Sengoku, Inui, and the Wii

In which you see Sengoku, a Wii, and Inui for some reason...

"Hmm, my data for Sengoku Kiyosumi isn't much; I should fill in what he does in his past time..." Inui mumbled. He pulled out his "Yamabuki school" note book.

He changed his glasses, brushed his hair... and did everyday normal hygiene things.

"Sengoku Kyosumi's house here I go..." He said. Before he left, he checked the large pitchers of colorful liquid. "Hmmm... Looks like Inui Juice Rainbow Remix Plus is going well. I have to remind myself to go over to Renji's to pick up some ingredients..."

The pitcher bubbled in reply.

Inui smiled. He picked up his house keys, money, and some other note taking items with him.

"Hmm... 6:00 AM, the target is sleeping." He said.

Sengoku continued snoring...

"6:01, target snores..."

A few hours later...

"10:00 target eats bread." Inui scribbled down the thing in his book.

Sengoku finished his bread and pushed in his chair. He went upstairs and a few minutes later walked to the living room to plug in a white machine.

"10:30, target plugs in strange machine." Inui said.

Sengoku took out a remote. He turned on the TV and turned on the machine. The screen turned white and something showed up. He pointed his remote and pushed a button and a new screen came on.

"10:32, target turns on TV and screen turns white... 10:32 and a few seconds, target pushes button and something happens..."

Sengoku plugged another thing on; he took the other remote with his left hand. He pushed somewhere, and another screen appeared. He started to punch the air?

Inui stared in wonder. "What type of training is this? 10:35 target punches air..." He scribbled a chart and how he punched, etc.

Little punching sounds were heard in the TV. Pow! Pow! Bam! Little cheering sounds were heard.

Inui tried to inch closer. "What is this?" He slipped on a rock and fell.

Sengoku looked out his window. "Eh? Inui from Seigaku? What are you doing here?"

"Taking your data." He replied. He frowned, "What doing here?"

"I live here, this is my house..." Sengoku said.

"Oh... what are you doing then?"

"Playing Wii sports," Sengoku said, "Wii boxing, to be specific."

"Wii? You mean that machine I've heard much about?"

"Yeah, there's golf, boxing, bowling, and tennis for Wii sports."


" you want to come up to play?" Sengoku asked.

"Hmm... so we just swing this remote?" Inui asked.

Sengoku nodded, "Yeah... just don't forget the strap..."

A few minutes later...

"It can't be! I lost in tennis?" Inui cried in horror.

"Well, this is your first time playing Wii tennis..."

"But... but my plans... my data..."

"I don't think it applies for Wii..." Sengoku said. He itched his nose.

"NOOOOOOO!!!!" Inui shouted much like Darth Vader. "MY DATAAAAAA!!!"

Sengoku stepped away. "I didn't know he likes his data that much... Hehe... maybe I should kick him out...Why am I so unlucky to find him in my yard today? Wait! I didn't read the horoscope! That's why!" He ran up to his room to find his horoscope.

"I have to tell Renji of this..." Inui said. "But for now, NOOOOOOOO!!!!"

Some where, Yanagi heard his cry. "Hmm... I wonder what Sadaharu is thinking about?" He peered from behind the bush. "Yagyuu is playing with a thing like golf... what is this?"