to his cheeks. This was just a stomach bug, it was nothing to cry about. But it was just so… "You know, I had a stomach bug a week before you were born", Dean said suddenly. Sam looked up to him, frowning. "Yeah. It was the last thing that Dad needed, me being sick just when his wife was about to pop. Somehow I sensed he was on the edge so I tried not to bother him, tried to take care of myself."

"You were four!"

"I know that", Dean said. "But Dad noticed. And he took care of me even if he had a bitching wife in the next room."


"Hormones, I think. You weren't an easy child to carry. Anyway, my point is that", he said, getting a little closer to Sam. "I don't have a pregnant wife and I don't give a damn if I get sick. I'm not leaving you down here by yourself. So if I hear you suggesting that once more, you can be sure you'll never know what driving the Impala feels like."

Sam was about to say that he probably wouldn't anyway but decided against it. This was not the time and place to mess with Dean. Besides, Sam was more than sure that for once John would agree with him. Dean was gonna get his lecture. And from someone he actually listened to.

Or maybe not. Somehow Sam felt like Dean didn't deserve it. "I think we can get going", he said, trying to sound stronger than he felt.

"You sure?"

"Yeah…" Sam said, trying to get up on his own. Dean wasn't having any of it but caught Sam by the arm to steady him.

"We can wait a bit longer if you want."

"No. Let's just go", Sam said, already out of breath. Dean nodded and slowly they started to make their way up. Dean was using all his willpower to not wince in pain as they slowly but surely approached the exit.

But there was someone who didn't want them to. Someone whose mind was fixed on one thing: Kill them both.


AN: So the next chapter is gonna be longer, I promise, and more exiting. This story has more to it than just brotherly love and getting up stairs. (Though those two are important elements.) Tell me what you think and I'll be back with the next chapter as soon as I can.