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Final Chorus

"Ikkaku? Are you here?" Isane leaned in the door, looking around the empty room. "Honestly, calling me here and not even showing up." Small fists rested on her hips for a second before her eyes narrowed. "Alright, you loser, get out here."

"Damn." Bare feet padded out from behind the door as the bald man ran a hand over the smooth dome. "Still suck, huh."

A slim brow arched and the healer's foot tapped slowly. "At managing reitsu? Hell yes." A defeated sigh and she smiled. "But, you did hide from me for a couple of seconds."

His grin was bright and he plopped down on the couch. "Great. So, I need a favor." She sat and folded her hands, waiting for him to continue. "I need to be able to heal without removing the bruise."

"What? Tired of hurting all the time while you polish your tough guy image?" A slender leg lifted and settled on the other. "And why should I help you? You broke a window just last week and never showed to help me fix it like you said you would."

The big body cringed a bit. "Ah, yeah, about that... See, Yume was on my case about breaking a cup and I had to take him to get new ones, 'because an incomplete set is so ugly, isn't it Ikka?'" His voice rose in a mocking falsetto as he imitated his friend but Isane didn't even give him a tiny smile. "Aw, come on, you know what he's like if you don't give him what he wants." She continued to stare at him, arms folded. "Sorry. I'll come by and help out a bit later, ok?"

Dark eyes finally smiled for him and he beamed at her. "Alright." Her eyes suddenly narrowed. "Where is Iemura?"

"Yume decided he had to have a picnic and needed a basket carrier." A prompt answer and they stared at each other before Ikkaku flushed red and looked away; he wasn't supposed to mention that.

Dark eyes were bright with anger now and he tried to smile, failing under her glare. "And you've had him for how long?"

"Now, Isa-chan," That stuck in his throat and he nearly choked; stupid Yumi and his stupid nicknames. But they usually worked to get I him /I out of trouble. "Don't be upset. We were just borrowing him for a few days." It was an effort but he tried to look innocent. The flush of anger in high cheeks told him he was failing. "Look, Isane, I need this."

"Bullshit." He sat back in surprise; his friend never, ever swore. "You know what your problem is? You're so busy being tough you won't ask for help! You kidnapped my third! I've been worried sick over him!"

Dark eyes closed in defeat. "I'm sorry." And he actually meant it. "Will you please teach me how to manage my reitsu better?"

Her face smoothed into a smile. "Alright." A deep sigh of relief; Isane was almost as scary as Captain Unohana when she got going. "But you have tell me what it's for."

Wide shoulders fell and he looked away. "I can't." He wished he could, but it seemed wrong to share something like that. Full lips parted to tell him off and he looked back. "Please, Isane, help me."

Deep eyes watched him through the messy fringe and beaded tails, slender fingers tapping on her arm while she considered. "Will you tell me when you can?" The bald head nodded. "Okay. First, we're going to get you to contain it a bit better, then you can learn to heal."

Ikkaku blinked for a second; she was really going to help him? An arched brow and he tried to listen carefully. 'Just wait, Kira. I'll have this down in no time.'


"Hsst!" Blond bangs flicked at the window in response to the faint hiss.

Blue eyes darted from side to side as the younger man searched quickly. "Ikkaku?" A soft whisper, barely even audible and the bald man lifted his hand from under the window. "What are you doing? Get out of here!"

"No. Let me in." The shutters slammed shut and Ikkaku stood, hands on his hips. "Open that window before I break it."

Furtive eyes peeked out. "Go away."

"Nope. Too late. I already saw you know." He could almost hear the flinch. "Open up, Kira."

Slowly, inch by inch, the shutters slipped open and he leaned in the window. A small hand was taken in his and he tugged, bringing its owner to face him. "Ikkaku, what are you doing here? The Captain's sleeping. He had a very long day and"

"Enough. I don't give a shit about his day." A tiny frown but the older man continued, ignoring it. "Just hold still." Dim light hovered over the pale hand and a startled gasp was muffled quickly. "Hang on, I've almost got it."

Pain dimmed and vanished. Kira lifted his hand and stared at the dark bruise that remained, opening and closing his fist slowly. "How did you do that?"

