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Sirens Call

"Beast Boy, above you!' Robin was yelling again as though he didn't see the large crate falling towards his head. He knew the Boy Wonder meant well, but did he have to be so loud? Without moving, he just turned into a fly and the crate fell two inches to his right. Adonis, he hated that guy. Everyone had their personal villain who they really, really didn't like. Robin had Slade, Cyborg had Brother Blood, Raven had her dad, Dr. Light, her ex, Slade, but not to the same extent as Robin, pretty much any one who was on her bad list, but he thought those were the main ones, and Starfire had… the dude they happened to be fighting? She didn't tend to "not like" someone unless they came between her and Robin. A true crime against humanity if he'd ever heard one. Well, the point was that he really didn't like Adonis. Maybe it was the whole beast thing, that they had turned into the same type of thingy, that he attacked Raven, whatever, maybe he just rubbed BB the wrong way. Regardless, despite his normal, juvenile banter that he found annoyed people to no extent, he was really quite… annoyed himself.

The next crate clipped him on the temple as it flew past to meet Cyborg's Sonic Cannon. Debris rained down, a plank landing flatly on his head. Today was just a bad day. Suddenly, there was a blaring sound ringing in his ears, load, but strangely calming. It lasted half a second before Beast Boy found himself on his butt three steps closer to the Pacific. Despite the thick walls of the ware house, they were at the docks, so the salty smell was strong in his nostrils. He shook his head sharply to clear it, blinking in confusion. That had been happening a lot. Most of the Team figured he was just trying to play the clown for Raven, and he had been content to leave it as such, but now he was getting worried. This was the first time it had happened during a battle.

"Hey shrimp," called Adonis, holding a large, stone statue above his head, ready to use it to club Starfire out of the air. "Do you miss home? A shrimp like you really should just swim away." BB sighed, pushing himself up as the alien princess flew past him. Robin yelled her name, running to her side, but she'd had worse. Normally, he would just put up with this kind of thing, perhaps even throw something clever back. Not today though, he had better things to do today than play 'who can make the least intelligent comment' with the red suited dude. He needed to be somewhere. The thought caught him off guard, an opportunity Adonis took to use the same statue to bat Raven into him, sending them both into the wall. His vision went white for a second.

Raven," he gasped as she used his sternum to push herself up. "Are you ok?"

"I'm fine," she spat back, taking flight or levitation or whatever. "The question is, are you ok? If you don't wake up, you're going to get us all killed." Said in her usual cod monotone, they still stung. Most words from Raven's lips did. He winced as he got up, closing his eyes to try and focus, something that had been eluding him for weeks.

"Nice one, looks like you hit a nerve," congratulated Adonis as he blocked the telekinetic blades Raven shot at him. "I always did like 'em feisty." He said the comment to Raven, but was staring at the changeling, gloating.

"Enough," said a voice in his head. His eyes snapped open, meeting Adonis' in a glare far sharper than he thought he was capable of. The Team froze, shocked as Adonis. His lips curled in an almost feral way, smirking. Beast Boy didn't smirk, he'd never smirked before. Before anyone could blink, he'd turned into a pchycephalosaurs and was running at Adonis. The man didn't even register what was happening before the hard head impacted, strong enough to crack a T-Rex thigh bone. Metal crimpled like aluminum foil, then split. For once in his life the villain was actually glad for his thin build as the chest plate of his suit curled in, the sharp edges threatening to slice him in two. He fell back, lay there for a moment, then tried to climb out of his destroyed suit. That didn't work so well, but he still had his pried, sort of.

"Is that all you've got?" His taunting voice was so loud, it hurt. The sea salt was searing his nose, his vision sharply black and white, every detail bold as a thick, black line on white paper. The taste of lunch's tofu was still strong in his mouth, as was the taste of Adonis's unspoken fear in the air. Every one's heart was fast as a result of battle, pulsing around him, ringing in his ears. Suddenly, he came back into himself and the sensation faded, though the feral smirk remained as he regarded Adonis.

"You have no idea what I've got," he hissed, standing above the man's slim form.

"Whoa, BB," Cyborg finally managed to say, stunned to be perfectly franc. If it weren't for the green skin, he might have thought it was a different changeling. He had never seen Beast Boy like that, well, that wasn't entirely true, there had been that one time…

"You seem very…passionate today," commented Starfire, hovering around Robin's shoulder. She, too, was rather surprised. Robin had taken people down with one hit, as had she and Cyborg. Raven could do it with one look, but Beast Boy? He was rarely if ever that intense in battle.

