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Lord Voldemort scowled across the table at his wife; Christina.

"By Slytherin's name I swear that I shall do something with you! Especially on this day!" he said loudly.

Christina sighed, "February 14th means nothing to me anymore; not since you forgot it last year." she said.

"An unforgivable mistake, which I shall forever regret, but I had to-"

"Yes, yes; you had to go oversee some 'kill Potter' plot; I know." Christina angrily said; interrupting the Dark Lord.

Voldemort was silent; he didn't understand why his wife was so upset. Didn't she despise cherubs, and the color pink? He thought of her piggy bank collection, (Now spotless thanks to Snape.) not one of them was pink. So why was she so angry that they'd done nothing for Valentine's last year?

"Christina, I-" he started to say, but was once again interrupted.

"I don't want your lies! I will do nothing on this day, just as I always have! Besides, you don't really wish to spend time with me. All you truly want is to get rid of Potter! I am nothing." she accusingly said.

Voldemort wasn't sure if it was tears or wrath he saw in her eyes; either one unsettled him.

"She'd better not cry." he thought. Women or anyone really, crying was not something he could tolerate.

"Be reasonable, my love. I was distracted last year; that doesn't mean you are worth nothing." he said.

Christina merely snorted in disgust. Acting on panicked instinct, Voldemort grabbed his wife's hand, and apparated them both away.

"What are you doing?!" Christina demanded; her face was livid.

"I am taking you out for entertainment on this important day!" Voldemort answered.

"In London?" Christina asked; after she'd seen where they'd landed. A girlish sparkle was in her eyes.

"Yes; but first," he pulled an oddly shaped package from his cloak. "A gift."

Christina hurriedly opened it; when the mystery was revealed she stood in a joyful, yet shocked, silence.

"A-a Slytherin piggy bank?" she asked in awe, and then she threw her arms around the Dark Lord.

"Oh my love! It is perfect!"

Voldemort smiled, "I was hoping that you would like it."

"Yes! Yes, of course I do!" Christina assured.

Voldemort's grin grew wider; "You'll love what we're going to do next." he said.

"What? What is it?" she excitedly asked.

"Muggle-torturing!" whispered Voldemort.

"Really?" Christina asked; breathless.


"Then what are we waiting for? Let us go ruin Valentine's Day for the sickening Muggle couples!" Christina exclaimed.

Thus is how the Dark Lord and Lady spent their evening, night, and morning out. So many Muggles, so little time.