Unexpected Fate: Version 2.0

Chapter 29-Finite Peace

Eight days. For Bardock, it seemed like a long wait between the reprieve and the battle with Cell and for once, he yearned for a fight. Yet, his son had made it clear that they were going to spend the first few days relaxing before they trained. Now with another day of relaxation, Bardock found himself at a loss of what he was going to do with his time.

'Maybe I can go fly around or something…' Bardock thought and opened the door. When he did, he realized for the first time since he returned home how the world around him looked.

While he had trained for seven months within the Room of Spirit and Time, the idea of returning to his home seemed rather foreign. Nothing seemed out of place despite the time he had been absent, but at the same time, he half-expected to come back to nothing. Usually, he care little about the location, but now, he was starting to realize that he was starting to feel more at home on Earth compared to all of the planets he traveled and ravaged nearly three decades ago.

'At one point, I wanted to leave this planet…' Bardock thought silently to himself while eating a small meal that he was able to pull together without worrying about the dishes all that much.'It's not Vegeta-sei, but at least there's a chance to be accepted by the humans without fear or intimidation. I suppose it's not a bad thing that none of these humans know what a Saiya-jin is and get all hell-bent at the idea of us co-existing alongside them. At least I know all of them don't judge us…'

Eventually, he left the house and took off into the air. Before he knew it, he landed on the porch of Goku's home and found himself knocking at the door. Shuffling was heard from within and moments later, Chi-chi opened the door and looked at Bardock in a confused manner.

"If you want Goku, I threw him out of the house because he broke most of the silverware," Chi-chi growled her husband's name in distaste. "I don't like that blonde haired thing of yours and I rather you guys get normal jobs!"

"What is a normal job for guys like us anyway?" Bardock raised a brow at this question. Frankly, he had no idea what 'job' he would be suited for on Earth since all he knew was destroying things and taking lives of others. 'That would look great on trying to get a job: former employee of a galactic overlord, conquer of worlds is seeking to work on a lowly earthly job for some unknown trade…' The idea was morbid in its best and he had to suppress a chuckle at the irony.

"I don't know… maybe construction or mining or even farming," Chi-chi threw suggestions at the cursed warrior.

"And what is the point in doing this anyway?" Bardock asked.

"To earn some income, you know, upgrade your little hovel of a home that you live in. Maybe food…" Bardock's stomach growled at that suggestion. Chi-chi only sent a glare at her father-in-law; almost though he was there for any available handouts.

"What? I didn't eat that much because most of my dishes are broken," Bardock looked at her as though she was about to start raving any minute. "And I didn't do it intentionally either. Ever since I transformed, it's become difficult to gage my strength and…"

"Get out…" Chi-chi hissed at Bardock.

"What? I just got…"

"I SAID GET OUT! I WON'T LET THE REST OF MY HOUSE GET DESTROYED BY THE LIKES OF YOU MONSTERS!" Chi-chi yelled; shoving Bardock out the door and slamming it in his face.

'Okay, I take it back; most people don't judge us…' Bardock sweat dropped at the closed door and knew he could easily go back in if he wanted to, but did not since his daughter-in-law technically kicked him out. He decided to leave her to her own devices and see what his son was up to.

Walking through the forest, Bardock soon found his son and grandson near a lake cooking some food. He noted how peaceful they looked and figured he would find better company with them after the incident with his wife.

"Hey taristo!" Goku called out to his father rather eagerly. He greeted them both with a curt nod with his head before joining them at the fire. "You're just in time! The fish is almost done…"

"Not flash frying it?" Bardock asked his son.

"I tried it, but I burnt it to ashes…" Goku admitted with embarrassment.

"You have to use a minimal amount of power; not too much, but not too little that it's still raw inside," Bardock explained. "After all, you want to make sure it cooks all the way through so you get the best flavor possible."

"I'll try it next time," Goku promised. "Right now, I prefer a nicely fire-cooked fish."

"To each their own," Bardock sat down next to his son.

"I'm glad you decided to join us grandfather," Gohan smiled happily at his grandfather.

"I suppose I could use the company," Bardock shrugged. "Not much to do at home."

"That's true, plus the weather's great for spending time together," Goku cheerfully agreed before helping himself to the fish. "Let's dig in!"

Bardock noticed that for the size of the fish, it seemed like it wouldn't be enough to feed the three of them, but he was surprised by the amount of patience his son had for cooking it over the fire. Taking a bite, his eyes widened.

