Chapter Eighteen: Harry's War: Part Two

Ginny made a desperate, head-dive, forward as the portion of the ceiling came tumbling down on her. Consequently, another section of the ceiling caused the table in the middle of the room to topple sideways, breaking the legs in the process.

The wand that Ginny had sought after, rolled out from its hidden place. Ginny fell upon it, rolled onto her back and gripped it with her tied-up hands. She then thought out a spell loudly, in her head, and soon her wrists were free. Taking another move to quickly avoid the collapsing section, She undid the rest of her bindings and made quick haste as the whole place was tearing itself apart. Ginny could hear the cracking sounds of the Elves making their departure from the devastating cavern.

As dust accumulated at a frightening pace and light was beginning to become scarce, Ginny knew that she soon would be seconds away from being trapped. Waiving her wand she thought, "Accio Broom!"

To her relief a broom appeared, an old Twigger 90; the wood of the broom seemed to splinter a little as she got on to it.

Kicking hard from the ground, using the wand she had to deflect any rubble that came in front of her, Ginny flew as fast as she could, despite the outdated broom's lack of guarantee of a successful escape. One thing in her mind kept her focus and free from self-doubt or worry about the chaos that was going around her.

"Must…Must find Harry…"

To her utter joy, she bursted through the cloud of dust and came rocketing out of the cave just as all behind her broke down and the entire mountain shuddered as it sank back down into the Earth from whence it came.

The battle had begun. Both the sky and the land were littered and nothing could be distinguished unless up close. On the ground, Wizards, Witches, Aurors, Ministry Officials, and ordinary magical people fought their hardest against the Chimaeras, Manticores, and the Cockatrices.

Dweezil, brandishing his spear over his head, came charging at a group of Manticores. Their tails raised high, their trumpeted calls deafening, they all directed them selves at Dweezil. Dweezil dug the end of his spear into the ground and, like a pole vault, shot himself over the heads and tails of the beasts. Landing behind them, he waived his wand in his other hand and caused a gust of wind to throw the Manticores on their backs; he then began stabbing, gouging, and spearing their weaknesses. The Manticores gave cries of anguish as their lives ended.

Neville Longbottom, accompanied by Tathilda, sent devastating shots toward the Chimaeras circling the two of them. The spells threw the creatures sprawling and Tathilda conjured showers of jagged metal barbs from up above and let them rain down on the helpless filth.

"Great shot, sweet-heart." Neville smiled at his fiancée.

"Look! There's more of there, come on!" Tathilda grabbed Neville by the scruff of his sleeve and led them to another area of the battle.

Meanwhile, Quinn Harper, along with Hagrid, were battling several Cockatrices which refused to go near the two who had mirrors conjured on top of their foreheads.

"C'mon, yeh' cowardly, over stuffed, pigeons!" Hagrid growled as he sent flames shooting out of his umbrella at one of the monstrous birds.

The Cockatrices bent their heads low and began charging at the two.

Hagrid punched one up high into the sky while Quinn created a mirrored box around it. When it came back to Earth, the bird landed on one of its fellows with a crunch. Feathers and blood flying as the bird-turned-statue embedded itself into the ground. The remaining Cockatrice squawked in fright and went the opposite direction of Hagrid and Quinn as the two began chasing after it.

Meanwhile, in the sky, the battle had become more ferocious.

Dragons, being impervious to the Sphinx's paralyzing claws, had the upper hand on these flying entrees.

The Sphinxes, on the other hand, realizing that their attacks against the Dragons' body proved useless, changed their tactics. They now began biting the flanks, legs, and, if they could, the necks of the other beasts. Most of all, their main attempt was to get at the riders.

Charlie and his Vipertooth, Scully, dived headlong onto a low flying Sphinx. The Sphinx looked up in panic but was too late to out maneuver the gigantic monster as Scully dug her claws into the rib cage of the Sphinx, hoisted her up and took its head into her mouth. Then, with a great throwing back of the head, ripped the head, along with the spinal cord, of the Sphinx off and began chewing happily. Scully let the limp, headless, body plummet down to the ground below.

"Atta-girl, Scully." Charlie said, appreciatively as he rubbed her neck.

Only one or two Dragons and their riders fell to being attacked by groups of the Sphinxes, so far. It was the bloodiest by far; Dragons and Sphinxes ripping at eachother, the blood of the beasts raining down upon the Earth below along with bits of flesh and or bodies.

Nazario, riding aboard a Chinese Fireball, had the Dragon ram into a group of Sphinxes going after a Welsh Green. He griped tightly as he felt the collision. Teeth chattering, Nazario dug his heels into the sides to steady himself. The second Sphinx came at him in retaliation and managed to bite hard into the Dragon's throat.

