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Hermione opened her eyes and immediately had an aching in her head and back. It took her a moment to realise that she was lying on the floor with a blanket covering her. She slowly sat up and saw that Ginny was in a similar position beside her. She scrunched her eyes trying to remember what they had done to end up like this. One word came to her mind. Firewhisky, the usual culpret.

She got up and made her way to the kitchen where she saw her boyfriend sitting reading the paper with a cup of coffee. He looked up and smirked.

"Morning darling, you look beautiful" He snorted

"Shut up Ron, do you have any hangover potion?" Hermione said siting down next to him.

"I put it in your coffee" He smiled pointing at the cup infront of her.

"Thanks" she sighed feeling a bit guilty about snapping at him.

"So...you looked like you had fun last night" He said trying unsuccesfully to hid his smirk behind the Prophet.

"Oh god, what did I do this time"

"Well, it seemed that you and Gin decided to do a little strip for me and Harry" Ron laughed while Hermione hid her face in her hands.

"Ok, remind he to never drink again"

"That's what you said the last time" Ron joked and Hermione slapped him playfully on the arm.

"So, it's was our first night in our new apartment and we didn't even spend it together" Hermione said sadly taking more of her coffee.

"Well, I certianly enjoyed the view last night"

Ron jumped backwards expecting a other slap from Hermione but instead she was grinning at him with her head tilted.

"What would I do without you"

He smiled leaning in closer to her "Turn into the crazy cat lady who lived two floors below"

She giggled in a very un-Hermione fashion and kissed Ron softly on the lips. He pulled her closer and deepened the kiss, just when Ron had her onto his lap, not breaking the kiss they heard someone in the next room cursing loudly something about "bloody firewhisky"

Hermione sighed standing up off Ron "Ginny's up"

"That damn woman ruins everything"

Hermione laughed "You better go, your going to be late for work"

"Fine" Ron grumped "But when I get home we're finishing where we left off"

"Just go to work" Hermione said rolling her eyes and pushing him up to appaperate.

"Ok, Ok, I'm going" He kissed her quickly on the lips and with a "pop" he was gone.

Hermione smiled thinking about how lucky she was then hearing Ginny still cursing and making her way to the kitchen she decided to go take a shower before work, she didn't want to be anywhere near hangover Ginny!


"Bloody, stupid, damn, idiotic, damn,bloody, effin firewhisky" Ginny muttered as she made her way to the kitchen.

She could hear the shower running and assumed that it was Hermione. She saw that there was a coffee waiting for her on the counter, most likely made by Ron (Hermione doesn't take well to hangovers)

Harry would be here soon, before he goes to work she thought. She quickly drained her coffee and guessed there was some

hangover potion in it because she was feeling alot better. She sighed, she was out of Hogwarts and the world was her own, so why did she feel so bad? She didn't even know what she wanted to do with her life, she thought maybe quidditch but no one would take he on if she tried.

She quickly cast a spell that Hermione had taught her and just as her clothes appeared on Harry apparated into the room.

"It's rude to apparate inside the house" She scowled at him.

Harry laughed "Well, hello to you too"

Ginny smiled faintly "Why did firewhisky have to be invented?"

"Come on, what's life without a few laughs" Harry chuckled sitting in the chair beside her.

"So, how's the flat hunting coming on?" Ginny said trying to steer away from the topic of last night.

"Well, I was looking yesterday and I found a few places that look nice"


Suddenly Harry jumped up "I HAVE SOMETHING TO TELL YOU"

Ginny laughed "Merlins pants Harry, calm down"

"We got a message this morning, from Oliver Wood and.."

"Really? Hows he doing? The last I saw of him was.."

Harry sighed "Gin! Let me finish"

"Ok, ok, keep your knickers on" She laughed rolling her eyes.

"Well, he told me that they needed a new for Puddlemere United and he wanted you to go for a trial!"

"Wha...Wha?...Me?...You sure?"

"Yes! Most certain. And I have no doubt you'll get it"

Ginny could'nt even speak. Her? A trial? For an actual team? She smiled, her life was going somewhere. Moving in with Harry, possibly getting a job.


She looked up and realised she had been staring into space. She laughed as she saw Harry wave his hand over her face. His green eyes staring at her, she loved him, she had since she was 6 and she always will.

"I'll take your look of utter shock as a good thing" He said "I better be off, I'm already late, Ron must've left ages ago"

He leaned in the kiss her on the cheek but Ginny cupped his face in her hands and kissed him passionately on the lips. He held her tight lifting her off the ground.

"You better go" She said after pulling apart.

"Screw work" He said and leaned in again.

Ginny pushed him away "Go to work you idiot"

"Fine" He huffed and dissaperated on the spot and before he left she could just hear "Love you"


Hermione made her way into the kitchen, washed, dressed and hangover free. She saw Ginny looking the same way reading the Prophet and eating some toast.

"Hey" She said swallowiong.


"So..Hermione..remind me, next time you say no alchohol, make sure I listen"

Hermione laughed "Gin, dont fool yourself. Next time I say no alchohol you'll tell me to shut it"

Ginny smiled "True, So I see your all ready for your first day as a healer"

"Yep" Hermione said looking down at her newly bought healer outfit "I'm really nervous though"

"You'll do fine, you came out first in the exams"

"Yeah but mayby I should just read some of the books over again, I mean, what's the harm in that" Hermione sighed playing with her fingers.

"Hermione, those books are all 2 bricks long and you've read them to death. Relax, you'll do fine" Ginny said reassuringly.

Hermione smiled sitting down and taking a piece of toast from Ginny's plate "Your right Gin, I'll be fine"

"That's my girl" Ginny smiled while taking back the piece of toast from Hermione "I thought you had learnt, dont take food off a Weasley's plate"

Chuckling Hermione looked at her watch "Crap, it's 10, I better go"

"Good luck"

"Wait! I dont think I read "Healing spells" enough, maybe I'll forget how to heal. Oh no Gin, what if I kill someone! What if I faint at the sigh of blood? What if I get lost!" Hermione cried manically while pacing up and down the kitchen.

"Hermione. Shut-up. You'll be fine. Now go"

"Yeah, sorry Gin. Panicked a bit!"

Ginny laughed standing up and giving Hermione a quick hug "Go and dont worry, you'll be fine"

"Right. Breath Hermione, breath"

"Just go"

"Yeah sorry, thanks Gin"

Then with a blink of an eye Hermione was gone leaving only the echo of someone screaming "Breath, just breath"

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