Ikkaku grinned and reached for the other hand, repeating the process. "Secret. So next time it hurts, you come see me, ok?" Pink graced the high cheeks and the blond looked away. "Hey, I'm serious here. It only takes a minute, so you drop by anytime." Thin lips tightened but he continued. "And I won't tell anyone."

As much as it annoyed him to have to say that, if it brought the younger man in when he was hurt, he'd lie until he was blue. Something was going on here, he and Yumi seemed to be the only ones who could see the bruises. Even subtle questioning of Yachiru showed she didn't see anything strange; she just thought Kira was fun but weird.

Slightly swollen blue eyes watched the older man mumble healing spells, hands moving over pale skin. "Thank you." A trembling smile and Ikkaku leaned in a bit, touching their noses together. For an instant, Kira thought he might kiss him and sighed in relief when he didn't. "I'll come by tomorrow, ok?"

"Sure, I'll tell Yume and he can fuss with his new dishes." A giggle from the blond and Ikkaku grinned. "See you later. Be careful." A small hand waved as he jogged off, trying not to look back.

Two days later

Yumichika leaned in the door and fiddled with his nails. He hated to admit it, but he was nervous. Scared really, but nervous would do. Ikkaku was running through his exercises in the compound, stretching and warming up slowly As he finished, the brunet slipped down the steps and approached. "Ikka"

"Hey, Yume What're you doing?" Sweat was wiped away, the broad chest gleaming as the older man shook himself out, a cocky grin on his lips.

"Just came to tell you I'm going with you." A long dark strand of silky hair was pushed behind a small ear. "You're really doing this?"

Ikkaku stopped stretching and turned to look straight at his friend. "Of course. I thought you wanted me to?"

Pink flushed pale cheeks and Yumi looked at the ground. "Just, be careful. Kira, well, he's not going to take it well." The blond had been uneasy the last couple of days, checking the time frequently and watching carefully for his Captain. He was more on edge than usual and had darker bruises, especially on his arms and wrists.

"You're awfully concerned with him. He's gonna be fine, he's not as frail as he looks." Dark eyes narrowed suddenly. "Hey, you're not..." A short nod. "Aw, fuck, Yume, not him!"

Bright eyes peeked up. "I know you like him and you wanted him first. But you have to promise to look after him." White nibbled a full bottom lip. "Even if he doesn't want you to."

"Shit." A large hand ran over smooth skin. "Why can we never agree on anything except the stuff we both want?" Thin shoulders shrugged and the brunet smiled up. "Yeah, ok, I'll do my best." His arms were abruptly filled with a slender body. "Oi, off! I'm getting ready, so fuck off."

"I'll be waiting." Yumichika scampered to the steps and sat, kicking his feet in the air. He was fairly sure he wasn't in love with Kira, and Ikka definitely was. There were others, as long as Izuru was looked after; he was the first crush in a very long time and a sweet friend.

Half an hour later, Ikkaku stepped out the door and leaned over Yumi, who was flat on the floor. "Ready?"

"Just a second." He rolled and slender hands fussed with the bald man's collar. Once it was straight and the hakama in perfect place, he grinned up. "Ready?" A deep breath and a short nod. "Fight hard." The brunet leaned up on his toes to meet the taller man as he leaned down.

Their foreheads touched. "Die harder. Let's go."

As they leapt from rooftop to rooftop, an alarm began to ring somewhere, filling the air as a brilliant streak of light arced across the sky. Reitsu trembled around them, a tangible force. "Who the fuck is that?"

"No idea but let's go find out!" One arm of light landed a few blocks away and they shifted direction to intercept it. "Ichimaru will still be there when we're done." Yumichika laughed and raced ahead, making Ikkaku struggle to catch him.

"Hey, I get first pick! I let you have it last time!" Dark hair flew back and the pretty shinigami grinned and bounced ahead.

They paused to stare over the edge, watching a rough brunet and a skinny orange-haired boy argue. "Yahoo! Man, am I ever lucky!" Ikkaku's voice rang over them all, happy and excited for a warm-up.