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Aishiteru-I Love You

Chapter 10

No Doubts

Sesshomaru started to descend when his castle came into view. Before him was a valley and in the center his castle; and on the steps leading up to it was a panting Jaken. He looked utterly exhausted, so much so that he didn't notice his approaching Lord. "Jaken." He spoke in a stern voice.

"My Lord!" Jaken jumped up and bowed at Sesshomaru's feet. When he looked up he saw the woman that his Lord was setting down. "R..Ri..Rin." He blurted out as Sesshomaru looked down at him.

"Rin?" She spoke the name slowly as if it registered in her memory. She paused for a second but smiled and bent down to look Jaken in the eyes. "You must be mistaken. My name is Kiku." She lightly patted him on the head.

Sesshomaru glared down at the imp as he started to walk past him. He still had his arm wrapped around Kiku's waist to help support her. They left Jaken standing here staring at the two.

'Lord Sesshomaru is correct. That woman is certainly Rin.' He wanted to follow them but his legs wouldn't move. He had finished all that his Lord had wanted but the sight of Rin had completely shocked him. Despite Sesshomaru telling him that it was Rin he had held his doubts but upon seeing her there was no question left.

Kiku walked along side Lord Sesshomaru. He was supporting most of her weight which was a very good thing. The castle was bigger then she had ever imagined and it was so ornately decorated. He stopped her in front of a large pair of doors. Two servants rushed up and bowed before him.

"This shall be your room." He nodded his head as the two servants went to open the doors. Before her eyes was the most beautiful room she had ever seen. The room was huge and painted in a deep shade of red. There was a large bed on the other side of the room; it was covered in a white fabric she had seen the expensive merchants selling when she was a child. They called it silk. There was furniture she had never seen before and when he opened them she could see more kimonos then she had in her life. They were in every color she had ever imagined with patterns more ornate then any she had ever owned.

"Is it to your liking?" He looked down at her.

"To my liking?" Her voice was weak. "My Lord, it is…" She couldn't even finish the sentence. A giggle escaped her as she ran towards the bed to feel the fabric. "It is unlike anything I have ever seen." She smiled and felt happier then she had in her whole life.

"I am glad it is to your liking. If you will excuse me, I have other matters to attend to." He turned to face the door as an elder woman walked in. She had the pointed ears of a youkai. "This is Shion, she shall be your ladies maid. My vassal, Jaken, has gone to fetch Sumiko for you." He glanced back briefly. "I wish to have you accompany me for dinner this evening. When the bell rings, then it is time for you to join me. You have time to prepare, should you wish it." Without even waiting for her reply, Sesshomaru walked out and his foot steps could be heard down the corridor.

"Is he always like that?" Kiku turned to face Shion.

"I am afraid so, my Lady." She bowed lightly.

"There is no need for formalities like that. Please address me as Kiku and there is no need to bow. I shall treat you with respect." Kiku grinned at the confused woman.

"Thank you, my Lady…I mean, Kiku." Shion allowed a small smile to spread across her cheeks. "You must forgive me but out of respect for Lord Sesshomaru, I shall still call you, my Lady. Now, we should get you prepared for your dinner with the Lord. Does my lady know what she would like to wear?"

"I understand your desire to respect your Lord, it is just strange to be treated with such honor. I was just a peasant until today. As for my apparel this evening, I have no concept of what to wear. I have never seen such intricate kimonos, let alone know how to wear one, or even put it on for that matter." She laughed as she looked inside the wardrobe.

"Well it was become a well known fact that the Lord prefers simple colors and has a soft spot for chrysanthemums." Shion brushed Kiku's hair back. "Perhaps that is why my Lord has taken in the human named such."

"You really think that is why he has taken me in?" Kiku turned to face the older youkai.

"I can't say for sure, my Lady, and it is not my place to say such things. Only my Lord knows." Shion looked into Kiku's eyes. They were filled with everything that a younger Sesshomaru was without, compassion, wonder, energy, and joy. She remembered the time when he came home and suddenly his eyes were filled with those same emotions. "It could even be her that is compelling Lord Sesshomaru." She added emphasis to the word her.

"Her?" Kiku suddenly questioned. "Ever since meeting Lord Sesshomaru, I have heard of her, or she but never a name. Who is she?"

"I have spoken too much, my Lady that is a story for another day." Shion stood up and started to undress Kiku. "Come now; let us get you all ready for your dinner with our Lord."

Kiku picked out a white kimono with red dressings and a red obi. Shion put her hair up intricately and stepped back to look at the human before her. Kiku had naturally pale skin and red lips so combined with the colors of the kimono and with how beautiful she looked; one would have sworn she was human royalty.

"There all ready." Shion smiled.

"Not quite." Kiku giggled slightly as she ran to her balcony and picked a small red chrysanthemum. She tucked it behind her ear. "Now I am."

"Indeed you are my Lady." Shion stared at the angel before her eyes as the bell for supper began to ring. "Not a moment too soon. Away with you, let us not keep our Lord waiting." With that Kiku was rushed away by other servants down the corridor and soon was out of sight. "What could Lord Sesshomaru be thinking? Is it Rin? That girl who still holds power over his heart, could she be still swaying him? And why this girl?" She leaned against the wall and let out a sigh before turning around to clean up Kiku's room from their preparations.

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