Indiana Jones Is Dead (AKA Indiana Jones DOES A HORRRIBLE DEATH)
Chapter 1

A/N: This is a one shot character death.I had to make some last minute adjustments. Enjoy. This is my FIRST Indiana Jones FANFICTION! I demand reviews! PLEASE! Evil Andy is the property of THE PETE PETERSON EXPERIENCE Use him without permission and I'll have the Fanfiction administration gut you. You shitkickers.

Indiana Jones was running away from a boulder. He was happy cuz he got a rare artifact.

"What is that in the sky?" Indiana Jones said. "Huh! OH NO!"

A plane shot bullets on Indiana Jones,

"Ow.." Indiana Jones groveled in pain on the ground.

"AHAHAHHA!" Evil Inspector Andy said as he got out of his Plane.


"Yes...I will kill you! RIGHT NOW!" Andy said as he pulled out A rolling pin with spikes on it. He rolled it on Indana Jones legs. Blod spewed out like a water falling. Andy then grabbed a piece of paper and cut Indiana Jones. Indiana Jones cried in pain. Andy stomped on him. "HOO!" Indiana Jones said as his lungs collapsed. Andy grabbed an ax. Now it was personal as his head was decapitated by the ax, Indiana Jones died. Blood spewed out of his corpse. Andy got in the plane and took the propeller and destroyed Headless Indiana Jones body. His body was torn up like a meat in a blender. Andy then flew away, all of his plans succeding.

But there was a problem.

"AHHHH! THE PLANE IS CRASHING INTO A TREEE!EEEEE!" Andy said as he was burned to death.