Underwear; What Not To Wear

Don knew full well the importance of such drills especially in this time of heightened security awareness and so he and the other agents readily participated The decontamination drill had been a believeable scenario; a truck carrying a potentially hazardous substance had overturned near the FBI building releasing its toxic load into the air. Don and his team had been cast as victims who'd gotten possible exposure. Now after the mock shower and triage they were waiting to be told they could get dressed. All in a ll pretty straightforward and handled with the appropriate amount of serious attention.

But standing around in the thin knee length tunic style gown and being unmercifully teased about his smiley face boxers had not been part of the plan. Giving the agent a stern warning look, he tried to hang onto his dignity and at least appear to be in charge.

Megan was quick to come to his defense saying," Well at least they look better than Colby's GI Joe underwear."

"How did you find out about that?" the junior agent wanted to know his face turning an interesting shade of pink.

"David told me," she replied a teasing smile on her face.

"Okay," Don said holding up his hand. "From now on should we be involved in any such drill, plain white underwear should be worn to avoid any future embarrassment and/or blackmail attempts."

A/N This came about somewhat by my participation in a local decontamination drill. We were allowed to keep our clothes on for obvious reasons but I thought it would be funnier if the agents had to strip down to their underwear.