Chibi Mirai Gogeta: Sometimes, tales tend to be retold in a way much clearer than the first telling. Due to this, I made it my pet project to retell the tale of Unexpected Fate in a way that I wanted to tell it. This time, there will be more action, more suspense, and perhaps a different background on all of the characters. Hopefully, this time around, I shall be able to fully convey my story in a way where it can be enjoyable and would make better sense. The old story that I worked on will remain on my account while this new story shall have new chapters included.

Without any further delays, let's get this rewrite started shall we?

Unexpected Fate-Version 2.0

Prologue-A Fate Worse Than Death

Footsteps were running up the staircase in a hurried manner. Hours earlier, Bardock had lost his crew to the hands of Frieza's men on a suicide mission before he even recovered from his previous mission. He cursed his luck for having lost those he valued highly and the one who made it so they had no choice but to serve him.

Bardock was finished with all of this bullshit. He was getting tired of working for man who treated him and every other Saiya-jin like dirt and being pushed around. The visions he was cursed with had made it clear Frieza would be the one to breech the contract. Even his failed attempt to rally the Saiya-jins that had laughed at how delusional he acted drove Bardock into trying in vain to stop the one that had imprisoned his people.

'I'm going to kill him.' Bardock vowed before he stopped to catch his breath. It was then that another vision took hold and for a brief moment, Bardock thought that Frieza had already destroyed the planet. Looking around to find out where he was, he thought he had been given a brief glimpse of heaven before he saw a man that took on his own appearance. 'No way! That's…'

"Kakarrot…" The petals from the tree flew by Bardock and he attempted to reach the boy that had grown up into a man. Minus the scar, Kakarrot would have definitely taken after the boy.

When Kakarrot turned to look at him as though he had heard Bardock call out, the male shifted instantly into the man he despised: Frieza. Before Bardock could comprehend what was happening in the vision that had come out of nowhere, the world beneath him gave way in a fiery eruption of molten lava and rock; causing the male to lose his balance.

Moments after the realistic vision had come to pass; Bardock caught himself after he had collapsed, panting in pure terror and utter confusion about what he had just seen. Was Frieza to survive what could be a futile attack? If so, why wouldn't he be able to defeat a madman like him with the power he possessed now? Not dwelling upon it, Bardock ran up the remaining flight of stairs to the top of the tower. He peered up within the sky and saw Frieza's ship positioned in front of the planet's blazing sun.

'I have to try though I'm tired of that bastard treating us like we're disposable men for his empire.' Bardock growled with a blazing aura around his frame. He stretched his complaining muscles before lunging towards the ship. He was going to meet his destiny or die trying to rid the universe of one less dictator.

During his flight, he was stopped by Frieza's men; however, Bardock wasn't the type to give up and fought through them all like a rabid animal. They were weak in comparison to him and he could easily take thousands more if he had to before reaching his main goal laid out in front of him. By the time he cleared most of the fighters, Frieza himself had come out of his ship in his chair. The tyrant wasn't pleased that a Saiya-jin was in his presence.

Despite the men clinging to Bardock's body in a vain attempt to stop the Saiya-jin warrior, they instantly backed off when Frieza made his presence known to all. Those that valued their lives did not even bother now to hold back the Saiya-jin that wanted Frieza dead and knew that this tyrant would never fall no matter how many attempted to rise against him.

"Give up Frieza! I already knew what you're planning to do!" Bardock chuckled darkly. A sphere of energy appeared in his hands and this was meant for the figure that sat quietly in the chair without uttering a single word.

'He knew? Then maybe I can use him to my advantage; especially if he's got the ability to see into the future.' Frieza grinned and lifted a finger. A blast formed on the end of it and Bardock saw that it was a challenge. He almost assumed that this was all Frieza would attack him with and misjudged his power.

"Prepare to die!" Bardock yelled and hurled the blast he created at Frieza at the same instant Frieza laughed and tossed his blast towards Bardock and the planet behind him. Bardock was ready to accept his fate; however, the blast sailed over the Saiya-jin and hit all of the soldiers behind him and the planet.

"No!" Bardock was beside himself when the planet exploded. He had failed. He had allowed the Saiya-jins to perish and that was not even including the people that were currently off planet like his two sons and several others. Frieza took the liberty of knocking out Bardock while he was distracted at the destruction of his world.

The last regret that passed Bardock's mind was: 'If that is the planet's fate, then why am I the one being spared the fate of the rest of my people?'

Hours later, Bardock awakened completely stripped of his clothing. His body was wrapped in a sheet; his only protection against the coldness of both the floor and pitch black room around him. A bright light suddenly blinded Bardock temporarily and before he could regain his eyesight, two hands wrapped dangerously around his throat. Bardock fought his best to get away; however, his wrists were restrained by the bonds that kept him from fighting back.

"There's no use trying to escape monkey," Frieza's sultry voice echoed within the cold confining room.

"What do you want from me?" Bardock growled weakly. He knew that in his condition, he could do nothing to attack Frieza; let alone throw a punch.

"I want to use your abilities in my plans." This angered Bardock. The last person that he would ever want to help is Frieza after what he had done to his people. He had taken everything from Bardock in less than a day and now, he was regretting saying what he had said for this creature to spare his life.

"I rather die than help you." Bardock spat.

"Then you will be kept from doing that." Frieza cryptically answered with a persuading smile; one that could make anyone in Bardock's position gag at the thought.

"What?" Bardock suddenly felt a heavy amount of voltage run up his body; overpowering and paralyzing his body beyond any words he could speak. Within mere seconds, he lost consciousness and Frieza released the Saiya-jin male. Bardock's nude body fell to the floor and was completely exposed to the elements around him.

"Guards! Drag this monkey to the dungeon!" Frieza commanded. The guards ran into the room. If Bardock only knew of what was in store, he would truly know that this was a fate worse than death.

To Be Continued…