'It's not as bad as the other stuff he cooked,' Bardock thought silently to himself. 'I think this is probably the best thing he ever made.'

After spending most of the day exploring, the three found themselves in a field. The skies were clear and the stars began to appear in the slowly darkening sky. The way the stars shone that evening, he began to wonder how different they were positioned from how they were on his home planet. Squishing the longing emotions he felt, he reminded himself that he had once played a horrid role of destroying the very planets that revolved around these celestial objects without mercy.

"That one looks like a dragon," Gohan pointed at a random constellation.

"What? I don't see it," Bardock was trying to follow Gohan's gaze, but he was having difficulty trying to figure out what he was looking at.

"Ah, that's good Gohan," Goku chuckled.

"I still don't see it," Bardock frowned at their playfulness. He had no idea that they were using their imaginations to come up with shapes that people could perceive as other constellations and his lack of it was evident.

"Grandfather, look for its long neck…" Gohan explained.

"Long neck, I still don't see it…" Bardock honestly couldn't see what they saw and figured that this was a waste of time. "Why are you making random creatures with stars?"

"It's a fun activity that we do dad," Goku reassured.

"Stars are nothing but planets and gassy stars, they're not meant to make-up silly pictures with," Bardock huffed.

"Well, can you point out where our planet used to be?" Goku asked.

"It's no longer there, but…" Bardock pointed to the two stars that seemed close together.

"Is that where we came from?" Goku asked curiously. It was said in such an innocent tone that a child would ask why the grass was green.

"Yes, rather, those were the two stars that revolved around our planet," Bardock explained.

"Did they have names?" Gohan questioned.

"They were called Mabalash and Zurcan," Bardock answered. "Zurcan was the smaller of the two suns that orbited the planet, and usually, it came up before Mabalash."

"Has the bigger sun ever risen before the smaller one?" Goku glanced at his father in confusion.

"No, it would never rise without its brother star," Bardock stated. "In a sense, it is symbolic because it is a reminder that we grow stronger if we are defeated."

"Yeah, I know…" Goku admitted. "Hey taristo?"

"Yes Kakarrot?" Bardock looked over at his son.

"I'm glad we met," Goku grinned.

"I'm… I'm glad we met as well," Bardock was hesitant in saying it, but he realized had he never met his son, he had no idea what his life would have been like after Frieza's downfall. In either case, he hadn't realized how real it felt for him to soon let go of his youngest son. 'Kakarrot, I don't know how I'm going to live without you when the time comes…'

Ruins surrounded Bardock as he walked through the city devoid of almost everything remotely alive at this point. Movement was behind Bardock and he barely dodged out of the way when he saw a figure in a cloak attack him without much warning.

"Who are you?" Bardock demanded angrily.

"The question is why are you planning to thwart my plans?" the being before him questioned. "I could easily destroy you, but you are protected by the gods…"

"What? How am I protected?" Bardock asked.

"That blasted charm you hold… the Zoi stone…" the being muttered. "It keeps me from destroying you… but perhaps I can still alter you in some way to make your life a living hell…"

"What?" Bardock suddenly saw a blast of energy gathered in the figure's hand that looked like it could destroy the very galaxy in one fell swoop. It barreled at Bardock moments later and he stood his ground. When it connected, it mysteriously engulfed his form and dissipated moments later. Searching the area, he noticed that whoever decided to attack him out of the blue had vanished.

"What was that all about?" Bardock thought before he felt something horrid fill his gut.

Waking up, Bardock ran to the bathroom and threw up in the toilet. He had no idea what was wrong and while it's true he rarely fell sick aside from the Minort virus, whatever was affecting him at this moment was truly vexing.

'What the hell was that dream about?' Bardock thought while throwing up again. His head ached and the mysterious dream seemed to weigh him down heavily.

Had he been more focused, he would have seen a shadowy figure outside of his window looking in. A fleeting moment later, it vanished when the lightning flickered outside; a hint of a thunderstorm in the general area. The thunder rumbling made Bardock sit up almost upright.

'Maybe it's just the weather…' Bardock dismissed the dream and the queasiness he felt before flushing the toilet. 'Or Kakarrot's cooking… either way, next time; I'm cooking if he's going to hang out with me…'

The next morning, Bardock had to admit that he was feeling anxious. He had wanted to fight; to do something, but to his dissatisfaction, he would have to go without doing it. In either case, all he could do at the moment is to just wait out the countdown.

