Things were getting back to 'normal', well as normal as they ever can be at the SGC. New staff came and went, but the old guard still inhabited the corridors. Walters voice echoed down the halls, Siler still had his own special bed in the infirmary, the marines of SG3 were still loud, annoying and still told off colour jokes in the commissary when no 'brass' was about. However changes had been made, and one of the hardest to adapt to was the absence of Jack O'Neill.

He had filled a room, just by his sheer force of personality, he had been loud, annoying, full of nervous energy, always breaking things, bordering on insubordinate, cheeky, loyal, brave, self sacrificing, strong, able… such a contradiction in terms that even those who liked him tended to get annoyed, and even the ones who didn't like him (and there were one or two, but that was about all) tended to smile unwillingly at his antics!

The 'new' man at the helm seemed…well…quiet…so far. Hammond had had a commanding presence all of his own, then he was followed by the natural force that was O'Neill, but this new man… not everyone was sure about him. He also seemed to have a fascination with the new doctor, and she was young enough to be his daughter for Gods sake! She didn't seem to care for him as much as he did for her, but then again, she could just be better at hiding it, though some of the looks she threw at his back should have severed his spine!

It was winter in Colorado Springs, and though that shouldn't make a difference, considering they were travelling to other planets, it always seemed to work out that there were less missions to go around, and more down time at this time of year.

As a regular routine SG1, well the three remaining members on earth, got in touch with each other daily, even though Teal'c was away a lot, he still kept in touch when he could. Daniel was going to be flying off soon to the Pegasus galaxy, and Sam was in the dessert, out at '51. Jack was in DC at the Pentagon, but no one wanted to risk one of them going missing again without early warning. It was just too close for them when they realised Sam had been taken for two whole days without one of them realising, and even now, three and a half years later, they kept it up.

It was a bit of a surprise for Hank Landry when Daniel Jackson asked to see him, he had met the archaeologist of course, at the meet-and-greet and had read his truly remarkable mission reports, but he had not had a chance to 'get to know' him.

"Please Dr. Jackson, come in and take a seat, what can I do for you?"

"This may seem like an odd question General, but have you heard from Jack today?" Daniel looked at the man behind the desk with his piercing blue eyes, the sheer concentration in his gaze made Hank straighten the files on his desk as if HE were the subordinate.

"Is there any reason why I should have? I have a scheduled conference call with him and a couple of others in an hour"

"It's just that I can't get hold of him, his phone is either turned off or out of range of the network, and I spoke to him yesterday afternoon and he had no plans to be anywhere but in DC, and he NEVER turns his phone off!" Daniel looked straight at Landry again, this time assessingly "Sam also is not answering her phone, and her lab says she didn't call in sick"

Landry's face never even twitched, either he had not heard the ten million rumours about the military half of the team, or he would be a damn fine poker player. As Jack had personally vouched for him, and it was very rare for Jack to be wrong about anyone, at least, not for long, Daniel felt he may be able to trust him, but the only thing was, he didn't know just how FAR. While it was no longer against the rules for Jack and Sam to be together, it could still hurt Sams career if it got out too soon that her last two promotions were recommended by her soon-to-be husband. The fact that nothing had happened between them that was not in some mission file somewhere until she was no longer under his command, had absolutely nothing to do with it, why let the truth stand in the way of a good gossip?

Landry wasn't sure what the protocol was with this, Jackson was not military, he had no rights to information, but then he was Daniel Jackson! Hank sighed and picked up the phone, the black one, and asked the switchboard to put him through to General O'Neill's office in DC. It seemed to take forever for his call to be put through. Daniel spent the whole time looking straight at him! Damn that man could concentrate; his eyes never flickered as someone who was working things out in their heads would have done. The occasional shadow walking past the plate glass window that made up almost the whole wall between the briefing room and his office never caused a twitch. He was wholly focussed on the quest he was on, and Hank started to understand some of the things Jack had told him about how he got into regular trouble, how can you sense danger when you don't even acknowledge the world around you?

He was right as well, Jacks Aide informed him that the General had not come into the office today, his driver had sat outside his apartment for almost an hour before reporting in that no one seemed to be at home, and they were busy sending someone around with keys to go in and make sure he wasn't dead or incapacitated.

The red phone rang, Landry told the aide to keep in touch, hourly and hung up so he could answer to his ultimate boss. "Yes Sir," he straightened in his chair, it was not every day that a General, even one with two stars on his shoulder, spoke to 'The Chief' "Actually sir, I have been made aware of it, yes sir… Dr. Jackson, sir…it seems that Carter is missing as well sir… I was going to, yes sir…no sir, we have not had any contact with the Asgard, there have been no reports of anyone in orbit… yes sir… I will sir, as soon as I know anything… thank you sir… I hope so sir, goodbye"

Daniel had thought that the conversation would have been about a third shorter if he had dropped the 'sirs', but he didn't say anything. He didn't know if the man had a sense of humour.

He had just put down the phone and was about to say something when the internal one rang out.

"Landry" he said "WHAT?" he jumped to his feet, Daniel jumped up as well, watching him for any sign that it was something he didn't want to share so he could leave. "Slow down…yes…yes… I have Dr. Jackson here with me, no I really think it may be something he will have an idea about… we will be right there" he put the phone down.

"Infirmary" he said and headed for the door, Daniel scrambled to follow, wondering who was hurt now, and hoping that it would be Jack and Sam returned and that they wouldn't be too bad.

The pretty new doctor met them at the doors and held a finger to her lips. She reminded Daniel of Janet, slightly in colouring, though she was several inches taller than the much beloved and missed medic, but almost every time Daniel had seen her she was scowling. Janet had made you feel better just by smiling at you, but this woman seemed to be in a permanent temper.

She moved slightly back down the corridor, rather than allowing them in, and Daniel was itching to see what had caused the quiet new man to shout on the phone.

"They arrived about five minutes ago in a beam of light, one male and one female, I isolated them and gave a quick check up before calling you, it was obvious they were not going to be threats to the security of he base" she looked at the General "now explain to me why you think a doctor of archaeology, and a linguist, is going to help?"

The General gestured in Daniels direction and said "Dr. Jackson was in my office reporting the disappearance of Maj. Gen. Jack O'Neill and Carter"

"And you think… what? That this is THEM?" she put heavy emphasis on the last word.

"Have you read either of their medical histories or mission reports?" he asked

"When have I had time?" she fairly spat at him! "I have enough work trying to catch up with the people who work here and who keep getting hurt, without looking at people who are no longer stationed here"

"Then, Doctor, I suggest you take the time to study them, oh and draw Jon O'Neill's history while you are at it"

"The Generals son?" she asked

"No he was called Charlie" Daniel supplied

She just looked at him, not one to waste words "Then who is he…?"

"He's the Asgard created, 17 year old, clone of Jack O'Neill"

She looked at him sharply and paused to absorb the information. "In that case…" she said drawing a deep breath "I suppose it is possible that they ARE the officers who are missing"

"Who do they SAY they are?" asked Daniel and she gave him an amused look, then looked to the General "You didn't tell him?"

'God please don't say they are too badly hurt to talk!' he begged the fates, 'not now, not after they finally got to be together!'

"Follow me" she said and swung the door open, Daniel trailed after her into the smallest isolation room off the infirmary, right next to the doctors office, a nurse was sat in a chair with a baby at her shoulder, and another was walking around with another, burping it!"

"Oh crap!" said Daniel