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He smirked to the man, "She wouldn't ever want you. And now I'll kindly suggest you get the hell out of here before this gets ugly."

"Ugly? I know you're still a high school student Sasuke-kun, but it's a done deal. Sakura is mine. And she will become my wife."

"Ahem! I'm right here. And no you pedophile this isn't a done freakin' deal! Im not marrying you!"

"We'll see Sakura-chan."

All within a moments time Kabuto pulled out a blade. Pushed Sakura off of Sasuke. And shoved Sasuke up against a tree. Tears began form within her eyes as she looked at Sasuke's predicament.

Sasuke grit his teeth together, the blade crept closer to his neck. The sharp metal pressed slightly into his skin. He let out a slow hiss. His breathing became ragged.

"Sakura RUN!" He yelled as Kabuto pressed a little further.

Kabuto 'tched' "If you run, he dies. And if you don't agree to leave with me, he dies. "

"Don't pant listen to pant him! R-Run! Forget about me! He's pant just lying t-to you!"

Sakura looked between the two. She couldn't decide. She suddenly remembered her vow to herself. "That she would give herself up, should anything happen to Sasuke. She couldn't, no wouldn't let anything happen to him." She felt torn.

She took a sharp breath in, "…

Sakura shot a longing look to Sasuke, soon after her face was expressionless.

"Okay Kabuto, I'll go with you, just let go of Sasuke first."

Sasuke's head jerked up instantly, he shot a murderous look to Sakura before he yelled, "Sakura what-the-fuck do you think you're doing? Don't fucking go with him."

Kabuto merely smiled as he threw Sasuke into the dirt ground without the slightest bit of hesitation, "I'm glad you came to your senses Sakura-chan. Come lets-"

"Sakura! What the fuck are you thinking? You cant fucking leave with him!" Sasuke sprung up from the ground, full of murderous intent.

"Erm, Kabuto can I talk to Sasuke privately for a minute?" Sakura asked nervously

Kabuto twirled his knife dangerously, letting the sun gleam off its edge. "One minute…or else."

Sakura needed no further instruction and ran to Sasuke so she could tell him her plan.

"Sakura you can't fucking leave, why would you do this to me?" Sasuke asked, hurt shone visibly in his eyes, melting Sakura's heart.

"Look Sasuke-kun, I'm gonna go with Kabuto-"

"I already fucking know that!"

"Let me finish alright!" She yelled, "Im gonna go with him, get the diary from him and try to make a break for it, get the whole group plus Itachi and his friends, and try to help me out. I'll call or text you guys the hotel we're staying at alright?"

Sasuke took a deep breath in, "Alright. Be careful though. I really don't like this Sakura.."

She immediately cut him off as she slowly placed her lips on his trying to take his strength with her and give him reassurance that she would be fine. "I love you Sasuke-kun."

"I love you too Sak,.."

"Times up my dear fiancée." Kabuto called out dangerously.

"Coming!" She yelled back to Kabuto, then whispered hurriedly to Sasuke," Alright I gotta go now, but stick to the plan alright." With that she walked briskly to Kabuto's side, and with one glance back at Sasuke, she entered the car that was waiting for him.

After Kabuto and Sakura left, Sasuke nearly sprinted back to the hotel to tell everyone what had happened. He dashed out of the elevator and knocked violently on each of their doors.

Naruto was the first one out of his room looking as disheveled as ever, Neji soon followed as did the others.

"Teme! What do you want at this ungodly hour!"

"Yeah Sasuke! Some of us are getting their well deserved beauty sleep." Blue eyes rolled.

The rest of the friends began to have a shouting match in the hotel hallway.

"SHUT-UP" Sasuke yelled.

Quiet soon fell over the group, Sasuke then began telling them of the mornings events that transpired between Kabuto, Sakura, and himself.

"WHAT. THE. FUCK!?" Ten-Ten yelled.

"Oooh is that four eyed freak going to get it, he deserves death by stiletto."

"What are we still doing here! We must go save Sakura-chan! Dattebayo!"

"L-Lets just b-be calm and stick to Sakura's plan, W-We just have to wait for her to tell us the hotel name. And we also need to tell Itachi and get reinforcement." Hinata stammered.

Naruto planted a sloppy kiss on his timid girlfriend's forehead, "You're so smart Hinata-chan!"

"Get. Your. Hands. Off. My. Cousin!"

"Make me bird man! MAKE ME!"

As soon as Neji took a step towards the eccentric blonde he immediately fled behind Sasuke.

Sasuke merely shrugged Naruto off of him, "If you children want to help me, I'm gonna get Itachi, and then get our police force."

"Of course we're coming teme! Lets go pay Itachi a visit!"


"You know Sakura-chan, I'm quite glad you came willingly before I had to show you my mean side." He pulled her soft hand into his and stroked it almost lovingly. She couldn't help but grimace once his cold fingers latched onto her wrist, like shackles would a prisoner.

