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Title: Forsaken Tragedy
Pairing: Paine x Baralai from Final Fantasy X-2
Setting: Earth, Present time
Quote for the Story: "Please… don't let me be
Another forsaken tragedy….
He's leaving me… He's going to fight, to die, for something half this country doesn't believe in. And I'm going to be here alone. I'm always alone.

Paine Stavers gazed through the foggy windowpane, looking at the reflection of her drawn facial expression. The clock said it was five in the morning, and the minute hand continued to creak forward slowly. She wished it would just stop. She wanted it all to stop. But Time would continue endlessly, and her fiancé would be leaving on a plane to Iraq in just a few hours.

This wasn't right.

They had been planning the wedding to be in September. There would have been friends and family, flowers and dresses, dancing and food, and love. But war has a way of getting in the way of all that.

She remembered the day the letter had come. Usually the army mail she received was just information on how her fiancé's training was going, since he usually did not have time to send things himself. He was always at that army base just outside of town and never home with her. In the letters she would read of his challenges and accomplishments, how he was having difficulty getting used to the sounds of battle, and how he was excelling in the obstacle courses. So when another letter came from the army, Paine expected the same old thing.

It was definitely more than that.

The first sentence made her immediately crumble. 'We are proud to inform you that your fiancé Baralai McKlain has been ordered to Iraq with his regiment for a period of eleven months.' It went on to say, 'If Private McKlain does not sustain any injuries or is proclaimed dead during this time, his regiment will continue to stay in the country for another twelve months.' She had been barely able to finish the letter, but had ended up reading it later on in the day. It had said, 'You should be proud of this Private and recommend to any other fellow Americans of this duty they could also fulfill. Yours truly, The United States Army'.

She broke down as soon as the letter dropped from her cold hands.

The news had truly sunken in just a few hours ago around midnight when Paine had said to herself, "This is the day he's leaving." It was a week and a half from the time the letter had come, and every day had been harder on her heart. She of course had tried to show none of these emotions in front of Baralai; no, her personality wasn't like that. She didn't even know if she would cry when she watched Baralai go. Maybe she would just stand there, frozen and emotionless as he walked away from her.

She didn't want it to be like that.

But Paine always found a reason to hide what was going on in her heart. She had been doing it ever since a cave-in where terrible things had happened to her. She had tried to scream and shout and save lives by doing this, but it didn't work. So now she often seemed closed, keeping her feelings inside for the fear that it would cause problems, or solve nothing at all. Why show emotions when they do nothing? But Baralai, he was the only one who made her smile without thinking, and speak before she knew what she was saying. He was kind and sweet, and sometimes she felt like he was giving all his love and she was giving none in return. But he always was reassuring her otherwise.

He was so perfect.

Paine remembered the time he had proposed with a weak smile. They had been dating for almost four years, and they were having their anniversary in a day or so. Baralai said he had scheduled dinner at Paine's favorite restaurant and then a trip to watch the sunset. They did this every anniversary so it was no surprise to her. So when Baralai picked her up at her house and said there were different plans made, she didn't know what was in store.

He ended up taking her to a giant lighthouse on the beach (one of Paine's favorite spots) and took her up to the very top. And as the spinning light shimmered by her, she noticed something shining. Paine had glanced at Baralai, but he was just looking at the view with a calm but concentrated look on his face. She had then grabbed the object the next time it appeared and had nearly fainted.

It was a gigantic diamond. Her diamond, Baralai had said after Paine gave a questioning look. He had grinned but with nervousness etched in the smile, his face a little pink, as he had gotten down on one knee and held up the ring taken from her fingers.

"Paine… I love you. I know you inside and out, and I love every minute I'm with you. I want to know deep down inside that we will always be together. So… will you marry me?"

She had just stood there for a second, soaking it all in. Finally Paine had smirked and covered his hands with hers. "Yes, I'll marry you… just as long as you move to my house." He had grinned and agreed with a chuckle.

It's been almost a year since then. And now the wedding was postponed "until further notice". Who knew how long it would be until it actually happened.

But Baralai had moved into Paine's house, and it was amazing (surprisingly not annoying) to have signs of his presence everywhere. But even though it was wonderful now, it would be even harder to live with all of the remnants when he left. For instance he was leaving behind some photographs of the couple here in their bedroom. Paine would have to look at them every time she went to bed. It would be torture.

She sighed and saw the first few raindrops slide down the glass and upon the small bed of flowers outside. Paine stood with a shiver, trying to relax before walking across the cold wooden floor to their bed.

There he was, her little soldier. Baralai was completely relaxed in his slumber, his bare chest and the tops of his pajama bottoms showing. Paine slipped in beside him in her black nightgown, pulling up the maroon blanket across their bodies. She stretched an arm over his figure and rested it on his toned stomach, feeling the heat and comfort radiating off of him.

He seems like he doesn't even know he's going into a war in the morning. Paine tried to wipe her mind of that thought and absorb Baralai's peaceful state. But no matter how hard she tried, she could not shake off the sense of foreboding Baralai's departure was bringing her. His departure might be the last time she'd see her future husband. It might be their final goodbye.
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