"Ok, Team," Robin said after staring at the green Titan for a long moment. "Good job, lets get this criminal back to prison then head home. Beast Boy, we need to talk." The boy just shrugged and got out of Cyborg's way as he started getting Adonis from his suit. He could feel the eyes of the other Titans on him, but couldn't understand their concern. He'd just taken down Adonis, wasn't that a good thing? Maybe he had something in his hair. Absently, he ran his hands over his scalp, then down his face. There, a single, green hair that he had missed that morning. It wasn't much, but he knew how shocked they would be if they found out he was shaving. As far as they knew, he was still prepubescent at 16, so a lone, dark green hair on his chin must be shocking. He caught Raven staring and gave her a goofy grin, gesturing to the hair.

"A hair," he said simply. Yes, she looked very shocked as she stared into his emerald eyes. He could understand, a hair was quite shocking, especially on his chin, where few expected to see a hair. She scowled at him, then left. He followed her with his eyes and, after a moment, realized that the Team was leaving him.

"BB, you coming?" Cyborg's voice seemed strangely distorted and far away as he called over the shoulder not sporting Adonis. Cocking his head to the side, he scampered after, a dull singing beginning to fill his ears as he approached the sea. The closer he got the loader it got, pulling him like a tether behind a boat. "Yo, B! What are you doing? The car's this way, grass stain!"

"So… pretty," he managed, his feet taking him to the edge of the docks. There, he stopped, teetering as his brain tried to understand, make sense of the song. Why was he drawn to it? For a moment, those things seemed important, but they faded into the song quickly, leaving him to do what he must. He began to step off the wood and into the sea.

"Beast Boy!" Cyborg's voice, loud as an explosion, didn't even register in his mind as the ground disappeared from beneath him. An insane grin curved his lips as he listened to the song, the promise of finding its source ridiculously exciting. But the water never touched him; he thrashed and screamed and begged, but something was pulling him away from the edge, back towards the concrete of the road. Slowly, mournfully, the song faded, leaving him strangely empty, alone, sad. Then things started to come back to him, like who and where he was, the battle before, the sound of his friends voices. As the song left his ears, his senses returned. Black energy was surrounding his torso, holding him about three feet above the ground as it pulled him towards the T-Car.

"Raven?" His voice was small, confused as he glanced from her to the dock he had just tried to jump off of 30 feet away, then back to her. Her eyes were cold, calculating as they board into his. She didn't let him down. "Cyborg?" His gaze moved to his best friend, who looked as confused as he felt. "What just happened?"

"What just happened?" Robin answered before Cyborg could open his mouth. "What just happened is you tried to jump into the Pacific Ocean for no reason! What is wrong with you!"

"Robin, perhaps friend Beast Boy would be more at ease if you did not yell at him," squeaked Starfire, visibly shaken. Normally, they would all have blown this off as one of his bizarrely planned out pranks, but he had been acting strangely for weeks and even creepy when they had first arrived at the docks. It was simply not natural. And when you hear something like that coming from a group including a circus freak, alien, half robot, and half demon, you know it's bad. Beast Boy was blinking slowly, his mind still sluggish.

"I'm… sorry?" he tried, staring at Robin as Raven continued to levitate him. "I just… the music." How was he supposed to explain a feeling, a tugging, that he didn't understand himself? "It was… I couldn't… it made sense at the time."

"Oh, I'm sure it did," spat Robin, seething despite Starfire's words. "Because it always makes perfect sense to randomly jump into the ocean because you hear music." Beast Boy couldn't get mad at him, after all, underneath all the angry yelling, he could hear the concern, the high note of worry audible in his voice. It made him feel guilty, hanging his head like a child being scolded as Robin gave him a speech that he wasn't really listening to.

"Robin," Raven snapped after two minutes of this, speaking up for the first time since she's levitated Beast Boy to the car, forcing a fragile silence onto the teen. "We need to get him back to the Tower if we want to run any tests." Her voice was monotone as usual, her stare cold, her words blunt. Robin bit back a retort, jumped onto his R-Cycle, and just drove off, a rather distressed Starfire trailing behind.

"Um," piped up Beast Boy in an attempt to lighten the heavy mood that had fallen around the remaining three Titans. "Can you let me down?"