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I walked down the halls of my current school, Forks High School. My family and I just moved here recently, and it's just like every other small, rainy town and high school.

'Edward?' Alice asked from beside me. I glance at her, a signal for her to continue, 'there's a new student coming today.' I glace at her again, but this time with an eyebrow raised, since when did we care if new students came? 'Just… just be careful today, Edward,' she was hiding something from me. She doesn't usually do that, but oh well.

"Alice?" I ask.

"Yes, Edward?"

"Do you think I should skip?"

"Uh… no, I don't think you will need to. Just… just be careful today. Please?"

I sighed, she doesn't resort to pleading often, "sure, Alice, see you at lunch,' we separated.

I walked into my classroom, stumbling over nothing, and set down. For once, all my classmates' thoughts were not on my family or me. Of course a few were.

'Oh My God!!! Like, Edward Cullen is, like, HOTT, like, even when he, like, trips!!!!' Jessica Stanley thought. She had a crush on me, so most of the other girls.

'The Lauren is so damn HOTT! I wonder if she will be my girl…' Newton's thoughts are not ones I liked to hear. I blocked out all the thoughts and did the work assigned. Class was half way through when a note landed in my lap. Great. I look around real quickly to see Jessica Stanley staring at me.

I opened the note and it read:

Edward, like, would you, like, go to the, like, girl's choice dance, like, with me?

I sighed, great, a school dance, and no one that I want to go with. Who am I kidding? Even if I did want to go with someone, I wouldn't because I would be probably make a fool of my self.

I take my pen and reply:

I will not be attending the dance with you; it is unlikely that I will attend at all.

I gave the note back to her. Notes and letters are the only times that I'm not shy. I continued my work until the bell rang. I was done, of course, so unlike the rest of the students who groaned at the thought of having homework, I left the classroom and went to lunch. As I got into the line for food, which I wont eat, I tripped. Some people laughed, but quickly stopped when I glared, even if I was still on the floor. I may be shy, but that does not mean that I let people pick on me.

"I wish I could get people to stop laughing that fast," a beautiful voice said from behind me. I turn around to find a beautiful girl to match the voice. She had long, brown hair and matching eyes, a heart-shaped face, almost as pale as my family and I. She was also in a wheel chair; crutches were tied to the side of the chair somehow. She was looking at the group of guys that where laughing at me.

When I realized I was staring, I spoke up, "Err, hello," I said while picking myself off the floor.

"Oh, hi," she said surprised. She was also blushing.

"I'm Edward Cullen," I say, sticking out my hand for her to shake.

"Isabella Swan, but please call me Bella," she says, shaking my hand.

"So, I take it you're the new girl?" I asked quietly, I only talk to my family, so I don't really know how to talk to girls…

"Yeah, I just got in yesterday," she said, just then someone opened the door and blew her sent my direction. She smelt so good! But, luckily for us, I had just feed the other day so I'm not very thirsty.

"Oh… I hope you enjoy it here," I state, she is really pretty, I wonder why no one has noticed this yet? She probably has a boy friend…

"I hope so, too. And I'm really glad that the school is all one story. I can't even think about how much time I save using just the chair!" I chuckle slightly at her exasperation.

"Hello!" the overly cheerful voice of my sister chirps beside her.

"Uh, Hello," Bella said, suddenly nervous.

"Edward, introduce us!" Alice said, 'Rosalie is mad because you were socializing with crippled human. Just the fact that she is human had her up in arms, but…'

"Alice, this is Bella Swan. Bella this is my sister, Alice Cullen," Bella let out a small breath she had been holding.

"Nice to meet you," Alice said, sticking out her hand much like I had.

"The same," Bella said shyly.

'Oh Edward! She is perfect for you!' I glare at Alice for a spit second.

"Uh, the line's moving," noted Bella. We moved forward as a group.

"Hey, Bella, do you have a place to sit?" Bella shook her head no. Alice Eyed our family's table and Rose gets up and leaves, "You can come sit with us!"

"Uh, sure?"

"Of course, Edward, hold this," Alice gave me her try and started pushing Bella towards our table.

"Hey Edward! Hey Alice! Hey… uh?" Emmett said.

"Bella," I supplied.

"Hey Bella!"

"That big thing is Emmett. And this is Jasper," Alice said.

"Uh, hi," Bella said, almost whispering.

"Well, I got to go cool Rosalie down, she's real upset," he glanced at Bella when he said the last part, then he was out of the cafeteria. Bella frowned, noticing his glace I presume.

"So, Bella, how has your day been so far?"

"Well, not do good at first, but now it's great," she smiled at Alice.

"What was wrong with it before?" I couldn't help but blurt it out.

Bella turned to me, a sad smile playing on her lips, "You were the first person to talk to me that didn't have to," how could anyone not talk to her? I guess I was just staring at her, because the next thing I know the bell rings.

"What do you have next?" Alice asks Bella.


"Oh good! Edward does too! He can take you there!" Alice and Bella turn to me and I nod. Alice skipped of to her next class and Jasper is long gone.

"You don't have too," Bella says.

"But I want to," I rebut, wheeling her to our next class.

(((I'm not so sure about this… I'm kind of taking two ideas and putting them together. But you know what they say! Imitation is the greatest form of flattery!)))