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The blood stopped moving in every vein,

An orchestra was your laughter, insane,

I know, oh I know, that I shall never breathe again,

Yet I do not feel the pain,

For I am over, and you are the victor of the spoils,

Around your throat I hope evil coils,

Chokingly, and steals your breath,

So that you will join me in death,

Along with all your other victims,

To our power you will succumb,

My end for a piece of soul,

That is already broken; was it ever truly whole?

You don't know the answer, do you?

Do you remember anything true?

A Horcrux fashioning is no longer exciting,

The process is so dull now, where it was once so inviting,

You think you've won? I know you will lose,

But the time long ago passed, to choose,

You've destroyed us all in ones, and twos,

The time shall come for you to pay your dues,

Then Dark Lord who will you have,

To be by your side, the blood to stave?

No one, for when you go down,

There shan't be a follower around,

As you crumple to the ground,

They will realize that you never wore a crown,

Your promises were nothing, which they never thought to fear,

When you close your eyes at last, there will not be a single tear.