He continued, "Don't worry my cherry blossom you'll learn to love me soon enough."

After you're dead maybe, Sakura smiled, and answered his statement with a 'mm-hm"

"Well looks like we've arrived!" Kabuto stated cooly as the driver held open the door.

Sakura immediately directed her eyes to search for the hotel name, The Mirage.

'Sounds pretty classy,' She thought as Kabuto hooked his arm into hers, leading her into the hotel. When they reached the massive suite, Kabuto pressed his lips against her hand, "Well you should get ready for dinner at six, you should find your clothes in the closet and everything else you need in the appropriate places. I will be back here to collect you at six." Just as he was about to close the door, he said in a carefree manner, "If you try to run away you will be dead faster than you can say 'I Do'" And with that he shut the door.

Still miffed by the looming threat Sakura sighed and then immediately pulled out her cell phone and dialed Sasuke's number which she knew by heart.

After two rings Sasuke picked up,

"Hey Sa-"

"Are you alright Sakura? Did he try anything? Are you alone?"

"Yeah I'm alright and alone. And no he hasn't 'tried' anything."

She heard a sigh of relief on the other end. "Alright good. What hotel are you staying at?"

"This place which is about 15 minutes where we left from. Its called The Mirage"

"I know exactly where that is, I just got Itachi and his friends, our old police force should be here in about 15 minutes and I told the gang."

Sakura sighed in obvious relief, "Sounds good. I'm gonna start looking for the diary, and then Kabuto's coming back here to pick me up here at six for dinner."

"Damn! I forgot about the diary. Okay check everywhere. You have the whole night to find it. Everyone will be there tomorrow to get you at seven in the morning can you handle that? And if you don't have the diary don't worry about it, cuz we still have enough evidence on Kabuto."

"Alrighty seven am. Well I'm gonna try to start looking for it."

"Sounds like a plan."

"Don't do anything stupid okay Sasuke-kun?"

She heard him scoff, "Me? Do something stupid? Never."

"Mhmm. Just keep telling yourself that. I gotta go."

"Fine, but be safe! I love you."

"I love you too Sasuke-kun!"

And with that they hung up.

Immediately after, Sakura began to scope out the place looking in every possible place that would contain the much sought after diary which hold all the answers of her parents death and other information of her family.

After thirty minutes of searching Sakura took a deep breath and glanced at the neon clock that read 5:30.

"UGH!" She threw an over stuffed pillow at the wall once she realized she only had thirty minutes to get ready before Kabuto came.

She grudgingly opened the closet and pulled out a slinky black dress. Sakura rolled her green eyes at the thought of Kabuto and his pedophile ways. Without hesitation she pulled on the dress, only to realize she was completely in love with it, although she hated to admit it, considering who bought it especially.

Sakura then fixed her hair up in a bun and adorned her eyes with light eyeliner, she sure as hell wasn't aiming to impress that scum. I mean really, taking her against her will was not a way to woo her. "Ewwww! I do not want that freak wooing me."

Sakura waited precisely three minutes until Kabuto came right on the dot.

"I see that dress fits you perfectly. You look beautiful." He lowered his lips to her hand.

If it had been anyone else who said that she would have swooned. Sakura inwardly shuddered, but plastered a fake smile and mumbled a thanks. With that, he led her down to the dining area.

Throughout the dinner Kabuto made no movements to come onto her but tried to make conversation with her.

"How is your school going?" He asked as he cut through his meat.

"Great actually, oh wait that was before you closed it down and kidnapped my teacher."

He looked completely unfazed, he acted as if she hadn't said anything, "Oh that's nice."

"Where is Kakashi-sensei anyway?" She couldn't help but ask. I mean deep down she really liked that man, no matter how pissed he made her with his tardiness.

"He's doing rather well, in the capable hands or Orochimaru-sama."



"So…when is the wedding going to be?"

He gave a (sick) fond smile, "We'll be leaving our hotel at 7 tomorrow."

Sakura's eyes widened as realization hit her like freezing cold water, "FUCK! That's when Sasuke's coming. Sweet Tamales! I don't think I can stall…and I still need to get the diary. YIKES"

"Something wrong with those plans Sakura-hime?"

Gag me with a spoon please. "Of course not! I was just hoping that I'd get enough sleep, wouldn't want to look tired on my …wedding day."

"No worries hime, I won't keep you up tonight." He smirked maliciously.

Ew. Ew. Ew. Ew. I think I'm gonna be sick. "Eh. Heh. Yeeaaah."

This is fucking illegal. Im Young. YOUNG I tell you! This bitch lives under a rock. That's the only thing I can think of. He's probably still stuck in the 1600's.

"Are you ready to return to the suite?

NO "Uhm Sure."

