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Warnings- Cursing, weird scenes...

bluepenguin15 wanted me to do Marui next as a crack fic, so I am fufilling her wish :D I got this idea from a doujinshi I read (which one I have no clue) and Silent Slayer 2000 helped make this idea come to life.

to the story!

On a nice summer morning, Marui woke up and as always got ready for school. But today was different, it was Sunday. So he woke up later than usual and ate breakfast in his pajamas. Usually he was happy and peppy but today was different. What Yagyuu had said last night was bothering him.

"Marui you should stop eating like that." Yagyuu said looking at Marui eating a cake.

"What do you mean?" Marui said looking up.

"You're going to get fat."

"No I won't. I have fast metabolism."

"Don't you know what your name means?"


"Really his name means something?" Yukimura said from his hospital bed.

"It means." Yagyuu straightened his glasses. "Ball of fat."

Yukimura chuckled and said, "It does."

Marui looked stricken.

So his name meant 'Ball of fat'. How humilatiing. And his parents named him this. He was about to shove a forkfull of egg into his mouth but it missed completely and fell onto his lap instead.

Just lovely.

"Bunta. Is something wrong?" His mother asked looking worried. "You're not talking much and you look like you're out of it."

"I'm fine." Marui mumbled.

"You sure?" His father asked while sipping his coffee.

"Well. No." Marui admitted. He took a deep breath. "It's about my name. It bothers me."

"What about your name?" His mother asked looking up from the dishes.

"What? That your name means 'Ball of fat'?"

Marui gasped. "You mean that you knew about my name?!"

"Well of course. We're your parents."

"So you MEANT to name me like this?"

"We'll give you the full story."

There was the sound of a woman clearly in pain.

Marui's dad was walking around in circles. "I'm finally going to be a father!"

Then the screaming subsided. The doctor came out looking relieved. "You may see your wife now."

He entered the room to see his wife and their new child.

"It's a boy..." she said breathlessy.

"He's so chubby...we should name him Bunta so it goes with our last name!"

"So he's going to be a ball of fat?"

" A healthy ball of fat." his father corrected.

"Are you sure you want to name your son that?" the doctor said backing away.

"Of course! why?"

"Don't you think your son is going to hate you for that?"

They looked at each other. "No"

The doctor ran out of the room screaming.

Marui could hardly believe it. His parents MEANT to name him that. He got up from his chair and ran out of the house screaming. In his jammies

"Do you think the doctor was right?" His dad asked.

well here's Marui's crack life. I'm sorry but I don't know which doujinshi it was from. And I don't remember where I found it...

Hope you enjoyed it!