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"Hermione, Hermione" Ginny softly said to her best friend who had fallen asleep while reading on her bed in the Burrow. "HERMIONE"

"Wh..what" She murmered opening her eyes to see Ginny Weasley beaming down at her.

"You fell asleep"

"Yes and your waking me up because?" Hermione said sarcastically

Ginny grinned "Because I haven't seen you in a month and I want to talk to you, also its only 4 in the afternoon"

Hermione sighed sitting up "Fine, talk then"

"ok, ok, dont get your wand in a knot!"

Hermione gave Ginny a half amused, half annoyed look but Ginny carried on " Well, what have you been doing the past month?"

"I went to Australia to find my parents with Ron and then I went a couple of weeks with them and then came back here, fell asleep in this bed and was rudely awoken by you"

"Oh, haha, very funny" Ginny laughed rolling her eyes " I want to know about the good stuff, how's it going with Ron?"

Hermione tried not to beam and tried to look angry and roll her eyes but she couldn't help the smile that was forming on her face "Infact, things with Ron are going perfect, he was so sweet when we were away and my parents love him..."

"Yeah, Yeah, I want to know the good stuff" She winked and Hermione growled at her.

"Fine but I get to hear all about you and Harry, not that you've ever deprived me of any details before, no matter how much I dont want details"

Ginny laughed " OK, I'll tell me about me and Harry but you first. How far have you two gone?"


"What I only want to know, I mean all that sexual tension from all these years had to go somewhere, you...OUCH, hermione" Ginny moaned as she threw the pillow back hitting Hermione's head. "Come on, just tell me"

"Fine. Well," Hermione said as her cheeks blushed red.

"Just tell me, you tell me thing like this all the time" Ginny moaned

"Alright!" Hermione snapped " Well, there was one night where we were snogging got a bit carried away and then we only had underwear on and..."

She was interupted by Ginny's gasp "Hermione Jean Granger, I cant believe you slept with my brother"

Hermione turned bright red " Ginny! I didn't sleep with him, we were just snogging and got carried away but we stopped"

"Oh" Ginny said looking a tad embarrest "Sorry, jumped to conclusions"

Hermioen giggled " He was so hot with his shirt off, I.."

"Ew, Ew, Ew no more, no more, thats my brother your talking about" Ginny pulled a look of discust but Hermione could see that she was really smirking.

"Well, now you know how I feel when you go on about Harry and you have said worse than I've said"

"Ok, I get it. No sexual stuff about Harry, Hermione!" Ginny shouted "Your 18, stop cringing every time I say something with the letters s-e-x in it!"

Laughing Hermione got up and sat beside Ginny " So, tell me about you and Harry?"

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