The Chines Fireball, which was appropriately named Maelstrom, blew a fireball at the wings of the creature rendering them useless. Then flung its head back and forth causing the Sphinx's hindquarters to come up to Maelstrom's face. Opening his jaw, Maelstrom bit hard, so hard that the Sphinx let go and wheezed out in pain. Using its hands, Maelstrom ripped the Sphinx in half, feeding happily.

Unnerved by the grotesqueness of the monster dining, Nazario spotted a Sphinx coming up from below right at them. Nazario jumped off of Maelstrom and free-fall-ed down to meet the approaching beast.

Taking out a machete from his robes, Nazario used his free hand to grab hold of the Sphinx's throat as he dropped past it.

The Sphinx urged by the strength and the pressure put upon its throat. It struggled harder as Nazario pit it into a headlock. Looking behind him, Nazario used the machete and swung behind him, clipping the wings of the Sphinx. Then, in one quick motion, he slitted the throat of the creature. He then allowed it to fall from his grasp as he put away his machete and brought two fingers two his mouth and whistled loudly. The Dragon reappeared and swooped low enough that Nazario gripped onto the horn of the saddle and was safely back on.

Meanwhile, Harry was searching high above for Vox. Having engaged in three fights with the Sphinxes, one of which was disposed of by Buckbeak alone; Harry was getting irritated that Vox had yet to show his face to Harry.

Hermoine and Mr. Weasley arrived shortly, already the two were upset that they set out so late and now were faced to join the battle in hopes of getting word to their loved ones about Ginny's fate.

The two joined the fray and found themselves joined with others as they battled fiercely against the hordes of monsters that came at them. They found themselves amongst the likes of Bill, George, Percy, and Minerva McGonagall.

"Bill! Bill! Where's Harry!" Hermoine shouted as she joined Percy in defeating a group of Chimaeras.

"Don't know! I think he's on the Hippogriff up above somewhere!" He shouted back to her as he battled with a Manticore.

The Manticore lunged after Bill, swiping at him with its clawed paws and striking with its tail. Bill Weasley dodged, ducked and crouched as he tried to avoid the poisonous stinger that was striking at him every two seconds.

Then, with one misstep, Bill fell onto his back and the Manticore charged at him. Bill searched wildly for the spear he had been using. Then a blast sent the Manticore to fall directly on its back. Bill took the moment and summoned the spear he had been using with his wand, he then proceeded and killed the beast.

Looking in all directions as to who it was that had saved him, Bill felt his whole body go stiff as he saw something his eyes were having trouble believing.

Ginny landed right next to her brother and helped him up off the ground.

"G-Ginny? Is that really you?" Bill stammered.

Ginny smiled as she gave him a quick hug, just before a pair of Chimaeras came darting toward them.

Bill, snapping back to the situation at hand, joined Ginny as the two fought with the creatures.

"Where's Harry!" Ginny shouted as she side-kicked a Chimaera that had lunged at her and began jaggling her arm.

Bill smiled, "He's in the sky with Ron and the others! It's a bloody mess up there!"

Mr. Weasley, Hermoine, Percy, and George, after defeating their opponents, noticed Bill talking to Ginny and all quickly ran to her.

The reunion was short due to what was going on around them and all the family and friends formed a large circle as they slashed, stabbed, and attacked the on coming horde of monsters.

Harry was beginning to lose patience. After nearly two hours into this battle he had not seen Vox. Harry had decided to go up, even higher into the sky, and look down upon the battle. It was then that he spotted him.

Vox, riding on a Sphinx, was in battle with Lorna and Charlie, upon their Dragons.

Harry thundered down, Buckbeak giving a battle-cry-like screech as they descended to the battle between the three.

Charlie and Lorna were holding themselves against the spells and their Dragons were doing well against the massive Sphinx ant it lunging swipes at their soft necks.

As soon as Harry was almost there, Vox looked up and sneered. He sent one last spell at the two and then whispered into his Sphinx's ear. The Sphinx nodded and the two then took off directly in the opposite direction.

Harry kept on the pursuit, despite Charlie and Lorna calling after him.

Vox was traveling at a fast speed, but Buckbeak seemed to match it as they were very close to coming up at him. Vox had taken them away from the battle, far off away from the mainland and out over the waters.

Harry scowled as Vox and his Sphinx took a dive. Buck Beak seemed to understand and followed after him. The both of them feeling the wind rushing in their faces as they chased down after them. Vox and his Sphinx stopped and turned; Vox raised his wand directly at Harry.

Harry suddenly knew what had happened. With little time to head up, there was only one thing to do.

Vox fired his spell at the two, Harry and Buckbeak managed to dodge and Buckbeak increased his speed.

Vox's sneers turned to that of a snarl as he watched Harry getting up onto the Hippogriff's back and then leap right off; arms out stretched, and grabbed ahold of Vox's shoulders as the two were removed of their steeds and forced to fall down to the Earth below. Both men giving out blood curdling shouts of spells as they meant to kill one another.