'Thankfully though, I received some new dishes,' Bardock raided the cabinets and began making a meal in the kitchen. He didn't bother using the stove and relied on his flash fry method to cook everything in a few seconds. Of course, there were some disadvantages he had learned using it.

For one, he can't use it on vegetables unless they were in some sort of container filled with water. He learned this the hard way when he tried using it on a potato once and it spontaneously exploded; leaving his kitchen a mess. Another disadvantage was the fact that since he cooked it with his chi, there was a slight coppery taste due to the atoms of the energy beam. Finally, he realized he had to do it outside since he didn't want to form holes in the walls or ceiling of his home. He already had to patch up one wall after he learned this the hard way.

'At least I'm not feeling sick anymore…' Bardock smiled weakly. Whatever made him sick worked its way through his system and he felt much better for it.

Later, Bardock met up with his son and grandson and followed them through the woods. From the looks of it, they seemed at home in the forest and for a moment, he felt like he was with his mother and brother again walking through the woods carefree. Yet, it quickly faded when Goku reached up for an apple and offered it to his father.

"Thanks," Bardock accepted the apple before taking a bite.

"Dad, Chi-chi wants me to go somewhere tomorrow, do you mind joining me?" Goku questioned.

"I guess Kakarrot, why? What is she planning to do?" Bardock asked his son.

"I'm not sure," Goku shrugged. "All I know is I will have to answer some difficult questions and I think I'll need your help."

"If you're worried about it, sure I'll be there," Bardock reassured his son.

"Thanks dad, I'll let Chi-chi know so you can stay the night. We'll head out in the morning." Goku seemed relieved for some reason, perhaps his daughter-in-law needed something in town and that why his son asked him for assistance.

"Alright." Bardock nodded.

"Dad, I need to let mom know I'm going to the festival that Bulma invited us to," Gohan reminded his father.

"Well, I'm sure she'll let you go," Goku smiled at his son.

"Festival?" Bardock repeated the word. It was too long since he had been to one and wondered if it was any different than the ones he would go to when he was younger.

"Yeah, there would be a lot of food and activities there," Goku explained.

"I rather go to that than what your mate has in store," Bardock seemed interested in Gohan's activity a little more.

"But dad, you said you'd help me…" Goku complained.

"I will, but I just hope there's time to go to that 'festival' too," Bardock admitted. 'Not to mention I want to know what kind of 'festival' this is. If it's anything like what we celebrated on Vegeta-sei, then I'm curious…'

"There should be plenty of time; I mean Chi-chi's thing is early in the morning, so we will be only a couple of hours late." Goku reasoned.

"That's good," Bardock nodded. "Let's make sure we do well with whatever she needs help with then and head out there."

Dinner thankfully wasn't as big of an ordeal as it was the previous day. Chi-chi had asked Bulma about the strength resistant plates and had some on the table, but much to her dismay, they didn't seem to go as well as she liked when she noticed the multiple cracks on the new plates.

Following dinner, Gohan was preparing to go to his room when his father gently placed a hand on his shoulder.

"Dad?" Gohan looked up at his father in confusion. Bardock was equally confused.

"I want to get a picture of all of us together," Goku spoke out of the blue suddenly with a cheerful grin on his face.

"A picture? Why?" Bardock asked. Chi-chi went off to find her camera; delighted in the idea that her husband had. Bardock had no clue why they needed something that simplistic when such things were pointless reminders.

"It's so we have something to look back at the good times we had." Goku promised.

"Do we have to get a picture?" Bardock asked. "I don't see the point…"

"Come on grandfather," Gohan encouraged the toughened warrior. The boy dragged him outside where he saw the familiar sunset he had seen once before.

'This is going to be the picture Goten had years later when it was all said and done…' Bardock thought while Chi-chi had them line up together. The cursed warrior did his best to smile softly before the camera's flash went off. Blinking away the dark spots that danced before his vision, Gohan ran off to his room afterwards to study while Goku helped Chi-chi with the dishes. 'Now that the picture's been taken, I feel everything else will fall into place…'

The cursed warrior noted the other pictures on the wall that depicted his son, daughter-in-law, grandson and his comrades. A part of him felt jealous that those he befriended in some way, shape, and form was still among the living. Had they followed him to Earth, perhaps he too would have found a way to preserve them the same way his daughter-in-law had done.