He extended his arm to her, Sakura rolled her eyes and grudgingly took it.

After 25 awkward floors later, Sakura and Kabuto finally reached the suite as she was about to go into the room, he grabbed her arm, "This suite is yours. Mine is adjacent. Goodnight my fair maiden." With that said he backed Sakura up against the door. He pressed his lean frame into her petite one, earning a gasp from the girl. Her eyes widened in fear, thinking of what he was going to do. Her train of though was broken once he lightly traced the outline of her face with his cold and thin fingers. He stared almost longingly into her eyes for what seemed like a millisecond then aggressively pressed his lips onto hers, nearly taking the breath out of her. Irregardless of if she was responding or not, he sank his hand into her lush pink hair and began giving her bruising hard kisses.

After he was satisfied with himself, he gave a wink, "Your dear Sasuke-kun could never satisfy you like you deserve." Kabuto then casually made his way to his room. He suddenly turned, his eyes clouded over in something that seemed murderous, "And if you try anything tomorrow, dear Sasuke-kun and your friends will pay. Heed my warning hime, I never go back on my word." Sakura was nothing less of stunned, as she was still pressed against the door. Hurriedly she bolted though the doors, tears falling from her eyes. Deep down she knew she couldn't go through with the plan her friends had made.

Thank GODS it didn't go farther.


"Sakura? Why are you calling? Is something wrong? Did he do something to you?"

"W-We can't do this anymore."

"What are you talking about? Did something happen?"

"We can't do this plan. He's onto us, he's going to kill everyone."

"Sak, It'll work. You have to trust me,"

"No. I'm not doing it. Now tomorrow I'm going to get married to him, don't come near here."

"What the fuck is wrong with you?"

"Look. We're over Sasuke. I-I can't do t-this anymore"

As the line died, so did her heart. Tears she was struggling to hold back, released in heavy sobs as she threw herself on the bed, eager to forget about tonight's events.


"Teme! What happened? Is Sakura-chan alright?"

Hurt shone in his now cold eyes, "She's getting married tomorrow. She told us not to come and not interfere. And she broke up with me. If you have anything worth hearing I'll be up in my room. We'll leave back to Konoha tomorrow."


Sasuke was already stalking up to his room.

"We seriously have to do something." Ten-Ten said as she tapped the table nervously.

Ino was floored. "How the hell could she do that to us. How could she do that to me! S-She cant just go and get married AND break-up with Sasuke! What are we gonna do?"

"I still think we should go through with the plan." Ten-Ten said, "What else can we do."

"Nothing. She wants us to do nothing. We can always try to stop the wedding though." Shikamaru calmly stated, "But I'm going back to Konoha tomorrow, she obviously doesn't want us to interfere anymore."

"Shikamaru! You can't just leave her! T-This isn't fair! We HAVE to do something. Best friends stick together."

"Ino, this isn't High School Musical alright? This is real life. People are in danger. I'm not risking anything."

"Hmph. I'm still going to do something. About it."

"Count us in!" Ten-Ten, Hinata, and Naruto yelled, well except Hinata for obvious reasons.

"Neji? Ma bird man? Are you in?" Naruto looked at him, pretty much serious for a first in his life.

"Only because Hinata is," The girls flashed a grateful smile to him, "However we will leave deemed if the situation gets out of hand."

"Fine by me Neji-O."

"Never call me that again."

"Ahww come on man its catchy."

"It sounds like a cereal brand, and no part of me is either whole grain nor sweet."

Ten-Ten began drawing small circles on his chest, "I think you're sweet Neji-kun."

"GAG! Get a room you too" Ino yelled, then turned her attention back to Shikamaru, "Are you really going to leave?" Her blue eyes seemed to plead with him.

"Troublesome." He took a deep breath in, "No. We'll head out tomorrow, after Sasuke leaves."

"P-Poor Sasuke, he seems p-pretty torn about it," Hinata frowned.

"Yeah," Ten-Ten nodded her head in agreement, "But we need to leave at 6:30 so we can follow Kabuto and Sakura."

"Sounds good, We'll all meet here at 6:30."

"You know we make a pretty kick ass team." Ino said hands perched on her hips.

"Hell to the yes!" Naruto pumped his fist in the air.

"Well we all know the plan, lets just get some sleep now." Neji said as he re-tied his hair.

"NEJI! Do you ever put your hair in a ..bun?" Ino asked slyly.

"DIE!" the man…er boy in question threw a bobby pin at her that hit her in the forehead with a good amount of force.

"OW! You little bitch!"

With the Neji pulled an unsuspecting Ten-Ten into his room. Each couple soon followed in suite.

"Yes, Orochimaru-sama, all things are going according to plan, no I haven't planted the poison. That will be after the wedding. During toasts I assume. Is that Kakashi fool trying to escape? He should know better. Very well then I will see you tomorrow at the wedding."


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