"Avada Kedavra!"




Harry tried to send a hex at Vox as they were spiraling down, but only singed the man's hair on the top of his head. Vox, too, was trying to send spells at Harry but found them to shooting off and away over Harry's head. As the two, both shooting spells, hexes, jinxes, all missing, approached a tiny island, neither seemed to care that what hey were about to meet could very well be their own graves.

Harry's eyes were alive with hatred and malice, Vox's were that of loathing and playfulness. Soon, all looks were removed as they hit the top of an arched rock structure. The force sent Harry's teeth breaking, as well as a few ribs and the breaking of a leg.

Vox, too, felt the impact with harshness as blood dripped from his nostrils and mouth.

Despite having a broken leg, his wand gone from the landing, Harry's eyes were still on Vox. Both got up off of the ground simultaneously and Harry was the first. Harry punched Vox across the face and then into the gut.

Vox retaliated as he kicked at Harry's already broken ribs.

Harry grimaced and blood began to pool from his mouth. Although, it had done little to quell his energy. Harry continued his punches but soon lost his balance and fell onto of Vox and the two rolled off of the narrow stone structure and fell even farther down to the sharp jagged rocks that came to the shoreline.

Harry gasped as more pain came to his form and the new welcome of his arm becoming broken. Vox was even worse shape, a rib had came out forcefully from the confines of his body and was visible; blood seemed to cause a new grotesque shadow around his body.

Throbbing with pain, exhaustion, and the feeling of the need to vomit accumulating; Harry limped over onto his stomach, clawed the jagged rocks with his hands and pulled himself toward Vox. Despite having a broken wrist, four broken fingers, and abrasions all over, Harry still mustered himself enough to grab ahold of Vox's tunic and pull himself up over the barley breathing man and confront him face to face.

Both men were breathing harshly, dried blood and fresh all around their mouths, faces, and anywhere else imaginable. Harry's glasses were shattered, the wire frames bent obscurely, and the bridge holder barely holding at all.

Harry pulled himself over Vox.

"W-Why…G-Ginny…. And not…me…?"

Vox's insidious smile returned, "Why, indeed."

Harry glared at Vox, still breathing heavily. Harry picked up a rock off of the ground and held it in position over Vox's head.

Vox shook his head, "Here…let me…save you…the trouble." Vox brought his head forward and then threw it back with a tremendous force. Harry shielded his eyes as more flecks of blood came spraying out.

Looking back, Vox, his smiled still etched upon his face, his eyes bulging, his whole body sunk as the last gasp of air came out of his body.

Harry's vision became blurry and his whole body was as limp as a Weeping Willow branch. As Harry's body collapsed onto Vox's, he could scarcely see something of that of a group of Angels coming his way. They all had heaven-like glows around their bodies and all of them had red hair...

If this was Heaven, Harry found it pleasing. Opening his eyes he found Ginny smiling and dabbing at his forehead with a cold wash cloth.

Harry smiled, "I-I'm…sorry, Ginny." He rasped.

Ginny looked at him curiously. "Sorry for what, Harry?"

"Sorry…that I was stupid…enough to let…Vox kidnap…you and then kill you."

Ginny smiled and kissed Harry on his forehead.

"Well, well, look whose up."

Harry turned his head and saw Ron and Hermoine coming in.

Harry groaned, "You two too?"

Ron looked to Hermoine, "What's he muttering about, then?"

Ginny smiled, "Harry, you're not dead."

Harry tried to sit up straight but winced as he found his whole body filled with a singeing pain. He looked to everyone and then he looked to Ginny. Her sweet almond-colored eyes looking warmly upon him.

"I'm-I'm alive? Then, then that means…"

Ginny nodded, "I am too, Harry. I'm sorry Vox tricked you into thinking I was dead. Such a horrible man."

Harry looked to her and to Hermoine and Ron, confused. "Then…Then, who was…?"

Ginny shushed him. "Enough. We were lucky when we all found you like we did. Harry, you nearly killed yourself out there, Buckbeak as well. You're lucky that all you did was break almost every bone in your body."

Hermoine nodded, "She's right, Harry. But, everything's over now. All the Sphinxes have been either wiped out or sent packing. All the land beasts have been annihilated, and we only had several losses. No one family, though."

Harry nodded and closed his eyes. "S-So, it's all over?"

"Yes, Harry." Ginny said and she kissed him again.

Harry, painfully, took up his bandaged harm and brought out the ring around his neck, still tied to the chain. He gave it to Ginny, smiling. "I've never…let it…get away…from me."

Ginny smiled as she took it and she bent over and whispered into Harry's ear, "As I will never let you get away from me either."

???To be continued???

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