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Music at Sundown

There was a strange whistling and Kira followed it. A rare day off and he wasn't sure what to do. Captain Ichimaru had wandered off early this morning and seemed to have vanished and there wasn't anyone else to spend the day with. Sleep wasn't an option, dreams nipping at his subconscious, nightmares to keep even Kenpachi up, so the blond wandered quietly.

But the whistling, tuneless, changing pitch randomly, a strange noise and he was deathly curious as to what could be making it. But he's been walking for a bit now and still hadn't found it. 'Am I going in the right direction?' It seemed to travel a long ways and he was having trouble pinpointing the source. He'd long left the neat, orderly compounds of the Sereitei and moved into the rolling hills for training, trees towering over him.

A tiny smile as he looked up at quietly moving leaves, a cool breeze whispering over his skin. Sun dappled ground passed under his feet and the whistling was louder here, louder still as he passed through the last of the trees into a clearing and stopped, staring. The view was amazing, he hadn't even realized he was traveling uphill until he looked down at the entirety of Seireitei to the left and to the right, the vastness of the Rukongai. The border of each circle was visible, a clear change that he explored with his eyes; he'd never gone further than the fourth Rukongai.

A voice called to him and he turned to look, staring up the hill at the dark head that appeared over the crest, a small hand waving eagerly at him. "Kira! Look, Kira's here!"

The blond waved back tentatively and started up the hill as Yumichika vanished again, his voice still audible but the words blurred. A deeper voice answered, swearing loudly and the sound of flesh hitting flesh was clear as Kira hit the top of the hill and looked down.

Ikkaku was laying on the grass, stripped to the waist, bald head gleaming against the dark green, black eyes waiting for the smaller man. He stayed that way for a second, head tipped upside down, watching the Vice-Captain walk towards them, then grunted and rolled his neck to look outwards again. "He, hello."

"Hi, Kira! What are you doing today?" Yumi bounced from his seat. But he wasn't really on the ground and Kira tried not to stare; the brunet was sitting on his friend's stomach, little bare feet tucked up on the larger man's chest, tiny toes wiggling happily.

The strange whistling started again and the youngest realized it was Ikkaku, blowing on something between his fingers. "Ah, no, nothing, really. I, just heard the whistling and thought, well..." His voice trailed away and he turned to leave. "I'm sorry, I'll go." It must be so wonderful, to have a best friend, one who liked everything about you and tolerated anything.

A firm grip on his wrist stopped him and he peeked over his shoulder. Yumichika was standing on Ikkaku's chest while the big man sputtered and pushed at him. "Why? You should sit with us. It's nice out here. Just ignore Ikka's bad taste in music."

"Bad taste my ass. Get the fuck off me!" But, even though he could have easily shoved his burden off, large hands wrapped around the slender ankles and shifted the delicate weight to broad shoulders, pressing them into the ground. "Si' down. Ignore the fruitcake, he's just being a picky pain. Like always."

"Hmph! Just because, unlike some people I don't want to get myself all dirty and gross. So unattractive!" Kira stared, mouth open, and Yumi suddenly seemed to remember he had a hold of the blond's hand. "Don't you think? Dirt is so awful." Chin length hair shook, ruffling the perfect fall for an instant. "Much too disgusting for someone as lovely as I."

Insistent pulling hauled the younger man to stand nose to nose with the boosted brunet. He stammered at being so close and pulled back, struggling against the stronger than it should have been force. "Ah, I, um, I think, ah, maybe I should go."

"You're scaring him, Yume. Let go." A large hand patted the ground beside Ikkaku's hip. "Come sit, Kira. He'll leave you alone." A quiet sigh and the pretty brunet released his victim, plopping back down on the bald man's stomach, pettily forcing the breath from the third seat's lungs.

Indecision pestered the shy blond for a moment, then he settled on the ground, edging Yumichika's sandals out of the way. It was nice out here, and he had nothing else to do. They didn't seem to think he was bothering them as they argued, picking at each other, Yumichika's laughter ringing gently as he slapped at his seat, his toes tapping out a rhythm against the heavy chest, the strange whistling rising and falling with the soft beat.

