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Helga, sweet, and kind,

No matter who you were she'd take you in, she didn't mind,

She smiled at everyone,

Joy to her came in every form; she loved to teach about the plants growing in the sun,

Herbology, one of her many loves,

Her voice, when she spoke was soft as a dove's,

Enemy to none, and friend to all,

Helga's heart was in no way small,

In her house, light blue, and yellow,

You will find no sorrow, and the promise of a beautiful tomorrow,

Hufflepuff caring, and true,

She loved all the Founders, and students, through, and through,

Though not as cunning as Slytherin,

Nor wise as Ravenclaw, or brave as Gryffindor,

In Hufflepuff a true friend you will find forever more,

Then the Founders broke apart,

It destroyed poor Helga's heart,

Into sadness, and despair,

Fell Helga, fair,

Then Slytherin, and Gryffindor, their duel's results she did find,

Driven by her grief, and sorrow, humble Helga lost her mind.

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