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Aishiteru-I Love You

Chapter 1

"Master Jaken, how long do you think Lord Sesshomaru will be gone?" Rin sat in a field surrounded by wild flowers, mostly chrysanthemum. Jaken was standing near the edge of the cliff where they had been left only a few hours earlier.

"How should I know, you foolish girl, if it weren't for you I would still be traveling with my Lord rather then being your caretaker when he is away." He turned around and shouted this at her. She simply smiled back at him. 'That smile,' he thought to himself, 'it is the smile that melts Lord Sesshomaru.'

"Do you think he will like it?" She held up the string of flowers she had weaved together.

"Why would Lord Sesshomaru want something as silly as a string of flowers? Rin, you are truly useless." He swatted the flowers out of her hand which she hastily picked back up.

Sesshomaru watched his vassal and Rin from a forest at the end of the field. He often found himself watching them or more correctly put, watching Rin. The previous month he thought he had lost her. In fact, if it had not been for his mother he would have lost her forever. Since then he had made a silent vow to protect her even if it cost him his life.

"Master Jaken, you really should try to smile more. Your company is more enjoyable when you are not so morose." She patted him lightly on the head.

"Your company is more enjoyable when you a silent." As soon as he finished saying that she started to giggle and Jaken could not help but smile. Sesshomaru even allowed himself a grin.

'I need not worry. She will be safe.' With that he turned around and left. The time had come for him to patrol the lands left to him by his father and he did not want to drag Rin along.

The sun was starting to set and after many hours of wandering Sesshomaru had barely scratched the surface of the massive land he controlled. He was staring at the sun when the scent reached him. Blood; he could smell Rin's blood. He took off towards the cliff and had never run faster in his long life.

'Rin, please be alright.' He finally reached the cliff but was hit hard by the sight that met him. There was blood everywhere, dead youkai, their blood mingling with Rin's. In the center of the field was Jaken, alive but unconscious.

"Jaken," he shouted as the little youkai was roused and jumped to his feet.

"My L…Lord?" he stammered. "We were attacked. I fought off as many as I could."

"Where is Rin?" He spoke without sympathy.

"She was badly wounded and one of the youkai forced her over the edge of the cliff. I have sent Ah and Uhn to find her. Please f…forgive…" Before he finished the sentence, Sesshomaru was gone.

As he headed down the cliff, Sesshomaru cursed himself for leaving her. He searched the water's edge at the base of the cliff. The water erased her scent and just downstream he could see a piece of her kimono and next to it the string of flowers she had made him. He picked up the flowers, they were red Chrysanthemum's, and the petals were soaked in her blood.

"Rin!" Sesshomaru's eyes shot open. The forest was calm and not stirred by his outburst. Jaken lay against a tree nearby and Ah and Uhn were next to him. The sounds of the night filled the air around them. "Damn, that dream again." He lifted his hand to his eyes. The tear ducts were wet but no tears had fallen. "Ten years have passed since Rin's disappearance and still I am haunted by that night."

He stood up and walked past Jaken to a nearby clearing. Despite his many years, he still allowed himself the hope that she had lived through the fall and had just found a nice village to live in. 'She would be eighteen soon. I wonder if she became a beautiful maiden or even if she would have stayed with us all those years.' He stared above him as a shooting star passed through the night sky. He silently wished upon the star as he had so many times before. 'Please let Rin still be watching these stars like she used too. Let her still be alive.'

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