They sat, staring out over the landscape, listening to nothing and everything; the rustle of leaves, the sway of long grass, the soft shuffle of cloth moving over skin. And always the whistling, soothing as the blond got used to it. Ikkaku noticed him watching and held out apiece of grass. "Here, wanna try?"

'Is that how he's doing it?' Kira blushed and reached over, taking the long blade. He imitated the older man, pressing it firmly between the fleshy part of his thumbs and blowing tentatively. Nothing happened, just the rush of air over his palms. Ikkaku laughed and the blond's pale skin flushed darkly.

"Naw, like this. Yume, move it." Muscle flexed as he sat up and Yumi scooted, moving backwards gracefully to rest on thick thighs. "Here." Kira's hands were engulfed in bigger ones and he started, unused to anyone other than the Captain touching him. The grass shifted until Ikkaku was happy and he tried again, getting a little squeak.

A slow smile at his success, tiny though it was and he beamed up at Ikkaku, who stared; the smile fell away quickly. "Is, is something wrong?" His shoulders curved a little, shy and uncertain.

"Naw, just don't see ya smile much. Should." An easy grin and the bald man leaned back again, letting his brunet friend crawl back to his spot. "Practice. If you change your breathing and move from the top to the bottom of the blade, you get different sounds." A new bit of greenery was selected and the whistling started again.

Kira sat quietly, testing his new ability quietly, mostly getting tiny squeaks and lots of air blown over his hands. He noticed Yumichika watching him but the older man didn't say anything, so the blond stayed quiet, pretending he didn't see. The sun passed over them and moved down, casting bright colors in all directions; grass was abandoned to watch night trail over his small world, ending a good day. His shoulders slumped a bit and he sighed before pushing to his feet; time to go back.

"Leaving already?" Dim light seemed to highlight Yumichika's feathers, the gleam of Ikkaku's eyes, and Kira smiled at them.

"Yes, I'm afraid I'm needed back by dark." He might just make it if he hurried. "Thank you, for letting me stay. And for showing me how to whistle."

The bald man grunted but his barefoot companion grinned and stood, balancing delicately on warm skin. "Of course." Kira smiled and turned away, taking a few steps before a slender hand wrapped around his wrist. He looked back to see Yumi standing on the grass, toes wiggling distastefully. "You can always come back. If we aren't here, come find us, we'll come watch the sunset." Happiness sparked in the pale eyes and Kira smiled shyly, nodding. "Good, now carry me back to Ikka, I'm getting dirty."

He didn't have a chance to refuse, the brunet neatly climbing his slender frame. The blond staggered under the sudden weight but managed to get his armful back the few steps to drop onto Ikkaku's stomach "Good night." The smile felt strange on his face but nice too. 'Is this what it's like to have friends?' He barely remembered.

A vague wave from Ikkaku and an energetic wave from Yumichika before the younger man took off, running for home, hoping to make supper with his Captain. "What was that about?"

Yumi looked down at his throne and shrugged "He won't come back if we don't invite him." A sly smile and red tipped eyes narrowed. "And I know you like him. You're lucky I'm so tactful and didn't mention your," A slightly distasteful pause, "reaction. Should have, but I'm soooo nice and kind to you." His knees spread and dark hair swung forward to brush delicate cheeks. "I hear there's a new scarf that would look absolutely wonderful on me in the market in the Fifth Rukongai. Everything does, but Matsumoto made a special trip to tell me about it, so I'm sure it would be extra beautiful." He preened a bit, fluffing his hair and smoothing his feathers.

"Bullshit. I'm not buying you jack." The larger body started to rock from side to side, making the smaller man cling and squeak. "Now get away from me, I'm hungry."

Purple widened at the refusal and Yumi growled softly. "If you don't, I'm walking right into the Third and announcing you want in Kira's pants. See how close he comes to you then!" He smirked nastily. "Not to mention, Ichimaru will be after you too. That sneaky bastard will never let you sleep again."

Ikkaku snarled up but it had no effect on his stubborn little ruler. "Fine. But that's it! One scarf."

A wiggle and soft lips pressed to his nose before he could fend them off; while he lay stunned, the brunet shoved his sandals on and bolted. Thrilled laughter as he swore and took off, chasing that fucking brat he called a best friend home.






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