'I wish my comrades were alive…' Bardock closed his eyes and thought back to all of them. 'The only thing I have to remember them are my memories...'

"Hey, get your ass into gear," Fasha grunted while shoving her foot into his side. He grumbled and sat up; still fighting off the lingering effects of the nap he had rudely been awakened from.

"What has your spandex in a bunch?" Bardock muttered. He rolled over and glanced up at Fasha. He noticed that she had his scouter in her right hand and seemed rather uptight about something.

"In case you forgotten, we have a mission to go on, so get up before I drag you to your ship by your hair," Fasha threatened.

"Hey Fash! Don't be so rough on Bardy! Turnipa will find out and try to get him reassigned to her squad!" Tora jokingly replied.

"How many times do I have to remind you not to call me 'Bardy' Tora?" Bardock was annoyed by the free-spirited man that was in the group. He had gotten closer to him than the rest of his crew over the years, but disliked the nicknames he assigned.

"Listen, I don't have time to deal with your bromance right now, so get your tails into gear right now before our next trip's taken by some other aristocratic bastards," Fasha angrily yelled at them.

"Fine, we'll pick up where we left off later," Bardock told Tora who happened to appear in the doorway with a cocky smirk on his face.

"Anytime Bardy," Tora chuckled; only making the other man fume angrily at him.

'I miss their personalities, even Tora,' Bardock thought and opened his eyes. He wished he had been able to save them from Dodoria, but he arrived too late to only see their dead corpses and the person he almost considered a brother die in his arms. 'Their deaths were not in vain and while I had hoped to kill Frieza, I felt what his father had done was much worse. Still, I wish I had killed both Frieza and that dick…'

"Taristo?" Goku's voice pulled him out of his morbid thoughts. The cursed warrior turned and saw his son standing there with a concerned look on his face. "What's wrong?"

"…it's nothing Kakarrot," Bardock spoke softly. "Just felt a bit angry…"

"I could feel your energy rising from the other room," Goku noted.

"Mmm… it disturbs you, then I'll head home…" Bardock turned to the door, but his son threw out an arm.

"Taristo, you said you'd stay the night…" Goku pouted.

"Oh yeah, I did say that earlier didn't I?" Bardock grumbled. He forgotten about helping his son with his request and honestly, he had no idea what it all entailed. "Fine, if you're going to guilt me, I'll stay."

In the back of his mind, he hoped he wasn't making a serious mistake by agreeing to this bizarre request.

That night, Bardock was lying in bed awake and felt his son's power level was still active. For a moment, it felt like it lowered a bit before it rose again. Somehow, he felt his daughter-in-law's energy mingling with the Earth-raised Saiya-jin's and realized with a start that his son was…

'What? Are you serious? He's mating with her right now when our lives are on the line?' Bardock thought before a deep blush crossed his face. He felt somewhat jealous and wished that Turnipa was with him, but he reminded himself that she was in the hands of a madman at that very moment. 'Then again, I suppose it wouldn't be a bad thing for Kakarrot and his mate to conceive Goten… I just hope the boy will one day realize the significance of our blood and not take it lightly…'

Soon, he felt the energies die down, but he felt the formation of a new life. A life he knew would one day complicate his own.

In the morning, Bardock was woken up by Chi-chi and given some clothes to wear. What he did not realize until he reached the kitchen was that he couldn't eat anything. On top of it, he was in some clothes he was seriously uncomfortable with. He powered down due to the tightness of the suit since he was somewhat afraid that one twitch of his muscles would shred the fragile garments apart.

"What is the point in wearing these garments anyway?" Bardock asked.

"You're coming with me to help my little scholar enroll in a private school," Chi-chi affirmed.

"A what now?" Bardock had never heard of the word 'school' before. Goku was equally confused.

"Is that a good thing?" Goku asked. He too had powered down in order to retain the clothes' shape.

"It is if it means giving Gohan a proper education," Chi-chi nodded.

"And you need us to dress in these pitiful and fragile garments in order to get him in there?" Bardock asked.

"Yes, you need to dress nicely." Chi-chi answered Bardock.

"I rather go naked right now…" Bardock muttered.

"I would too taristo," Goku agreed.

"That's enough, march!" Chi-chi demanded before both Saiya-jins found themselves going to the car to who knows where.

To Be Continued…