Title: Restless

Summary: When Chase can't sleep at night she decides to wake Krista up.

Disclaimer: Don't own Blade: The Series or anything related to the show.

Rating: PG

A/N: Krista/Chase

Chase sighed as she tossed and turned in her bed. It was almost mid day and she hadn't had a wink of sleep. Pulling on a dressing gown she softly padded to Krista's room. Slipping inside she crept towards the bed where Krista lay fast asleep, her chest rising and falling in a hypnotic rhythm.

Her slumber was far from peaceful though. Her blankets were wrapped around her in a tangled mess and her soft flesh was coated in a thin sheen of sweat. Every now and then she would let out a strangled groan. Fledglings and their nightmares.

She began mumbling in her sleep, catching Chase's curiosity. Quietly edging closer she began to make out the odd coherent word. She was mumbling for someone to stop; begging for her torment to end. Intrigued Chase crept even closer so that she was hovering over the other girl's bed, waiting to hear more of her nightmare.

"Chase!" She screamed, her eyes snapping open and her arms flailing outwards to grab the first thing she came in to contact with; Chase.

The blonde was unceremoniously pulled down on to the panting fledgling. Krista's eyes widened as she realised the older vampire was there. Her fear however was quickly changed to anger. "Why the hell are you on top of me?"

"I believe you were the one who grabbed me." Chase pointed out, a smug grin on her face. Sighing heavily Krista counted to three in her mind before responding.

"What were you doing in my room in the first place?" The blonde shrugged, knocking the younger girl's hands off of her.

"I couldn't sleep. Your rest didn't seem so peaceful either. Having nightmares sweetie?"

"Get out!" Krista growled in response, lingering memories of her dreams still disturbing her. Chase was not the type to leave an open wound. She was the type to pick at it till it bled.

"You kept mumbling for someone to stop something. You were begging…and then you screamed my name. Was I hurting you sweetheart? Torturing you?" She purred in to her ear making her body tense and her breath catch.

"If I was dreaming of you it must have been a nightmare." Krista grunted as Chase took hold of both of her wrists with a painfully tight grip, pinning her to her bed.

"And what was I doing to you?" She ground her body against Krista, eliciting a moan from the younger vampire. "Was I torturing you?" Krista nodded, biting her lip to stop another moan escaping as Chase thrust against her again. "I could smell how turned on you were all the way in my room." Chase growled, nipping playfully at the other girl's neck.

"You're the reason I can't sleep Krista… and I expect you to keep me entertained."